Add Elegance to Your iPhone With a Boba Phone Case


If you want your iPhone case to protect it from drops, look for compartments with layers and air pockets to absorb shock and bumps. MagSafe-compatible cases, wallets, or stands may also add convenience.

This case reduces its environmental footprint with recycled plastic from the Netherlands and an intelligent design. Compatible with MagSafe, this case offers additional security through a wrist loop and snap-on feature.

2. Pearls

Pearls are one of the world’s most gorgeous and classic gemstones, adorning office environments just as stylishly as evening performances at opera houses. If you want to add an air of elegance and class to your phone, this boba pearl case may just be what’s necessary.

Japanese company Mizoo created this case with a sleek and modern appearance featuring pearlescent finishes that will turn heads. Additionally, there’s a removable strap and card/cash pocket that snaps shut. Lightweight yet smooth-feeling to the touch, its only drawback being minimal drop protection.

Bandolier also makes an excellent option with their case, featuring a MagSafe wallet attached to the side eyelets of its case and compatible with wrist loops and straps for Qi wireless charging. However, it doesn’t provide as much drop protection, meaning its battery may not last as long if dropped onto hard surfaces.

This slim and lightweight clear case is the ideal way to show off a kawaii style and an affinity for bubble tea. With its clear aesthetic and adorable print of kittens embracing an enormous milk tea with boba, this case also has fun words printed across it that read “Powered by Boba.”

This case is made of polycarbonate material and offers access to all ports, so you can continue using headphones, earbuds, and power cables without issue. Although designed specifically for iPhone 6/7 Plus models, it should fit most phones of similar dimensions as well. As this product is printed upon order and takes several weeks to ship, international shipments may incur duties and taxes, which must be considered before purchasing this product.

3. Bubble Milk Tea

Boba milk tea is one of the most beloved drinks in bubble tea culture. It is created by mixing a tea base with flavors, sweeteners, and milk before topping it with tapioca pearls for an enjoyable cold beverage that can be shared among family members.

Originating in Taiwan, bubble tea has since spread throughout the world due to a large East Asian diaspora population. Enjoyed by all ages, this drink can often be found accompanied by food such as samosas or spring rolls for an authentic experience. Also referred to as teh chang, chai lai, or bubble tea, it has become a mainstay in many local restaurants and cafes worldwide.

Many bubble tea shops now offer more than the classic milk-based beverages; in addition to traditional tea-based beverages, they directly provide fruity, coffee, and chocolate-flavored drinks with more of a smoothie-like texture and less sweetness than their milk-based predecessors. Some iced teas even include coconut jelly, grass jelly, red beans, or green tea powder for an enhanced experience!

Most boba drinks contain high calories, particularly milk-based ones, and they may also be very sugary, so when selecting one, it’s wise to choose those that have lower levels of both sugar and calories. Furthermore, using a reusable straw would be more environmentally friendly.

There are various variations of bubble milk tea available at most boba shops, with most providing an interactive chart enabling customers to select their ideal level of ice and sweetness as well as how large or small their beverage should be.

For a sweet and milky tea experience, try brown sugar boba milk tea; for something refreshing, try the jasmine delight; or perhaps you are feeling daring. Coconut jelly or red bean boba milk tea could suit your palette perfectly!

Chatime, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, and Gong Cha are among the leading boba tea chains worldwide. Each offers an impressive range of drinks and toppings unique to themselves; Gong Cha also boasts more eco-friendly alternatives, such as reusable straws.

4. Liquid Waterfall Effect

This adorable and playful phone case not only protects your iPhone but is also designed to show your passion for bubble tea! Plus, its little buttons give you something fun to “pop” when feeling fidgety – plus, it’s an easy way to display it! Using Apple devices’ Live Photo feature and taking pictures of water with long pressing on them for that waterfall effect effect – so awesome!

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