XM4 Warzone Loadout Guide


XM4 Warzone Loadouts are a great way to get the most out of your XM4. These systems are ideal for use in a variety of different environments. They can be utilized in any situation and provide the right firepower to make it through any battle. Additionally, these systems are ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade their existing XM4.

Axial Arms 3x optic

Using a set of attachments to upgrade your XM4 assault rifle is a great way to improve mobility and damage output. In Warzone, this loadout will help you maximize your chances of securing kills.

The XM4 is a great assault rifle for Warzone because of its high damage potential and impressive accuracy at a distance. It also comes with several attachments designed to increase mobility and recoil control. The following guide will walk you through the best setups for your XM4.

You should use an underbarrel attachment called the Field Agent Grip for optimal recoil control. This underbarrel will reduce your vertical recoil while still retaining mobility.

You can also improve your bullet velocity with a STANAG 60 Rnd magazine. This fast-firing magazine will ensure that you don’t have to reload often.


XM4 is one of the most versatile weapons in the Warzone. It can be used for both close-range and long-range combat. It can also be equipped with lethal accessories to bolster its ability to kill. Here is an XM4 Warzone loadout guide that will walk you through the best builds for this weapon.

The XM4 has had its ups and downs in Warzone Pacific. In the most recent patches, the XM4 received a buff, making it one of the most reliable long-range weapons in the game. The weapon also received some stability updates.

The XM4’s erratic recoil pattern can be mitigated with some of the best accessories available. The Agency Suppressor, for instance, can help improve its range and accuracy. The Tactical Mask can also help, as it reduces the effectiveness of stun grenades.

Heartbeat Sensor

Amongst all the guns and gadgets, the Heartbeat Sensor is one of the most critical tactical equipment in a Warzone. It allows you to find enemies, track their movements, and gather their positions. It’s also valuable for solos and specific game modes.

The Heartbeat Sensor isn’t quite as advanced as Rainbow Six Siege’s, but it’s still a handy tactical tool. It can locate enemies within a specific range, albeit a tame one. It’s also capable of displaying information about them, similar to what a UAV can do. It’s best used in close quarters, like inside buildings.

The Heartbeat Sensor is a small tablet capable of displaying rough information about the location of nearby enemies. It also has an effective range of about 40 meters, but it’s not as accurate as Rainbow Six Sieges.


XM4 is a strong, reliable, and versatile long-range assault rifle. It’s one of the most popular guns in Warzone. With the right attachments, the XM4 can provide sniper support and take down opponents at long range. XM4 is also a good option for a secondary weapon in a Warzone loadout.

An XM4 with an attachment like Semtex is perfect for long-range gunfights. Semtex is one of the best lethal weapons in Warzone and finishes off downed opponents quickly. Its reticule is also one of the best in the game.

The XM4 is a good choice for long-range gunfights, but its mobility is limited. You’ll want to consider your match length and stage to decide how to best use the weapon.

Cooper Carbine

Among all the assault rifles in Warzone, the Cooper Carbine has a reputation for being fast, accurate, and easy to control. It also has good handling and a high fire rate. However, withcan improve its accuracy and damage output with a little tweaking.

The best way to use the Cooper Carbine is to focus on accuracy and recoil control. First, use an MX Silencer Muzzle to help with recoil control and sound suppression. Aside from that, a STANAG 60-round magazine will increase the fire rate and reduce recoil. Then, attach a long-range beamer for increased bullet velocity.

Another trick is to use the Semtex, a lethal slot item that will kill enemies and flush out campers. The axial arms 3x optic is another good option. This optic has the best reticule in the game.