Exploring the Best USB C Chargers Available in Australia


With USB-C Power Delivery technology firmly established and phones, tablets, and laptops gradually migrating over to it, you need a charger capable of supporting its higher wattage output. Gallium nitride (GaN) electronics allow these chargers to be smaller, lighter, and more powerful – perfect for charging USB-C devices! The Amazing fact about Campad Electronics.

Ideal options include chargers with foldable prongs for more accessible transport in your backpack or suitcase and those complying with quick-charge protocols.

Ugreen Nexode 100W

This half-pound brick is not only light and compact, but it packs plenty of power! This power pack offers ample solutions, compatible with various devices – such as MacBooks and Dell XPS laptops – and is designed to shut off when it gets too warm.

What sets this charger apart is its use of GaN PD to power all four ports, which enables each to produce up to 100W per port and power two laptops simultaneously. Wattage distribution between ports may differ based on what’s connected; for instance, two of them may produce up to 65W while others will output 45W each.

A powerful yet portable charging solution. Also ideal for small businesses who use multiple USB-C devices and wish to utilize one desktop charger.

Ugreen also offers two more portable GaN chargers – 140W and 45W GaN chargers are perfect for mobile devices; one is ideal for large laptops/tablets, while the other may work best with smaller phones that don’t require high charging wattages.

Syncwire PD 30W

As smartphones and tablets become an ever more integral part of our everyday lives, we need an effective charging solution – which is where Syncwire’s USB-C car charger comes into its own. It makes sure our devices stay fully powered for the journey ahead.

This compact device can fit easily into most cigarette lighters. Furthermore, its soft blue LED indicator lights offer helpful assistance in dimly lit environments or when driving at night.

GaN technology also allows the charger to deliver 30W of power, making use of GaN semiconductor materials more energy-efficient than traditional silicon. This translates to smaller chargers still supporting most fast charging protocols.

If your device is compatible, its charger will automatically detect and adjust to its optimal speed, providing advanced safety features like overheating protection, overvoltage detection, and short circuit protection.

This charger is MFI-certified, which will work with the latest iPhone models, and comes backed by a lifetime warranty. Although not the cheapest option on the market, its performance and feature set make up for its higher cost; additionally, when traveling abroad, this charger folds down into an easy flat plug which makes use much more straightforward; make sure you bring along its appropriate cable!

X-Edition USB Wall Charger 4-Pack

Suppose you’re in search of a USB-C power bank. In that case, this one from Space-Age Gallium Nitride (GaN) is an efficient conductor of electricity, reducing heat generated during charging to allow more components to fit within a compact, sleek charger.

Although its 60W power output may not match some of our top choices, the X-Edition still packs enough power for most users. You can quickly charge a laptop while also being able to recharge three additional USB-A devices simultaneously.

The X-Edition USB-C charger stands out as one of our roster’s smallest and best-value USB-C chargers, featuring a compact 1.8m USB-C to USB-A cable capable of outputting 15W. Fast enough to power most modern phones.

It comes backed with an outstanding two-year warranty. It stands out as being one of the few chargers on our list that doesn’t support Apple’s Lightning Cable – meaning it works with nearly all modern smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks – making this charger an excellent option for travelers or anyone wanting a durable yet convenient portable solution that won’t weigh them down while traveling.

Otterbox 72W

Otterbox’s Premium Pro 72W USB-C charger can keep up with today’s iPhones, iPads, and laptops by offering three ports based on GaN electronics: two USB-C and one USB-A. We tested this charger to see that it delivered enough power to fast-charge our Samsung S21 from 10% battery level in just five hours; even better than that: total capacity recharges in under five hours!

Like the other GaN chargers we tested, this model utilizes PD PPS technology and supports USB-C PD power standards that enable devices and wall adapters to communicate about power requirements and identify an ideal charge rate – beneficial since many new MacBooks support higher maximum charge rates than previous models.

As with the other chargers we tested, this Anker model featured folding prongs that tuck away within its body for ultimate portability and eco-cred. Plus, being made from recycled plastics earned it our approval as well. However, please be aware that significant power supply brands (like Anker) often update specs on their chargers or change product names without notice, so it is wise to double-check both before making your decision.

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