The incredible “dinner in the sky”

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The history and origin of dinner in the sky.

Dinner in the sky?!

Two Belgian men have come up with a way to take fine dining to a whole new level-Literally! Diners at their pop-up and franchised restaurants enjoy gourmet meals perched upon floating platforms suspended 180-feet above ground with the help of a giant crane!

Named ‘Dinner in the Sky,’ the idea is the brainchild of David Ghysels, a publicist at Hakuna Matata, and Stefan Kerkhofs, owner of The Fun Company, who specializes in intense attractions. Ghysels claims he was searching for a creative way to support a small French restaurant when he met Mr. Kerkhofs in 2006. It turns out that Kerkhofs was experimenting with the notion of suspending a table with a giant crane. His idea matches well with what Ghysels wanted to do, and the radical idea was born!

The inaugural gathering, which took place over Brussels’ city in April 2007, consisted of a daily platform with 22 guests suspended in the atmosphere, and the chef of the French restaurant Ghysels tried to promote it. It was so successful that the men realized they had a winning idea in their hands. And they were right, too!

For the last nine years, ‘Dinner in the sky’ has pleased more than 1,000 visitors in 40 countries. The sites range from the sky above the busy Las Vegas strip to the stunning Dubai Marina and next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

To keep the meals intimate and special, there are just 22 guests in each sitting. Diners are first served with drinks and appetizers on the ground. They then line up at the restaurant entrance, which is a giant roller-coaster-like platform equipped with tightly placed tables and seats. When the visitors are seated, they are asked to strap on the safety harness, and the enjoyable trip starts.

Upon achieving the target height, tourists spend between 40 and 60 minutes enjoying a three or four-course meal cooked by a renowned local chef. Some pop-up models also feature piano players or orchestra bands who entertain visitors on their own suspended stages. To guarantee that the errant fork or knife does not damage anyone on the ground, the area below the table is kept free of all traffic.

Pricing of dinner in the sky.

The $300 charge per guest involves a limousine journey to the restaurant’s destination. The only thing it doesn’t do, though, is to go to the toilet. For a while, gastronomic food can be available that far up; there are no toilets!

And although the name refers to the evening dinner, the channels were also suspended for lunch. Also, the genius concept has been expanded to include ‘Dinner in the sky.’ So far, people have used the elevated platforms to play card games, practice their golf swings, and, most of all, get married! In Las Vegas, the famous “Chapelle in the Skies” provides nine flights a day!

How long will my dinner in the sky experience be?

The dining experience in the sky will take roughly 90 minutes as follows, 15 minutes for the passengers, 60 minutes for the duration of the trip, and 10 minutes for the passengers. Guests must register in the lounge tent at least 30 minutes before the session. Failure to appear on time would find your admission to be forfeited without any refunds.

How high is the table going?

The table can be up to a height of 45-50 meters. The exact height of the table during the experience, though, is at the discretion of the organizer, depending on wind conditions.

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