Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 – The Best TH5 Bases


Townhall 5 is one of the most intriguing levels in Clash of Clans and can be considered its lower level. Therefore, players must acquire some fundamental strategies when traversing this level.

This impressive Th5 Trophy Base 2021 combines air defense and hidden Tesla in its central portion to protect both ground and aerial attackers, while other remarkable defense buildings ringing around keep the base safe and secure.

Level 5

This TH5 trophy base design boasts clever defense placement that makes it hard for opponents to 3-Star it and an air troop-keeping perimeter around its core that keeps air troops away. As such, this base makes an ideal option for farming loot and resources or dominating Clan Wars or CWL competition.

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Level 6

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This TH5 base layout utilizes small compartments that make it difficult for attackers to reach the center of your base and a hidden trap that may surprise attackers and stop their advance. It was created to counter famous Clan War and CWL attacks and intelligent defense placement, which helps prevent 3-star attacks. Furthermore, air defense, two air bombs, a cannon, gold storage, and elixir storage with two spring traps and mortar available as air defense measures make this an excellent solution for farming and war TH5 bases!

Level 7

Level 7 in Clash of Clans provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade your defenses and start winning trophies. This incredible Th5 base boasts a town hall surrounded by hardened walls. In addition, it includes army towers and other defense structures.

This TH5 war base performs admirably against common attacks that you find at this level. The outer perimeter is designed to make entry difficult for troops into its core.

At the core of this base is a town hall, air defenses, clan castle, two air bombs, five archer towers, five archer towers with cannons mounted atop them,; a gun, gold mines, elixir storage, and two spring traps – not forgetting two army camps and a laboratory! Truly one of the best th5 bases 2023!

Level 8

This fantastic TH5 base layout is an outstanding way to win trophies. It centers its town hall in the center and surrounds it with hard-maxed walls; air defenses and mortar can be found above, while two air bombs sit below. This layout has four compartments; one holds all four elements plus clan castle, while another houses archer towers and elixir storage.

This TH5 base boasts clever compartmentalization, surprise traps, bombs, reinforced Clan Castle support, and maximum resource protection – features that combine to break any loon spam strategy while working well in both Clan War and CWL. Furthermore, its design works against widespread attacks like mass balloon and ed drag attacks, making this design easily replicable. Download via the link for easy copying!

Level 9

Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 9 is one of the most potent levels, enabling you to strengthen your defenses and make clan war league or multiplayer battles more successful than ever. This base features smart compartmentalization, surprise traps, bombs, reinforced castle fortifications, and resource protection measures to increase defense strength.

Notable among the features of this base is its air defense, which can decrease balloon attack health by 90% with just one shot – combined with archer towers, this makes this an outstanding anti-balloon strategy.

This war base provides excellent defense against the most common attacks. It features a center with small compartments, making it harder for troops to reach the town hall and an outer perimeter, making 3-star attacks difficult. Furthermore, five gold mines, an elixir storage room, two spring traps, a lab, and two army camps are included to defend against attacks.

Level 10

This TH5 base was explicitly created to perform well in farming and war against widespread attacks seen at TH5. Thanks to intelligent defense placement that makes it difficult for troops to enter its center and a perimeter that makes 3-Star attacks difficult, this TH5 layout can withstand virtually any attack that comes its way. Furthermore, its air defenses are strong enough to bring mass balloon health down with one shot quickly.

Level 11

At Th5, the base layout can differ significantly from that seen at Th4. This new design features small compartments, making cleaning easier yet more challenging for attackers to gain entry. Furthermore, intelligent defense placement makes 3-Staring extremely difficult.

This design will help you easily win trophies and clan war leagues. Its layout has been tailored to keep loot away from the town hall, while its air defense can reduce mass balloon health by up to 90%.

The town hall stands in the center of its base with air defenses, a clan castle, two mortars, five gold mines, three elixir collectors, one archer tower, two spring traps, and cannons as defenses. Furthermore, a laboratory and water tower complete its capabilities.

Level 12

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This outstanding Th5 base layout was carefully created to withstand most attacks seen at TH5. It includes a perimeter that makes it hard for troops to penetrate its center and intelligent defensive placement.

This Th5 base layout boasts plenty of surprise traps and bombs and strong Clan Castle support. This makes for an effective war and trophy base that easily wins in CWL and multiplayer, featuring small compartments that make cleaning out easier for attackers.

Level 13

At level 13, Clash of Clans becomes immensely exciting. Here is where base design begins to shine: compartmentalized walls, surprise traps, bombs, reinforced Clan Castle support, and resource protection help these bases thwart enemy attacks in Clash of Clans.

This war base is perfect for those prioritizing winning trophies over any other goal. Designed with multiple compartments to make it harder for attackers to break through walls and destroy all buildings within it, this structure can withstand repeated assaults.

This Th5 farm base includes a town hall, air defenses, and a clan castle. Furthermore, five gold mines, two elixir storages, a laboratory, a cannon, and a laboratory are strategically positioned around its various compartments to combat mass balloon strategies, and two air bombs and mortar are present.

Level 14

At level 14, your base has become exceptionally sturdy, ideal for trophy-pushing and farming. It features excellent compartmentalization, unexpected traps, bombs, strengthened Clan Castle support, and optimal defensive structures.

In the center of this best th5 coc base is a town hall, air defenses, and clan castle; around its edges, cannons, spring traps, wizard towers, gold storage, and elixir storage can be found.

This base provides an effective defense against mass balloon attacks. The air defense has a vast coverage area and can reduce balloon health by 90% in just one shot! Furthermore, this base features small compartments to make it harder for attackers to reach its center; edged Builder Huts are also protected by this base.