El diablo Spain: On the best of an active volcano!

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History of el diablo Spain.

If you’re cooking at the top of an active volcano, simmering in the heat of the pits of fire from the depths of the World, making the hellfire bend down to you and become a stove for you, nothing is ever too much. It’s the “kickass” concept!! Meet El Diablo spain restaurant, on the Spanish island of Lanzarote, off the coast of Morocco. The volcano selected the restaurant and relaxed happily, like a little kitty, on a rug in the chefs’ arms who are now petting it with grills and skewers. It’s a radiant, hot pit that cooks food. El Diablo is the territory of the Volcano. It doesn’t look very safe, but it’s really a cute button.

Before anything like this happened to the volcano, it was already like a stove. Any volcanoes have a stove on them. So the guests were fed with sardines and champagne. But in 1970, Cesar Manrique founded a restaurant named El Diablo. Yes, maybe one of those very odd situations where you’re building a restaurant, and you’ve got a stove.

El diablo spain – Now a restaurant can’t really make use of all that raw, incredible volcanic heat as it is; it has to be tamed. They wanted to provide pillars to install a barbecue, and it was almost impossible to do so. So, the builders were busy creating a nine-layer, basalt, volcanic rock construction that now supports the cast iron barbecue that saw many delicacy cook away to volcanic perfection at 450-500 degrees of geothermal fire.

What can I do there?

Ok, in El diablo Spain, you can have a tour of the volcanic grill, along with a tasty three-course meal that’s served on a dear sweet grill while drinking in the surrounding breath. It’s so bleak and breathtaking.

El diablo spain – It’s a landscape of fire cliffs. These mountains were formed in the 18th century, so there was effectively zero to low erosion. And we get to look at them the way our great, great, great grandfather would have looked at them. These mountains were established in 1824, the year of the last eruption.

That sounds pretty recent, I know. But the restaurant assured the sustainability of the idea with a “no instant death from a volcano” certificate from experts.

Well, the next time you’re going to Spain, you know you’re preparing a three-course meal on a volcano, waiting for you. Take it in the Fire Mountains; take it with a bite and a broth from the volcano that loves you so much.

Some reviews on El diablo Spain.

The restaurant has 3.5 stars out of 1157 reviews. It’s now bad at all. We can say it’s a very decent restaurant.

Now, I will show you some reviews from people who tried the restaurant.

  • This is not a restaurant where you can enjoy top-notch Michelin-rated delicacies, but when it comes to mixing one-of-a-kind place with decent food-Diablo is second to none. Chicken and pork skewers were delicious (like local potatoes). “Brownie on the volcano” was not a brownie at all, but its appearance was spectacular.
  • It’s worth the view from this restaurant. It has stunning architecture and uses geothermal heat to cook meals. The programs are not very good, but they are also worth trying out.

Is it worth to try it?

El diablo Spain is a very fancy restaurant in a beautiful place; I would say it’s very decent and worth to try it out.

Why is there some bad reviews for it?

Like any restaurant in the world, there are lots of negative opinions. But, the positive reviews are way better than the negative ones, you should consider that.

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