Barstool Frozen Pizza Review: The Amazing Pros and Unbelievable Cons


Barstool has occupied a significant part of American culture over the decade. Barstool is a heavyweight in sports and they seem to be making moves in the food industry. In this Barstool frozen pizza review-based article we are going to be looking at exactly what makes the brand tick in terms of frozen pizza.

The frozen pizza has been for a while a pipe dream for fast food lovers and the companies that tried to bring it to life have always managed to do a shoddy job. Did Barstool like frozen pizza? We are going to be looking at that and more in this Barstool frozen pizza review commentary.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review

The launch of the frozen pizza was met with a lot of positivity. Pizza is amazing and having pizza you can keep for many days has always been the holy grail for food lovers. The idea has existed for quite a while now but the execution has always left a lot to be desired. Barstool decided to take on the challenge and we got a chance to taste their frozen pizza. We have come up with a list of pros and cons of the product as highlighted by the Barstool We hope they will help you in making your purchase decision.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review Pros

There are several pros that Barstool could not stop buzzing about when they reviewed the frozen pizza. some of the pros include

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review: Longevity

If you keep a pizza overnight chances are the next morning it will taste funny. This is quite common and chances are you will hate it. This is one of the problems that frozen pizza was designed to solve. You can keep the pizza for a while longer than regular pizza as long as you have a fridge. Does it work? Ewell according to Barstool reviews, in terms of longevity frozen pizza is top tier.

You can keep your pizza for up to a week, this means that you get to save money and also order pizza for the whole week in one go. All you have to do is take it out of the fridge and heat it in the microwave and in minutes you are good to go.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review: Affordability

Frozen pizzas are cheaper than regular pizzas. We do not know why but that is significantly proper than regular pizzas. This makes frozen pizzas quite attractive and a must-try. The fact that you pay less and get to keep them longer is a killer punch and is enough motivation for most people to purchase them, Although the price difference is not major you will certainly notice it. This is one of the reasons why the idea has been gaining steam over the years.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review Cons

The frozen pizza review has d a lot of good in it but like always they made sure they painted the shortfalls. Some of the cons that come with frozen pizza include.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Reviews: Altered Taste

One thing that was made clear in the review was that frozen pizza does not taste like regular pizza. The taste is altered and not in a good way. The main point was that the frozen pizza tends to be a little stale and it does not give that rich original pizza taste. The change in taste can easily be attributed to preservatives and also a change in texture. If you were expecting frozen pizza to taste just as good as the regular pizza you have to lower your expectations a bit.

Barstool Frozen Pizza Review

The Barstool frozen pizza review is great and you should watch it.


Is frozen pizza cheap?

Frozen pizza tends to be cheaper than other forms of pizza

Does Barstool make pizza?

Barstool is a media company, they do not make pizza

Where can you find Frozen Pizza?

Many companies make a frozen pizza, including Newman’s