University of Technology Mauritius


University of Technology Mauritian offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Through partnerships with industry, its courses also give students real-world experience.

Tuition fees vary based on program and level of study, with additional registration and examination fees potentially due.

UTM also provides scholarships and financial aid programs for eligible students, which should be checked on its website to gain more information.

School of Innovative Technologies and Engineering

UTM students develop innovative and creative thinking to address problems creatively and make sound decisions. The program caters to working professionals and educators seeking new perspectives and ways of looking at things – from engineering, design, or technology management. UTM master’s degrees provide excellent opportunities to expand skillsets while broadening perspectives.

UTM provides undergraduate programs, research, and PhD-level degrees for its over 700 full-time students. Their faculty includes experts in economics, finance, human resources management, international business, and tourism. UTM ranks among Mauritius’ most prominent providers of higher education. With 70 faculty members offering more than 700 full-time student spots and 70 full-time staff positions on campus – UTM boasts one of Mauritius’ most prominent higher education providers!

Faculty and students of this university are engaged in several projects designed to advance society. These initiatives include combatting climate change and developing next-generation energy technologies, fostering collaboration between different disciplines to understand how technology can be utilized for the greater good, global research and scholarship projects, as well as degrees that are recognized worldwide.

Research activities conducted at this university are having a substantial effect on the development of both the nation and its people, and its vision is to become an acclaimed university on both a national and regional scale, offering multi-level quality tertiary education, capacity building in light of economic reforms, knowledge dissemination, research, and innovation promotion.

This university is located at La Tour Koenig in Pointe-aux-Sables, Mauritius, and was established as a public institution in 2000. Tuition fees are very reasonable, and online applications are accessible. Furthermore, scholarships for international students may also be offered.

University also offers a doctoral program in Technology Management and Innovation. This specialization equips students to innovate in and manage the digital economy, preparing them for careers such as tech entrepreneurship/commercialization/R&D strategy/leadership of distributed/virtual organizations and taking full advantage of opportunities created by digital disruption. It is ideal for managers seeking to take advantage of opportunities afforded by the technological revolution.

School of Sustainable Development and Tourism

The School of Sustainable Development and Tourism at the University of technology mauritius provides students keen on expanding their knowledge about sustainability with an array of courses to suit any learner. Offering both online and classroom-based classes, these are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of sustainability within business, its application across different business sectors, current research findings, and best practices within this area.

This program features various real-life projects enabling students to apply their course concepts in practical settings while networking opportunities exist across cities, states, and internationally. Furthermore, its small class sizes ensure personalized mentorship and career guidance from professors.

Students completing this program will be prepared to assume leadership roles within destinations and tourism organizations that prioritize sustainability practices, such as minimizing tourism’s adverse effects while empowering community members and tackling global issues like inequality and climate change.

Universities worldwide offer Master in Sustainable Tourism programs, but it is essential to remember that not all programs are equivalent; some may cost more than others. Therefore, prospective students must check the price before enrolling. Furthermore, they should investigate any differences in costs for local versus international students and consider any prerequisite credit hours necessary.

While tuition at UTM may appear costly, students who qualify can find information regarding financial aid options on its official website.

Studying in Mauritius offers international students several advantages, one being their ability to work part-time while they look at a tertiary education institution. Working outside the country, however, requires an occupation permit – for which an academic year at least must have passed, and possessing valid documentation such as a passport is needed as proof.

School of Business Management and Finance

At the University of Technology Mauritius’ School of Business Management and Finance, students can pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting, economics, human resource management, and information systems. Students also benefit from accessing cutting-edge technology research facilities while being part of an active student community. Your program must match up with your career goals and interests if you wish to succeed professionally.

University of Technology Mauritian’s School of Business Management and Finance greatly emphasizes industry relevance, with programs tailored specifically for real world experiences. They have formed academic partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Inter Systems SAP, and Oracle Corporation to provide skills-based learning.

University of Technology Mauritius is a small (Topuniversitieslist enrollment range: 4,000-4,999 students) coeducational higher education institution located on Mauritius that offers bachelor and master’s degrees across multiple fields of study. These degrees include those related to engineering, business administration, and technology management.

This university boasts an outstanding faculty that is committed to teaching, research, and service. With many research centers and institutes focused on energy, engineering and environmental sciences as well as strong industry and government partnerships for supporting its research activities, this university excels at education.

UTM students benefit from access to cutting-edge technology as the university upgrades its equipment and laboratories regularly. Furthermore, its faculty offers decades of industry expertise they enjoy sharing with students. UTM boasts an inclusive student body offering numerous social and professional networking opportunities.

UTM promotes a global community of learners with diverse perspectives and ideas through its international focus. It creates an educational experience with many learning styles. It stands for its students that build knowledge that makes them highly employable, as well as leadership and communication skills that will prove instrumental in the workplace. By attending on-campus events and workshops, students can network with professionals while building lifelong connections while earning scholarships or grants to cover tuition. UTM also offers other benefits to its students, such as an academic calendar, financial aid programs, and providing a safe campus environment.

School of Health Sciences

The School of Health Sciences at the University of Technology Mauritius offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Their academic offerings emphasize cutting-edge technologies and industry knowledge. Furthermore, research in various disciplines is conducted, and numerous industrial partnerships are established. Again, there is a strong focus on interprofessional education and student-centric learning at this university.

Academic programs at this university lead to officially recognized bachelor’s and master’s degrees across multiple areas of study, categorized into specific schools:

UTM students have many activities outside the classroom that contribute to an enriching university experience, including extracurricular activities, student organizations, career guidance services, and counseling services. Furthermore, students may qualify for scholarships or financial aid to offset tuition fees.

Tuition fees at the University of Technology Mauritius vary based on program and student type, with details available from its admissions office regarding specific costs for each degree program. Students should research all associated expenses when making decisions regarding programs – tuition alone may not cover these costs, so be sure to do your research as housing and meal costs should also be factored in when making their choice.

The University of Technology Mauritius has an established tradition of offering quality education in Mauritius since its formation in 2000 by merging various public training institutions. Furthermore, research is carried out across several scientific fields at this institution which also participates in multiple international university networks.

UTM students can take advantage of many internship and job placement opportunities, providing hands-on training and practical experience, which helps graduates secure employment post-graduation. Furthermore, the university has implemented community outreach programs enabling students to witness firsthand interprofessional healthcare services.

Students studying at UTM may qualify for national scholarships that help reduce costs associated with looking there. Scholarships may be awarded based on specific fields of study or to students from disadvantaged backgrounds; to find out more, students interested should contact UTM’s admissions office or visit its website.