What Are Moon Rocks and How Are They Consumed?


Moon Rocks offer an innovative way to enjoy all the different products derived from cannabis in one hit. Smoked with regular marijuana, adding extra THC to amplify its effects. An exceptionally fantastic fact about moon rocks.

For this project, you’ll need Kief, cannabis oil, and flower. Most dispensaries can purchase Kief, while recreational marijuana may be legally obtained anywhere.

What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are an irresistible potency form of marijuana. Dubbed the “caviar of cannabis,” moon rocks are created when high-grade buds are coated in hash oil or sprinkled with Kief for an out-of-this-world high and created into complex crystal-like forms that have earned themselves their moniker as “moon rocks.”

Not only can these forms of marijuana contain high THC concentration, but they may also include MDMA – an illegal drug known as Ecstasy or Molly that acts as a powerful stimulant and makes you feel energetic while altering tactile senses and distorting perception.

GSC strain is optimal for crafting moon rocks, although any highly potent cultivar may work just as effectively. Select a premium-grade weed strain, as the process can degrade lower-quality strains quickly. In ideal cases, use fresh premium-quality cannabis flower decarboxylated and infused live resin or extract into each batch for best results.

How Are Moon Rocks Consumed?

Moon rocks can be enjoyed using either a bong or bowl and inhaling through their openings, adding them to a joint, or placing them inside an oil vape cartridge.

Cannabis caviar was first popularized by West Coast rappers Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak around 2013. Though no clear claim can be made regarding their invention, both were given credit for bringing awareness of this method for increasing THC potency to the mainstream community.

Utilizing moon rocks can produce an intense high that lasts for hours. The effects are typically accompanied by elevated heart rate, dizziness, loss of coordination, and nausea; nausea, dry mouth, and fatigue can occur. When taking this product, it is recommended to have plenty of water and food readily available and find an intimate setting to avoid disturbing during this experience.

What Are the Side Effects of Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are composed of cannabis flower, extract, and Kief collected over multiple strains over weeks or even months for home production, creating highly potency blends that may last days to several weeks in terms of effects – therefore making them unsuitable for novice or recreational users.

Moon rocks can be made using various strains and extracts. Still, most connoisseurs prefer using clean and high-grade ingredients – including freshly cured premium-quality indoor flowers and clean and potency extracts like live resin and bubble hash.

Regular moon rock use may result in several adverse side effects, including loss of appetite and weight gain. It may also trigger erratic behavior and mental health conditions like paranoia or anxiety; mood swings and memory loss are common among chronic users; in severe cases, people can become addicted and require assistance from drug rehab centers.

How Can I Get Help for My Moon Rocks Addiction?

If you or someone close to you is addicted to moon rocks, they must seek help immediately. Moon Rocks can be highly potent and even deadly when consumed improperly. Sometimes laced with other substances with serious side effects, they also increase THC’s potency, which may result in heart, kidney, or liver failure.

When smoking Moon Rocks, it is essential to ensure sufficient hydration (avoiding “cotton mouth”) is available and to have a comfortable place to smoke and consume food during and after use. Moon Rocks may stimulate appetite, so it is wise to have snacks nearby as this may prove helpful in curbing hunger pangs.

As Moon Rocks are dense and sticky, smoking a bong, bubbler, or pipe is recommended. They may be consumed independently, but adding regular marijuana flowers can make for more accessible smoking sessions and allow you to keep the flame lit more easily.

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