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Ben Azelart is an Internet personality known for his TikTok and YouTube accounts, where he showcases his incredible skateboarding skills and amusing antics, as well as hosting Vlogs, Challenges, and Friends Videos on these platforms.

He is also an acclaimed businessman, having collaborated with brands like Hollister and Bang Energy. Additionally, he owns a clothing line called Stay Wild.

He is a YouTuber

Ben Azelart is not only known for creating videos but is also an accomplished skateboarder, having competed in numerous contests across Hawaii. He currently boasts over 9 million subscribers on YouTube with more than one billion views to his account – his channel features all sorts of adventures, pranks, personal life videos, and personal life updates!

He has also appeared in the online reality series ‘Bucket List,’ in which he attempts to cross items off his bucket list. Alex Kawaguchi and Brighton Sharbino have made guest appearances, along with many other famous YouTube stars who share similar passions, like skateboarding. Beyond skateboarding and music, he also shares an appreciation of both. Additionally, he collaborates with other influencers regularly.

Azelart was born in Texas but spent most of his childhood years in Hawaii, with Julien as his brother. At Kailua Intermediate School, he excelled at surfing, swimming, and diving; enjoyed traveling to over 20 countries in his lifetime; has amassed 13 Million+ fans on TikTok; was one of Hawaii’s Big 3 on college rugby teams; attended Kailua Intermediate School until graduating as one of its students.

In 2019, Azelart launched a podcast with Tyler Oakley. Together, they share their recent adventures and experiences with millions of listeners, frequently working and often cooperating between themselves to promote brands or create challenges for followers.

Azelart often produces challenge vlogs on his YouTube and TikTok channels. These challenges often include his friends or other influencers. Most recently, Azelart set himself the task of learning salsa dancing while using a water jet-pack; these videos have attracted an extensive following on both platforms, which keeps comment sections active.

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He is a skateboarder.

Ben Azelart is a viral YouTube star with millions of viewers. Additionally, he’s an accomplished skateboarder and social media influencer – with an illustrious career ahead. Azelart has participated in multiple skateboarding competitions while remaining an active user on the TikTok platform as well.

He was born January 10, 2002, in Texas, USA, and has an older brother named Julian. In 2014, he started posting videos to YouTube and TikTok, becoming immensely popular with young audiences. At first, it was known for adventurous and prank videos but has recently transitioned into lifestyle content such as hiking, skating, and dancing videos.

He is passionate about skateboarding and has taken part in multiple competitions and earned sponsorships from companies like Predator Helmets and Immortal Shoelace. His vlogs and YouTube videos have amassed millions of views with thousands of comments from his fans; his social media following extends as far as Instagram!

Ben Azelart’s career has quickly taken off since uploading his initial video in 2014. Now making millions from both ad revenue and his Stay Wild merchandise line, Azelart has also appeared on several TV shows, such as the Bucket List reality TV series, and is an accomplished skateboarder who has participated in many competitions, such as the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii and King of Grom’s competitions.

Ben is best known for his YouTube and TikTok popularity; however, he is also an accomplished actor with numerous television and film credits to his name. Most recently, he co-starred with fellow YouTuber Lexi Rivera in a short film released in 2021. Additionally, in his free time, Ben enjoys skateboarding, spending time with family, traveling, and doing adventure activities such as skiing or skydiving. He is an enthusiastic traveler and adventure enthusiast! Additionally, he strives to inspire others through videos, social media posts, and his motivational presence while serving as a great role model for children!

He is a reality TV star.

Ben Azelart, a well-known skateboarder and YouTube star known for his thrill-seeking videos on both TikTok and YouTube channels, gained notoriety for his thrilling videos featuring challenges, adventures, pranks, podcasts such as Stay Wild as well as constantly creating content – most recently teaming up with AXE to launch the #AXEpressYourself Challenge that encouraged followers to post selfies with different hairstyles while contributing money to Ditch the Label anti-bullying charity. Azelart has amassed quite an extensive following as his YouTube and TikTok channels both feature challenges and adventures, as podcast episodes dedicated to this content creator!

Azelart is an accomplished skateboarder and has participated in various competitions. Additionally, he starred in the web series Brobot with fellow YouTuber Brent Rivera. Azelart boasts an engaging personality and a large following on social media; he loves adventure travel as well as making people smile!

In 2018, Azelart made his television debut as the star of the Bucket List reality series. He plays the part of an extreme skateboarder with millions of followers on social media accounts – an internet celebrity par excellence!

He boasts an enormous social presence, often working alongside other influencers to produce fun content. Since 2014, he has been making waves on YouTube and Instagram; both platforms continue to show an increase in viewership as his popularity skyrockets. Furthermore, his online presence is supplemented with an expansive personal network.

The Texas native hails from Kailua Intermediate School and is an accomplished skateboarder, and his family strongly encourages him to follow his passions.

As a teenager, Azelart found great enjoyment in creating videos. He established a YouTube channel and started posting short clips of his skating adventures, eventually becoming a full-time YouTuber and Instagram celebrity.

He is an acclaimed skateboarder and social media influencer with millions of followers on Instagram and YouTube. He also hosts a podcast and is writing his first book. Additionally, he works as a stuntman on multiple movies, possessing immense potential, and is eager to expand his business further.

He is in a relationship with Brighton Sharbino.

Ben Azelart is a prolific YouTuber and social media influencer with millions of subscribers to his channel on YouTube, offering humorous videos, travel content, and more. Hailing from Texas, he has collaborated with other Internet celebrities such as Brighton Sharbino. Ben also often engages in viral pranks or tricks-of-the-trade videos that receive considerable viewership.

While there have been various rumors regarding his personal life, he has never spoken out publicly about it. Regardless, his fans have always been supportive of his relationship choices and happy to see that they’re in healthy and positive relationships; furthermore, they respect his decision not to alter himself in any way for anyone.

Brighton Sharbino and Ben Azelart are two YouTube celebrities with large fan bases who are in a relationship, having produced multiple videos together. Both remain highly active on social media and engage regularly with their followers, clearly showing they care deeply for one another.

Since 2021, this couple has collaborated on many videos featuring everything from pranks to makeup tutorials and sharing their everyday lives with fans via their vlog channel.

They have begun filming the third season of their vlog series and plan to post new videos frequently on their channels. Recently, they published one showing themselves enjoying themselves at the beach and are excited for an exciting year ahead.

Although they have found success in social media, this couple hasn’t always found happiness in relationships. There have been a series of breakups and public disagreements, yet they managed to overcome these hurdles – their latest Vlog showcases them at their best and is must-watch material for fans!

Apart from YouTube, they maintain two additional accounts – Twitter for daily life updates and Patreon, where fans can donate to support their work – both of which serve as examples of successful careers as internet celebrities.