Computerized Forex Trading Systems

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The automatic forex trading system is designed to give a method of trading that requires absolutely no human intervention other than to set up the software and switch this on. The alleged benefit of this method of trading is it takes all the emotion from trading, and we all know there is no place for feelings in the trading of any market.

As I view it, the problem with any automated forex currency trading system is that in addition to using all the emotion out of investing, it takes all the skill from it. The most successful fx traders have a unique blend of ability and emotional control, which allows them to analyze market circumstances better than their competition and create profitable trades when their expert analysis tells them how to.

You cannot be a successful dealer if you don’t put the time and effort straight into learning how the forex market performs and into developing a “feel” for the rhythms and emotional balance of the forex market so that you can command.

It’s foolish to think about which software programs (also known as forex robots and expert advisors) could duplicate or even improve the effects garnered by master merchants who have spent years sharpening their craft.

The only explanation that the automated forex trading technique has become so popular is because it is marketed as get-rich-quick merchandise that will allow you to become fiscally independent. At the same time, you sit back and perform nothing. And we all know that there’s no shortage of people out there seeking just such a solution.

Though the sad truth is that none of these automated forex trading methods are profitable! Even though the dealers of these products claim to provide you with results that present that they do work. The results that they present are always back-tested final results. What they do is back-test their very own robots over and over, selecting different time frames until they understand that it is that yields the best outcomes, then they publish these outcomes.

Another reason these automated forex currency trading systems don’t and cannot work is that the brokers as well as market makers that you industry against in the forex market identify the trading patterns of those robots and manage their trades in such a way as to brief circuit these programs as well as slowly drain your accounts.

It is unfortunate to see many forex traders fall by the wayside simply because they were too lazy to understand to do the job the right way and truly enhance their finances.

I’ve tried examples of these robots on demo trading accounts, where they should do much better than in a live account. However, I have not been able to discover one robot that makes cash.

For instance, one of the most popular automatic forex trading systems is FapTurbo. I purchased it about testing and have been running this continuously and unattended in the past two months in a demonstration account on the Alpari GREAT BRITAIN MT4 trading platform.

I started the account with $5000 of virtual funds, plus it’s now down to $4150. Their winning trade ratio is usually terrible, and it seems to us that it is programmed to lose dollars slowly but surely.

Since I use which MT4 platform to provide the actual DDE data feed to my Currency Meter and FX4Caster anyway, I will still let it run continuously to see how long it will take for this to lose the rest of the money in the existing account.

In conclusion, automated forex currency trading systems don’t work. To successfully trade the forex market, you have to be actively engaged in your trading. It’s just like every other job in that respect. I’m sure a person wouldn’t go too far within your real job if you did not show up every day but still anticipated things to get done automatically without any effort from you. – Stop wasting time looking for get-rich-quick schemes such as trading robots and professional advisors. Start investing your time and effort wisely in learning to industry the forex market the way the pros perform. Once you’ve invested the time and obtained the right strategy and tools for your style of investing, you can then start investing your hard-earned money and watching it develop as you take control of your future.

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