Waterproofing Basement Companies


Waterproof basements protect homeowners’ belongings, help prevent mold and mildew growth, and increase home values. The top waterproofing basement companies also offer additional services like dehumidification and sump pumps to ensure their clients’ satisfaction further. The actual Interesting Info about basement crack repair.

A basement waterproofing company should address all factors contributing to water leakage in a basement, such as hydrostatic pressure, tie rod holes, air pockets in concrete, unsecured walls and floors, and structural repair needs. They should also offer services related to structural repair.


As part of your research on basement waterproofing companies, it’s crucial to discover their licensing and insurance requirements. Many towns have permits required for specific jobs like waterproofing; it is, therefore, wise to verify if a company holds valid licensing and insurance in case something goes awry during your project. Furthermore, check whether they carry worker’s compensation coverage in case an employee gets hurt on the job.

Length of Time in Business provides a clear indication of their expertise. A company that has only been operating for a short period may need more experience to understand how various systems function over time or know how to address issues commonly seen in basements.

Interior waterproofing involves covering the walls and floors of a basement with sealants that create an impenetrable barrier against moisture, decreasing mold and mildew growth and decreasing mold risk. While interior waterproofing provides some relief against water intrusion into basements due to external drainage issues or soil expansion around a home’s foundation, it does not address its source.

Exterior basement waterproofing requires digging a trench around the perimeter of the foundation, installing drainage channels connected to a sump pump, and setting it off – sucking up and depositing away water away from your house rather than flooding back in through your basement walls. This method may also be combined with exterior drain tile installation and proper grading around its foundation for maximum results.


Water damage is an immense problem for homeowners, with claims totaling up to $2.5 billion per year in insurance claims alone. By waterproofing your basement, however, you can prevent water from damaging its foundation and moisture from seeping into other rooms of your home, providing peace of mind while safeguarding belongings.

Waterproofing your basement will increase its value, too. A flooded basement is one of the biggest deterrents to selling your home, so by protecting against leaks and floods, you can keep your property valuable and reduce energy bills, as damp air may require your HVAC to work harder to eliminate humidity. Furthermore, having a dry basement may even lower energy bills because humid air requires HVAC units to work harder to remove moisture.

Waterproofed basements also save homeowners on homeowner’s insurance costs. Homeowner’s policies tend to more readily cover damages caused by internal causes like burst pipes or overflowing fixtures; external sources, like groundwater flooding and environmental factors, are rarely covered by homeowner’s policies.

Waterproofing contractors often carry general liability insurance to cover potential lawsuits stemming from subpar or incomplete work, even though this isn’t required of all contractors. While general liability coverage might not be mandatory, having it can make all the difference in whether your business survives unopposed.


Though many household tasks, such as painting or installing shelves, can be completed by homeowners themselves, waterproofing the basement should be left to professionals. Watertighting requires both skill and tools, so homeowners should only hire companies with experience to perform this service effectively.

An important question for homeowners when interviewing potential service providers is their duration in business. A company with longstanding experience and many satisfied customers will likely deliver top-quality work.

Homeowners seeking waterproofing companies should inquire about the products used and warranties associated with them. Reputable companies typically offer long-term guarantees against products and artistry issues; some warranties even allow transferability if a homeowner sells the house later on.

Waterproofing contractors should provide references from previous customers efficiently and promptly and be able to explain any complex parts of their contract in detail so the homeowner understands precisely what is expected from them.


A good waterproofing company should offer a warranty on its work and products and have staff dedicated to handling customer warranties quickly should any issues arise. This information and the contact details of each staff member should also be readily available online.

Most basement waterproofing companies provide free inspections to help homeowners gain an idea of the cost associated with their services. In most instances, an inspector will visit and assess the issue prior to providing their findings in a written report, providing clear insight into whether waterproofing or repairs are required first.

Some basement waterproofing companies operate nationwide, while others specialize in specific regions. Homeowners should research which companies cover their area by visiting the website of each company and then browsing online reviews to gauge what others have experienced with them. EverDry Basement Waterproofing of Chicago provides free inspections using proven techniques to keep basements dry and healthy – services include waterproofing, foundation repair, and crawl space encapsulation with lifetime and transferable warranties to cover future owners – they have been serving Chicagoans since 1957 with outstanding customer service excellence!

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