What’s on the Toca Madera Menu?


The Toca Madera menu may have changed since the last time you visited the website. However, it’s still available for download from the website, and you can use it to find out what’s on the new menu. Read on to learn more. This article will introduce some of the menu’s most popular dishes. You might even be able to get a copy for yourself! Until then, enjoy reading this article.

Churro Waffle

A churro is a deep-fried sweet treat with a history that dates back to the Middle Ages. It was first found in Arabic cookbooks and later adopted throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The term “churro” dates from the late nineteenth century. It is a Spanish specialty that is served with cinnamon and sugar. If you’ve never had a churro, it’s worth a try.

For dessert, try the Churro Waffle, a waffle pressed with churro batter and topped with chantilly creme. The restaurant is known for its brunch menu, featuring many signature Mexican dishes. Try the Chipotle Chicken, Churro Waffle, and vegan “Chicken.” Don’t forget to try their signature drinks! You can order the classic Don Julio tequila or the fruity Adios Felisha with mint and cucumber.

While chicken and waffles are synonymous with southern Louisiana, they’re a dish that can be found far from Dixieland. Churro waffles are served with salsa mix or Buffalo sauce. At Toca Madera, you’ll find a version of this dish on the menu, while at Travelle Kitchen + Bar, you’ll find a version made with buckwheat flour.

O.C.B. Taco

The Mexican menu at O.C.B. Taco is full of colorful and eclectic creations. The counter-serve burrito mainstay is decorated with colorful paintings that reflect Dia de Los Muertos traditions. The colorful, painted tables bring a festive mood to the restaurant. The tacos are served with tortilla chips. There are also several vegan choices. For dessert, there is a chocolate-dipped cookie.

The Mexican-inspired interior and décor are a draw. The tables are colorful and eclectic, and the walls are painted in designs reminiscent of the Dia de Los Muertos holiday. You’ll find a variety of hand-painted menus, as well as desserts and ice cream. The restaurant’s burritos are a popular choice for Mexican food in Portland. Its renowned chocolate-dipped chicken tacos are also a favorite.

Zuma Taco

The latest addition to Scottsdale’s booming foodie scene is Zuma Taco at Toca Madera. This new restaurant combines modern organic Mexican cuisine with craft cocktails. The 8,000-square-foot space features an open floor plan, a ceviche bar, and a colorful courtyard. The restaurant’s menu offers everything from tacos to ceviche. You can try a traditional Mexican dish if you’re not into seafood.

Poblano in a Blanket Wrap

The Poblano in a Blanket Wrap is one of the most popular items on the Toca Madera menu. This tortilla-wrapped spicy chile is layered with black bean puree and Spanish rice. It’s served with cilantro and pico de gallo. Other dishes on the menu include the Everyday Taco, a Mexican-inspired dish with a dash of tequila, and the O.C.B. Taco with Serrano chile and orange citrus salsa. The Zuma Taco comes with a side of cabbage and poblano brown rice. You can also order the Poblano in a Blanket Wrap, which features Spanish rice and black bean puree.

Another popular dish is the Sweet Corn Tamales. These are filled with roasted pasilla chiles and fresh corn. They are topped with a fire-roasted tomato salsa and avocado tomatillo sauce. If you’re hungry, try the Street Corn: roasted corn off the cob and topped with cotija cheese and chipotle powder.