Do you have any idea about the best conference video call on Duo?


Conference video call on Duo is one of the popular and best apps. During the prevailing pandemic of a novel coronavirus, almost every activity is taking place online. Similarly, lessons, along with meetings, are also taking place online. If you have an Android smartphone; then you will be able to enjoy the lucrative benefits of a conference video call on Duo.

What is the Specialty in Association with Duo?

The duo is one of the exclusive applications that will let you enjoy the benefits of high-quality video calling. The application is free-to-download and simple to operate. You need not be tech-savvy to operate this application. The following devices support conference video call on Duoin an uninterrupted manner:

  • Android phone
  • iPhone
  • Tablets
  • Computer systems
  • Google Nest Hub Max and many more.

Some of the salient features I enjoyed with Duo include:

  • Easy making one-to-one calls – Once successfully done with the download, I was able to view those connections of mine already present. I was able to send a connection request and finally, formed a group.
  • Easily let my friends know about my joining – I saw my bestie offline. I just wanted to give him a surprise that I was also ready for attending a conference video call on Duo. I left a voice message along with a note.
  • Easy to attend online classes – I am undergoing a short training. But due to the pandemic of a novel coronavirus, our mentor requested everyone to stay home and carry on with the training from there itself. With Duo, I am now attending the class from my comfort with ease.
  • High privacy – Though I have been able to get associated with a group, it is my pleasure to inform all that all our messages stay encrypted. High privacy is maintained.

Had Fun with my Niece, who is Putting up in the United States!

Conference Video Call On Duo – I was very much excited to meet with my niece, who is putting up in the United States. What happened if I failed to touch her in person? Duo has helped a lot in fulfilling all my dreams at best. Every night, I use to have a perfect time by telling her stories and singing songs for her.

Attending yoga classes has also become a small cup of tea for me. Through conference video call on Duo, I can follow my trainer. As we all perform the steps in a group, I never feel that I am not attending the class. Sometimes, we use to get all our problems solved through discussion session that is held once in a week.

All these activities are taking place through a few clicks and from the comfort of my home itself.

Capturing Special Moments, Now Easy with Duo!

Special moments take place only a few times. Capturing them is essential while creating an album for that special person. My sister was looking too gorgeous and beautiful in her fancy dress competition. Post conducting the conference video call on Duo, it has become easy to capture the photo of her.

I asked her to stand in various poses and clicked one by one. Finally, I was able to create an album for her and send it via mail. She was overwhelmed with joy. Thanks to the advanced feature of Duo!

These are some exclusive features in association with Duo that have made this application exclusively popular.


How many people can form a group on Duo for video conferencing?

At present, Duo has kept the limit of a maximum of thirty-two people to form a group for video conferencing. It is expected that the limit will get increased within few weeks.

What is the duration of call through Duo?

There is no particular duration of calling through Duo. You may carry on with the call as long as you want, provided your smart device is fully charged.

Is it possible to record any video conducted on Duo?

Yes, it is possible to record any video that has been conducted on Duo.