What’s in Your Phone Game?


This fun party game is ideal for Bachelorette, Couples Showers, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, or wedding showers. Please print out the 5×7 printable and have your guests mark off any items on their phones that appear in this fun party game!

This free printable features a festive Christmas design with red stripes on the background. Click on the thumbnail image for a larger view, right-click it, and save your file!

What’s in your phone?

This fun phone game is like an interactive scavenger hunt! Perfect for Bachelorette, Couples Showers, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Sprinkle Parties, or Wedding Showers; guests search their phones for each item listed and mark them off when they have found it; the one with the most marks will win!

This free printable “What’s in your Phone Game” is a modern take on the classic “What’s in Your Purse” Baby Shower Game and works excellent for co-ed baby showers as well. Available in two different colors and designed to print on 5×7 cardstock paper for ease of printing cost savings, it can also be printed directly onto regular paper.

Just click on the game image below to open a larger version, and right-click to download. Distribute game cards along with pens or pencils and ask guests to mark off items listed on them that appear in their phone’s phonebook – at the end of the game, tally up all marked-off items to determine who wins!

What’s in your purse?

Women love carrying purses everywhere they go – be it filled with tissues, lip balm, or essentials like pens and tweezers – which serve as portable mirrors, storage areas, or fashionable fashion accessories. But do your guests know all of what’s hidden inside their bags? In this entertaining bridal shower game, we invite guests to reveal whatever odd items have made it into their purses, encouraging everyone to interact and laugh together and break the ice at your party with ease.

Print this free What’s in Your Purse Printable Game and use it at your next bridal, bachelorette, couples, or co-ed shower as an easy icebreaker – ideal for all age and gender groups! It makes an excellent conversation starter, too!

Each guest receives a game card, and the maid of honor or someone in charge reads off a list of standard and not-so-common items from which guests search their purses to see which match those listed; you can decide in advance whether each will get its point value, or they can all be combined by category (for instance pens count as one item; multiple cells are considered another category). Players search through their purses until they find items matching those on the list, which can then be checked off and their points tallied up at once; ultimately, the player with the most points wins!

Print this downloadable game in any color for your baby shower celebration! Click on the thumbnail image to open a larger version, right-click to save, and print according to how many guests will attend your festival.

This printable is an instant PDF download file, so as soon as your payment has been processed, you’ll have instant access and can print it. For optimal results, print on high-quality cardstock, or use regular paper and cut out pieces yourself for a lower-cost product with superior quality results – though we advise testing your printer’s capabilities first if printing larger sheets of paper.

What’s in your pocket?

This fun and modern twist on the classic What’s in Your Purse Baby shower game has quickly become more and more popular these days and is perfect for co-ed events as well. Your guests can use their phones to play along in this scavenger hunt-style game; the one with the most items marked off their list wins!

The printable comes in three distinct designs that you can choose from. To download one, click on any thumbnail image of interest; once a larger version opens up, right-click and save that picture. For optimal results, cardstock paper works best, though regular printer paper should work just as well if printing costs are a concern.

The file includes a 5×7 PDF containing two games on one sheet of 8.5×11″ paper: one clear/white background game and one Kraft background game. You can use this for any party; however, it works incredibly well for bachelorette, couples, bridal, baby, or wedding shower events! Your guests will love searching their phones to mark off items and then tally up scores – definitely an essential party game to add at your next event!

What’s in your bag?

This exciting twist on the classic What’s in your purse baby shower game will provide guests with an engaging co-ed bridal shower experience. As almost everyone owns a cell phone, your guests are sure to find this new and fascinating game highly entertaining and exciting!

Just like its counterparts, What’s in Your Bag 2.0 begins by dispensing game cards among its participants and asking guests to search their phones for items listed on the game card and mark them off accordingly. Once all participants have marked all items they tally their points and see who has scored the most points! This game may also be played using virtual reality goggles as well!

Here is a free printable version of this chevron background game! Clicking the image will open a larger version, while right-clicking can save it directly onto your computer. Feel free to print on any color paper as long as its thickness will prevent markings from showing through!

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