Acquiring Foreign Property – Exactly what Some of the Problems?


Buying Unknown Property:

No matter where you are considering choosing a foreign holiday home, investment property, or an eventual retirement home, there are numerous universal points to consider. While we all sell condos and demure in the lovely Dominican Republic, The Best Guide to find Pool Villas.

The following points are good kinds to consider no matter where you are considering getting:

The Dominican Republic provides an excellent balance of climate, services, community, etc ., but in addition incorporates the following, which is important:

Security: 95% of our buyers will never make the DR their permanent home. Even if this can be their home base, they will hold property in Canada or the YOU. We all have families we visit periodically, and plenty goes home from May to October. Any property requires good security and a managing company that looks after the item in your absence. This includes housekeeping services, gardening/pool care, general routine maintenance, bill payments, etc. Know how it is, the second you go on holiday, that’s when one thing goes wrong with your household. Both condos and buildings should have this service instruction we call “lock up and leave.”

Lease management: Most of our clients choose their properties to generate salary or at least pay for themselves once they are not using them. This is a terrific thing and helps make unknown property possible. Choose land that has a great tourist sector that way. You can be connected with holiday renters, who fork out hotel rates per night to rent your place. In addition, choose a subdivision that manages it all for you. Make sure they get international marketing of the lease units and ask to see precise numbers of rental income vs. expenses before you buy. Some of the developers offer a local rental guarantee. The DR will be the #1 Caribbean tourist location, so we enjoy 60-85% annually occupancy rates. This was a huge factor when we initially researched where to buy. Belize, Costa Natural, etc . could not boast these numbers. If you want to rent, this is certainly really important.

Government: Ensure that our government is tied to the US and Canada via free buy and sell agreements, investment, etc. This ensures that it will continue to build for its people and preserve a stable democracy. Research data corruption. Some countries are fairly risky investments due to the authorities and drug trade. Guarantee the government is foreign purchase friendly, there are no constraints on living there (strange visa requirements), and your house is registered to you.


  1. As mentioned above, do not acquire if it is in a bank, a life lease, etc.
  2. Ask if your title is your name, and sign up for you.
  3. Make sure your lawyer tells you English and ask to see a language version of your contract.
  4. Get a reputable realtor who comprehends the market you are coming from.

Frequently terminology is different and can be puzzling. Just a little example: what Us citizens call an escrow consideration, Canadians call a rely-on account. If you say earnest to a Canadian, they merely look at you like, “huh? inches

Community: If you plan to spend virtually any time in the country you decide on and not just use the property as a possible investment, ensure there is a huge community of like-minded folks. The beach and the climate are great, but you could get lonely. For example, my husband wants to watch hockey (we are usually Canadian ), so he or she goes to one of the local nightclubs during the playoffs and watches it on the cinema screen with 20 other Canadian and American guys. Women of all ages need to have a community connected with other women they can be good friends with, or life is usually lonely. Where we dwell, there are so many people from Nova Scotia and the US that it causes it to become really easy. You are welcome to join the community at BBQ events, even if people occur and go. Also, if you have a large community, it makes modifying the area easier. You discover where to shop, buy pieces of furniture, etc.

Medical: Ensure you can find excellent medical services neighborhood. As we get older, this turns more important.

Taxes: Make sure your completely new country is not planning on hectic the heck out of you. Check on property taxes, monetary gift taxes, etc.

Distance to help Airport: I keep listening to people in Costa Saludable that land and then use a three-hour drive to the property. Besides being a painful process, this will be very difficult to trade later.

Resale: See how long the property has been sitting in the marketplace. The whole world had an economic downturn last year, but if traditionally qualities take two years to sell, what a problem.

The Builder: Perform a little serious research on who will be doing the building. Do they know that country? Do they have adequate money to finish without presales? In some of these countries, any person can be a builder.

Safety: Have a look at crime stats and speak to other buyers. Make sure it is safe to walk across the road in the middle of the night. If nightclubs are on all the windows, don’t buy there.

International investment only has to be scary if you don’t do analysis. Talk to others that have obtained and discuss their knowledge. Rent a month and live like a resident, not just a tourist.

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