Asus ROG Strix (2022) Review


Asus’s Rogue Strix is a good option if you’re looking for a PC for gaming. It offers a wide range of features and performance. You can choose from a number of display options, CPUs, and graphics cards.


Asus has unveiled the ROG Strix LC, an AIO CPU cooler designed for small-to-medium desktop builds. This 120mm radiator cooler is compatible with almost all sockets and delivers 81 cubic feet of airflow per minute.

The ROG Strix LC ain’t cheap, but it does the job well. It is compatible with all of your high-end system components, including the AMD X570 motherboard, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, and PCIe 4.0 SSD.

The Asus ROG Strix LC is a well-designed and well-built AIO CPU cooler that is aimed at compact desktop builds. It features a 120mm radiator, along with three RGB-enabled ROG Designed PWM-controlled radiator fans. It also has a cool-looking LED light bar on top of the radiator to boot. The ASUS X670 Pro is a little more sparse in the cooler department.

Graphics cards

Asus ROG Strix graphics cards feature a striking look and gamer-centric aesthetics. They are packed with exclusive ASUS technologies and use the best components to deliver top-of-the-line reliability. They offer a variety of RGB lighting effects that allow you to customize your gaming system.

ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1650 4GB OC delivers high performance through proprietary technologies. It features an ASUS MaxContact technology-based heatsink that provides two times more contact to the GPU. The design includes circular vented heat pipes that evenly distribute the heat load among the heatsink blocks. Its design also helps reduce thermal resistance.

ASUS ROG GeForce RTX 2070 STRIX OC is the top-of-the-line RTX 2070 in the ASUS line-up. It has a custom PCB, non-reference power circuitry, and advanced cooling through the ROG STRIX cooler. It also has a factory-overclocked clock speed.

Display Options

Asus ROG Strix G17 G713R (2022) Review – If you are looking for display options for Asus rog Strix, the ROG Strix G17 G713R is a good choice. It offers Full HD resolution and comfortable viewing angles. It has 24 commonly used colors and an IPS panel.

It also has a good contrast ratio, good reflection handling, and high peak brightness. It has an adjustable backlight strobing feature, which can be turned on or off. It has a fast response time, which makes motion look smooth.

The panel has IPS technology, which allows for great viewing angles and anti-glare properties. It has a matte coating, which is good for usability in the glare. However, it leaves the display with a hazy finish.

The panel has a good response time and the IPS panel doesn’t use PWM for brightness adjustment. At the lowest brightness settings, it goes down to 13 nits.

Keyboard layout

Asus has a variety of keyboards in its ROG product line. The ROG Strix Flare is the latest addition to the line. It features the world-renowned Cherry MX RGB switches, RGB lighting, and Aura Sync. It also comes with a wrist rest, a win-lock button, macro-recording capabilities, and dedicated media keys.

The ROG Strix Flare is built to last. It features an aluminum backplate that stiffens the keyboard body. It also has five non-slip rubber bands that prevent the keyboard from sliding. Its underbody lighting also works.

The ROG Strix Flare RGB features CHERRY MX RGB switches that offer an almost limitless lighting option. These switches enable vivid RGB lighting that spans 16.7 million colors. The switches are available in black, brown, and red. The ROG R&D team also designed silver-hued keycaps.

PC Mark scores

Asus ROG Strix is one of the hottest PCs on the market. This high-performance laptop sacrifices portability for a hefty performance punch. This is a laptop worth considering if you want to spend less than $1.6K.

The PCMark 7 tests measure a PC’s performance across a variety of tasks. This includes performance across common tasks like surfing the web, web browsing and watching movies. It also tests CPU performance in games.

The PCMark 8 benchmarks measure system performance using a series of industry-standard tests. This includes a plethora of tests for everyday PC usage as well as more demanding digital content like Adobe Creative Suite and video conferencing.

The PCMark 10 test suite is another good way to measure a PC’s performance. This includes four test groups that cover different tasks. The main PCMark 10 score measures overall system performance for modern office work.