Wall Decor For Living Rooms


If you want to refresh your living room, consider adding beautiful wall decor. You can create an ombre effect by hanging large framed photos on the walls. Alternatively, you can hang a collection of family photos in frames. Family photos always look good on display. You can also place a display of plants or flowers on a wall.

Display posters

Display posters are unique art print that doesn’t require a frame. Instead of a frame, the image print is 3D-printed onto the metal. This means the poster won’t add extra dimensions, and the weight will remain the same, whether framed or not. Plus, the posters are easy to hang on a level surface.

The display offers unique artworks that are perfect for living rooms. They are printed on a metal canvas and are made to last for years. The company also sells custom art and limited editions. You can order a poster of your favorite artist or photo to personalize your space. If you’re not happy with the design, you can even have it customized.

Display posters are made from metal and are easy to hang. They are attached with magnets and can be easily interchanged. The posters are very durable and come with a 30-year warranty. They are a great investment for your home and art collection. You can choose from many designs, sizes, and themes to create a unique look for your living room.

Wood panel canvases

Wood panel canvases add fun and creativity to a living room. They are an excellent option for a DIY project and can be purchased online. They also offer ample space to display art. Framed abstract drawings or simple poetic messages make great wall accents. Those with green thumbs can display succulents and other plants on the walls, providing fresh air.

Wood panel canvases can also be a cheaper alternative to stretched canvases. While they are not as durable as stretched canvas, they are easier to store. In addition, they are easy to sand and are not susceptible to damage from scraping. Compared to stretched canvases, they can be purchased in various sizes, which is another great advantage.

For a more traditional look, you can use an unprimed wooden panel. These are typically more inexpensive than stretched canvas, but they are more fragile. Canvas is typically more expensive and can warp if not stretched properly. If you are not comfortable stretching your canvas, you can buy a roll of canvas and purchase stretchers. You can also add canvas directly to the board instead of stretching it.


Wall planters can be an easy way to change your living room decor. Not only do they liven up the space, but they also help purify the air and improve the quality of your sleep. Planters are also relatively easy to install. However, ensure you have plenty of natural light and space to place them on the wall.

If you want a more modern look, you can use wire wall baskets to display potted plants. You can also place them on an empty wall to show them off. You can also use wooden sections in geometric shapes to display faux plants. These are just a few ways to use planters in the living room as wall decor.

Planters mounted on the wall can provide additional visual interest to the room and save plants from getting destroyed by pets. If you have a big window in the room, you can also hang planters on the wall. This will provide the plants with enough light to grow. Then, you can enjoy your plants while sitting by the window.


Mirrors are a popular choice for living room wall decor. Not only do they create a symmetrical, unified look, but they also reflect light, which makes them an excellent choice for a room that is too dark. A beveled mirror will increase the light coming in from the outside. They can be placed over a fireplace to create a focal point and anchor the rest of the furnishings around it.

Larger mirrors also help to make a small room feel bigger. This is because the reflection will bounce light back into the room. This makes the room appear wider and deeper, and it can also highlight a particular wall or corner. Adding a mirror behind a light source can also act as an extra window. This can be a great way to maximize the space in a small room. Mirrors are also great for narrow living rooms.

Mirrors are an effective accent piece for any room. You can find these decorative pieces in department stores, thrift stores, and online. They can be used to add a focal point or to adorn a blank wall. Choosing mirrors in the right shape and size can be a fun mix of sophisticated and rustic styles.

Tribal prints

Regarding living room wall decor, tribal prints make for a great option. Whether you want a more bohemian, rustic look or a more modern, elegant look, tribal prints are a great choice. Just remember to channel your inner interior designer when choosing a design.

While tribal art is an extremely popular choice for living room wall decor, it can also have negative connotations. For example, it can invoke myths of colonial supremacy and underdeveloped societies. Despite these perceptions, tribal art has greatly influenced Western artists and movements in the 20th and 21st centuries. And because of this, it has inspired many new movements and styles of expression in contemporary art.

Tribal geometric patterns

Tribal geometric patterns make a beautiful addition to a modern, chic living room. They also look great in living rooms with a bohemian feel. Try channeling your inner interior designer to see which tribal patterns look best in your space. They make for a unique combination of wall decor and wall art.

One way to use tribal geometric patterns is to pair them with a monochromatic color palette. You can also choose an Indigenous-inspired wallpaper, which pairs beautifully with a tribal-inspired wool rug. This combination creates a bold yet neutral space. And, since the pattern is so unique, it will give your living room pop.

You can also use bold geometric prints on your walls. These geometric prints will make an unexpected focal point and add a dramatic statement to your living room. Another way to use them is on furniture. Large pieces of wooden furniture can also be dressed up with geometric patterns. A classic X motif will elevate a simple table or bookcase, while a repeating linear pattern will transform a dresser.


Decorative surfboards will give any room an air of beachside style. The wooden surfboards are available in various wood tones and can be mounted vertically or horizontally. They can also be used as coffee tables. Hands Over Timber sells several different styles and colors of surfboards.

Surfboards make great wall decor for living rooms. They add a seaside theme and are perfect for anyone who loves the ocean or the beach. These decorative items are functional, too, and can be used as mirrors, key racks, and coat hangers. You can even use them as shelves.

Surfboards are a unique option for decorating your living room. They can be used in almost any home decor theme. They look great above a television or pool table, adding a hip, off-the-clock feel. It will also serve as a reminder to kick back.

Surfboards are functional and attractive, and you can get them in various sizes. Since surfboards are made from tin, they might fade in direct sunlight. If you want to buy one that will last, get one with a high gloss finish.