What Does a Wine Sommelier Do?


A wine sommelier’s job is to sell wine to guests, which can increase restaurant sales. They may also work in the wine industry, either in the vineyards or as a consultant. In addition to selling wine, a sommelier can also write about wine and consult with winemakers and distributors. Get the Best information about Wine Sommelier.

Sommeliers must have knowledge of wine vineyards and experience managing cellars. They also must have good attention to detail and be skilled at multitasking. They must be able to balance customer needs with sales targets and ensure their customers are happy. Their job is constantly evolving, so they need to keep up with the latest trends in the field.

A sommelier must be passionate about wine. They spend a lot of time tasting different vintages. This allows them to experience wines that others may never have the chance to try. Typically, sommeliers work in restaurants with high-end patrons. As a result, they must learn about the wine industry and its financial aspects. They also must know how to pair wines with food and the right moment to serve them.

A wine sommelier has many different duties, but the role is most often in a restaurant. They need to be knowledgeable about all types of wines, not just those listed on a restaurant’s wine list. They can also suggest the best wine for a particular meal. A sommelier has a high level of customer service and is an expert in the world of wine.

Sommeliers also work with other staff members, which requires a high level of communication skills. Master sommeliers should be patient and understanding of customers’ preferences. They should be able to deal with fast-paced situations and keep their cool while serving customers.

There are several sommelier certification programs. You can choose to take the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) course. If you are interested in self-studying, there are many great books and online courses available. Some of these include The Wine Bible and Kevin Zraly’s Windows on the World Wine Course.

The basic education for becoming a sommelier costs a few hundred dollars, but becoming a certified professional takes years of study, practice, and experience. Advanced professional certifications can cost several thousands of dollars. However, the training and certification process is more affordable than a typical graduate degree in the US.

In addition to certification, you can earn your diploma by taking the Court of Master Sommeliers program. This course will require a minimum of 64 hours of class time and will allow you to focus on specific subjects. It’s set up similarly to a university Master’s program. In addition to courses, students are assigned an academic advisor who will work with them to complete a master’s thesis. This thesis must promote the student’s career goals.

To become a sommelier, you need to have a good knowledge of wines and wine production. You can take wine tasting classes or enroll in college courses about wine production. However, you can also acquire a sommelier certification through self-study.

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