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Biology Practical Neco 2021 – Chemistry and biology play a key role in industrialization and other sectors of the economy. Biology is a simple subject, which equips learners with concepts and capabilities helpful in often solving the day-to-day problems of existence. The study of biology aims to provide the learner with all the necessary knowledge to regulate or change the environment for the benefit of an individual, family, or perhaps community.

In general, the importance of the field of biology to humanity can be defined as follows:

(i) The learning regarding biology helps us find out how to use natural resources more effectively in industry, e. h. in biotechnology, food generation, building and textile, and paper industries.

(ii) The training of biology helps people understand changes in the environment and the factors affecting these adjustments to know how human requirements are influenced.

(iii) The biology training is essential in assisting humanity in finding effective ways to prevent, treat and heal diseases and home supervision techniques, e. g. far better methods of food preservation, successful food preparation, and care in the family

(iv) The learning regarding biology is essential in helping the advance of agricultural yields using scientific research.

Biology Practical Neco 2021 – There has been community outcry and concern simply by parents, teachers, educationists with Kenya about poor effectiveness in science subjects and arithmetic in national examinations.

Although do you know the biology teacher possesses a role to play in this abysmal performance?

Biology as the subject of a scientific discipline requires integrating theoretical and practical work to make it simply understood by the students. The best proportion of teachers even now use the conventional lecture procedure while teaching biology.

Professor expectations have a bearing on the learners’ attitude and science stress levels, mainly when often the learners are aware of the level of anticipation the teacher has.

Biology Practical Neco 2021 – In addition to learning biology, thought patterns begin to develop on the initial encounter between the teacher and the learner. Once formed, many people play a crucial role in determining students’ learning and gratifaction in biology.

Biology Practical Neco 2021 – Authoritarian and impersonal teacher-student connections in class could be the significant issue that contributes to the negative approach of the students towards finding out biology. On the other hand, democratic and private teacher-student interaction in class brings about a positive attitude towards finding out biology.

The teaching solution, methodology, and how the professional skills and practices with the teacher are displayed could be dependent on the level of science stress the biology teacher features.

Biology Practical Neco 2021 – A teacher who has career dissatisfaction is likely to add negatively to performance with the learners in biology; this is because the teacher will have cheaper self-efficacy and high improved anxiety. This kind of teacher may develop a negative attitude toward the students, and their connections with the students will be adverse.

This may contribute to a poor attitude of the students in the direction of biology, with the likelihood of the scholars developing high levels of stress towards the subject.

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