WhatsApp Chatbot – A Great Device for School/College


These days educational facilities use WhatsApp groups to deliver information to the parents with regards to the college rules, exam lifestyles and updates on higher education events. Best way to WhatsApp Hacker.

But if we want to mail the same information to full college students’ parents? So just think there are 1000 students in a very school and I want to mail School day schedule to everyone the parents. That’s where WhatsApp groups fall short.

Or I could truthfully use WhatsApp broadcast although that has a limit of 256 contacts! But, this is mind-boggling. Because of the all-class teachers need to collect message facts and contact details from the anxious person and need to add mothers and fathers contact details in a personal telephone and have to create group or perhaps broadcast and then send a communication. Phew!

And still, there are so many universities that don’t use this to reap the benefits of WhatsApp. As I saw every single teacher have to call your mother and father to inform about student/parent authorities program and have to take the particular confirmation on whether they may attend the program or not.

Educating a job is hard enough currently. Teachers have to teach subject matter also besides that have to get active in other university activities, have to call and also inform the parents and get the particular confirmation regarding some activities. This makes the teachers’ life hard.

Today, there are several new tools or software’s developed, by using that we can easily reach lots of people in a next. This is not only more effective yet can be a great time-saving factor for overloaded teachers. WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp Chabot are a few examples of tools that could aid.

Are you wondering what is WhatsApp marketing and WhatsApp chatbot?

I want to introduce you to these tools! WhatsApp Marketing and advertising is nothing but marketing or perhaps promoting your brand using WhatsApp. As I gave illustrations above related to schools, may continue with the same matter. For example, an academic 12 months is going to start and you have a fresh course from this year.

How you will promote it? Using regular marketing means you will fit a banner outside the higher education or you will put the advertisement in the newspaper. But actually, will that reach estimated admission rates? Maybe may perhaps be. But if you have thousands of contacts and you want to showcase your course details by that then WhatsApp advertising and marketing will be the best tool. By employing the WhatsApp marketing tool you can mail bulk messages to 1000+ contacts.

Now coming to WhatsApp Chatbot, it’s a WhatsApp e-mail marketing. For example, if you want to suggest to parents to a student/parents local authority or council program and you want proof from them that they will attend not really. Then you can send a message by employing WhatsApp Marketing like:

Hey, this is the call from “mention college Name” inviting someone to attend the student/parent local authority or council program on “mention Night out and time”. Please ensure your presence by transmitting Yes or No.

Once they mail the reply it will specifically connect to the WhatsApp Chatbot and remaining work will likely be done by the Chabot. In the event of any changes in the schedule with the event or any other specifics about the event, Chabot will easily send the update. It will probably work like if you join on YouTube channel and you will have the recent video notification as a result channel.

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