Edison Diner Menu


If you’re interested in dining at the Edison Diner, you may want to look over their menu. The menu can change from time to time, but you can usually get a copy of their latest version for free. You can also download it if you’d like. This information is available for download on the Edison Diner website.


Dinner on the Madison Diner menu features European and American cuisine, focusing on continental cuisine. Dishes on the menu range from vegetarian moussaka to homemade lasagna. There is also a full selection of steak, chops, seafood, and a variety of desserts.


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Prices on the Madison Diner menu vary according to the type of meal you choose. This large neighborhood diner offers various salads, seafood, and Greek options. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable. Most items cost under $10. So if you’re on a budget, choose a lighter meal and save some money.

During our September review, dinner for two cost $335. After-tax, the price goes up to $729 for two. If you’d like to tip 20 percent, the cost would be $863. This is $130 more than the current price. If you want to order optional wine pairings, they’re available at an additional cost of $175 per person. That makes the total price of a four-course dinner around $1,300.