Ceremony Travel Reviews – Is Ceremony Travel Taking Advantage of Students?


If you’re considering going on a graduation trip, you’ve likely heard about Ceremony Travel. The company promises a fantastic time, but the reviews are mixed. Some say it was an excellent experience, but others have found that their trips were canceled for no reason. Is it possible that the company is simply taking advantage of students during a time of high stress?

Maikoya Kyoto has 5-star review avg

When it comes to tea ceremonies in Kyoto, Maikoya Kyoto is the place to go. This tea house has won several awards, including traveler’s choice and best in japan. Visitors will have the opportunity to wear traditional kimonos and even make tea using a traditional tea whisk. This establishment has been a top tea ceremony experience in Kyoto for four years in a row.

The hotel offers several activities, including a private tea ceremony and a geisha experience. It also rents facilities to accommodate large groups. The tea ceremony lasts for an hour and involves traditional rituals and the preparation of matcha. You should make reservations in advance as the ceremony starts at the top of the hour.

The tea ceremony at Maikoya costs 2,400 yen without kimono and 5,000 yen with kimono. The ceremony is an educational experience and features a guide to the history of Japan. After the ceremony, guests can enjoy walking around the grounds and taking pictures. Online bookings and same-day reservations are available for the tea ceremony at Maikoya.

Maikoya Geisha Experience and Show has 5-star review avg

Maikoya has been featured in the Travelers’ Choice Awards twice, the first time in 2006. This tea ceremony venue offers more than 4000 verified reviews with an average score of 4.9 stars. Its 100% refund policy ensures that its customers get their money back in the event that they’re not satisfied. To receive a refund, customers simply have to reply to the confirmation email stating the reason for their dissatisfaction, and Maikoya Kyoto will refund the money within 48 hours.

The experience includes a tea ceremony with a geisha apprentice. The ritual involves drinking green tea, or matcha. This is thought to promote general well-being. Additionally, the maiko will teach you about the history of tea in Japan. The entire experience is followed by a free walking tour of the city.

Maikoya Geisha Experience and show offers a photo opportunity with a geisha. You will learn the proper way to behave and pose for a geisha picture. There is also an option for men to transform into samurai.

Ceremony Travel was canceled for no reason

Students were stranded for 24 hours in Calgary because Ceremony Travel canceled their trip for no reason. The trip was scheduled to take place at the end of June. The company took advantage of students during a time of the pandemic. The COVID virus is contagious and precautionary measures have been put in place to protect the public. As such, the group decided to postpone the trip until later. However, they didn’t tell students that this was the reason. Those who had already purchased their tickets were not affected.

Maikoya Kyoto does not have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy

If you want to learn about traditional Japanese arts, you may want to try out the tea ceremony at Maikoya Kyoto. The staff at this shop is highly knowledgeable about the art and can speak English, Chinese, and Spanish. The shop is located in downtown Kyoto’s Shijo Kawaramachi ar-ea. Its interior is comfortable and spacious.

When booking your visit to Kyoto, be sure to check the location of the hotel. It is located next to the Samurai and Ninja Museum. The location offers cultural activities for tourists in the same ambiance as 400 years ago. If you’re traveling with kids, consider booking a kids’ tea ceremony.

If you’re visiting with a large group, you might consider renting a space at Maikoya Kyoto. They also rent out their facilities for large groups, and they offer a cultural tour guide service. The lesson lasts about an hour, and it includes traditional rituals and making matcha. To book a class, you’ll need to make a reservation; they do not operate on holidays.