Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes Are Living Proof That Age Differences Do Not Determine a Relationship’s Success


Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes are living proof that age does not determine the success of any relationship. Both individuals have accomplished so much throughout their lives, which serves as an inspiration to others.

Toure was born September 8, 1972, as a Virgo and attended Trinity College to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Sarah Jakes

Sarah Jakes is an author and public speaker who believes happiness is a choice. She has published several books on this topic, such as Lost and Found, Colliding with Destiny, Dear Mary, and Doesn’t Settle for Safe. Alongside writing prolifically for both print and audio media, Sarah also hosts a popular podcast as well as giving motivational speeches.

Sarah was born in West Virginia on July 17, 1988, to highly religious parents who played an instrumental role in her upbringing. Sarah completed high school early and immediately started college; as a result of this education, Sarah has gone on to establish herself as an author and speaker, garnering millions of followers online through social media sites such as social media networks like social media – even appearing on some talk shows such as The Dr. Phil Show and Today Show!

Sarah Jakes’s success has allowed her to form an equally successful marriage with Toure Roberts, whom she married in 2014. Together, they serve as co-pastors at The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver and have three biological and three stepchildren (their daughter Ella being one). Two other kids hail from Toure’s previous union with Lori.

Toure Roberts is both an accomplished pastor and best-selling author, selling over 100,000 copies of his first book, Purpose Awakening: Discovering The Epic Idea That Motivated Your Birth, in the US alone. In addition to this success in America, his other bestsellers focus on leadership, ministry, spirituality, diversity, and social change issues – with translations into multiple languages for his works being released worldwide.

Toure Roberts and Sarah Jakes are an example of a loving couple that isn’t afraid to challenge societal norms and break barriers, inspiring people of all ages. Their love story inspires people of all ages to live life on their terms; regardless of their differences, they’ve built an interracial relationship based on trust and communication that has enabled their marriage to remain at the top of both of their priority lists – creating a life entire of happiness for both of them despite any challenges or setbacks they’ve encountered together.

Toure Roberts

Toure Roberts is an American author, entrepreneur, and pastor. He founded One Church LA – one of Los Angeles’s fastest-growing churches – and hosts his podcast called Woman Evolve, which explores faith-related topics like relationships and culture. Toure also serves as a motivational speaker, fathering three biological and two stepchildren under his care with Sarah Jakes Roberts: Toure Jr, Witten, Malachi, Makenzie, and Ella.

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a motivational speaker and daughter of Bishop T.D. Jake is best known for her empowering messages and positive outlook on life. She has made appearances on television shows as a motivational speaker and author; Sarah’s books include Lost and Found, Don’t Settle for Safe, and Woman Evolve. Additionally,, she is an active blogger.

Toure enjoys reading or watching movies in his free time and cooking for family and friends. Toure and Sarah share a passion for music, which often results in them hosting church events together.

This couple often receives criticism for the significant age difference between them, yet they defy social expectations and remain an inspiration to others. Their story stands as proof that love knows no boundaries or barriers – and can overcome all hurdles in its way!

Some may argue that an age gap of 16 years is too large, while others feel otherwise. Sarah and Toure share similar values and goals, and their strong connection is evident through their public work together.

Toure Roberts is an inspirational speaker and founder of One Church LA. Born and raised in California with an upbringing characterized by faith, Roberts attended Trinity College before attending California State University Northridge; later, with his current salary of around $1 Million, he wrote the self-help book Balance: Positioning Yourself to Do All Things Well.


Toure Roberts is an esteemed author and motivational speaker. Additionally, he founded and pastors The Potter’s House/TDJ Enterprises megachurch in Los Angeles. Roberts has written numerous books covering topics like marriage, parenting, and spiritual growth; CNN and BBC have even showcased some of his work.

Sarah Jakes Roberts was born July 17th, 1988, in the United States to an African-American family and proved herself exceptionally academically. After graduating high school at 16, she enrolled almost immediately at Texas Christian University for journalism studies, where she earned her degree. Sarah Jakes Roberts also became known as an author, having written various self-help books over time.

Sarah Jakes Roberts married pastor Toure Roberts at an intimate beach wedding on November 14, 2014. Lori Roberts had previously been his wife; together, they had three children before divorcing.

Sarah Jakes Roberts expanded her family when she married Toure Roberts, now having three stepchildren as well as her biological daughter Ella Roberts, who was born two years after their wedding and is the youngest child out of six children altogether.

Sarah Jakes Roberts has not allowed her age difference with her husband to stand in the way of her excelling professionally and personally. She continues her church ministry career while taking part in numerous entrepreneurial ventures – not to mention being an influential social media influencer!

Though their relationship has the power to challenge society’s perceptions about age differences, they do not exaggerate it. With a strong work ethic and the ability to balance personal and professional obligations successfully despite busy schedules, the couple still maintains solid connections and respect among each other despite hectic lifestyles – one key ingredient in their successful marriage!

Net Worth

Sarah Jake Roberts is a celebrated American author, speaker, and media personality best known for her book Woman Evolve. Born July 17, 1988, under Cancer as daughter to legendary pastor T.D. Jake and their wife Serita, Sarah, became one of three authors under their care at their church before heading on her own.

Sarah Jakes Roberts explores in her new book how disappointment and struggles from our past can help us move towards success in relationships and marriages, along with how hope can help overcome obstacles in life. It serves as an excellent resource for anyone experiencing difficulty.

Toure Roberts currently boasts an estimated net worth of $4 Million. He founded One Church in Los Angeles and served as senior pastor of Denver’s Potter’s House before writing several books, including Purpose Awakening and Wholeness. He is also an accomplished musician and producer.

He is also the host of The Awakening podcast. With an eclectic background that spans all corners of the globe and an incredible performance history that spans thousands of people, his goal is to help others embrace their faith through encouragement.

Toure has six children: three from his first marriage with Lori Roberts and three from his current relationship with Sarah Jakes (they married in November 2014 and share one daughter named Ella).

He is an established public speaker and author, having written many books as well as making multiple television show appearances (including numerous on the Today Show) as a guest commentator and advocate. Nominated for an Emmy Award, he also serves as a philanthropist by serving on several charitable organization boards, serving on advocacy efforts for the LGBTQ community, serving on boards of several philanthropic organizations, and advocating on their behalf in several news/lifestyle publications. As an inspiring and motivating speaker, he employs unique techniques for conveying his messages, including props/ attire along with influential voices to connect with audiences.