The Psychic Sense and Dowsing the Lottery


Sixth Perception -A Human Being’s Not for physical Component

Your first test out is to come to terms with the fact that most of us humans have a non-physical ingredient that lends itself further than our normal five feels. Consider our entire staying, both the physical and non-physical, similar to that of a huge banquise in the Antarctic. Now, the end typically represents about 10 percent of the whole iceberg; that may be when you fly over a great iceberg in the Antarctic, you happen to be seeing a tiny area of huge, floating ice huge batch. Think of that part, the business that sticks out of the h2o, as both the physical and mental factors that make up a human being. Put simply, the iceberg’s tip will be both the flesh that makes the body and the decision-making speech in one’s head. Obtain the Best information about Live Draw HK.

Today, take the iceberg’s remaining 80 percent, the part that is placed submerged in the ocean. That part represents an even more vibrant and amazing aspect of being. Just as the greater large of an iceberg is disguised. while flying over, consequently is a greater portion of all of our being. You could almost visualize the water’s surface, the place where the iceberg begins to protrude out of your water and into the weather, as an interface between the cognizant and subconscious mind.

Typically the subconscious mind is merely yet another gateway that lends itself to some sort of deeper aspect of who we live. It’s like a gateway to your much larger self and, the same as the tip of an iceberg, you will find a lot more to our being than lies on the surface.

After thinking about for a moment that our becoming, both physical and non-physical, could be compared to that of a good iceberg, we can take those who one step further as well as reference both the ocean where the iceberg floats and the environment above the surface.

The actual physical space in which a banquise exists here on Earth is three-dimensional. We live on the three-dimensional physical plane associated with existence; we also have a period dimension on this physical aircraft. As a result, we are considered to be on the four-dimensional plane of presence.

The analogy holds considering the ocean and the open-up air. Ninety percent of our iceberg sits submerged in the ocean, while ten percent protrudes into the open air. When you were to treat the water as its complex way of measuring, and the open air while our four-dimensional plane, you would probably see that the majority of our banquise sits in one dimension when protruding into another.

This kind of analogy holds for all of the human race. A human being is only a small, physical representation of any much larger and more dynamic currently being. And for whatever reasons considered necessary by the powers which be, we all come here along with focused awareness and intention.

To extend the iceberg example, let us assume that our banquise floats over an incredibly heavy trench. This trench is really deep that it appears the actual ocean has no bottom. Similarly, from the surface, we look upwards into the day’s beautiful orange sky and see nothing but substantial blueness, no evidence of some sort of universe in existence, but we understand it exists. Could far more dimensions or parallel communauté exist outside the confines of your universe and we are just far too small to recognize them?

Our planet Earth sits in a solar system that sits in a universe and the galaxy sits inside a cluster of nearby galaxies and these galaxies, amongst other stuff, make up our universe. Imagine the universe is in any cluster of universes, and this cluster is a part of your even bigger galaxy of the universe. This process could potentially go on regarding infinity and we would never realize it because we can’t perceive anything specifically outside of our universe.

Imagine our conscience works very much like such a belief. That is, imagine our conscience is one’s own over many dimensions as well as parallel universes, and only efficient at perceiving one level of understanding at a time. This level of understanding would be of course here and now about this physical earthly plane. Once we die, we transition or perhaps retract into another shape; some might call that Heaven. The result is our mind doing an awareness shift, departing the physical dimension over the shedding of the physical system, a necessary physical container for your consciousness if one is to help exist on this plane.

So now we are, all metaphorical banquise floating around in the same good ocean, parts of our creatures above water, and another portion submerged below the surface, distinct and individual, yet attached through common composition.

The particular Gatekeeper Mechanism

The very procedure that connects us to that non-physical level of being is compared to a gatekeeper. This gatekeeper is the very mechanism liable for relaying information between the cognizant and subconscious mind. It is just a middleman, so to speak. We do not recognize where it resides; probably it is a chemical in the head that purposely keeps each of our awareness focused on the actual for the sake of completing our earthly tasks. Perhaps it’s not actually at all.

The subconscious possesses access to the higher self, the actual metaphorical ninety percent flying under the ocean. The non-physical component of our being, which is, the conscious interaction between gatekeeping mechanism and depths of the mind, is what is responsible for various psi-related phenomena such as remote seeing, astral projection, premonition, intuitiveness, and there are others.

It also appears to exist being a protection mechanism. Perhaps sometimes, people find themselves in direct range of upcoming catastrophic situations that could prematurely separate these people from this plane of presence. As a result, being that their leaving is too early, information is passed along, warning associated with preemptive danger, perhaps using a vivid dream or even gut feeling. This would be the premonition, so to speak.


Imagine if time was merely a perceptual occurrence? That is, what if time was some sort of man-made mechanism used to sequentially separate events in a thready fashion? What if time would not work the way we assumed it worked?

The next part, which deals with remote-seeing research, has indicated that the point is not linear but powerful. That is, future events may affect current occasions.

What if there was a way to access the deeper levels of our conscience and have it deliberately focus on an event in another dimension or perhaps a parallel universe? Claim this particular dimension or the simultaneous universe had a time frame concurrent with a future celebration, such as the Super Lotto.

Theoretically, the non-physical aspect of our being already spans area and time. Seeking out as well as locating a dimension in whose SuperLOTTO drawing is contingency with the dowsing session is nearly instantaneous. With a little assistance from a dowsing pendulum plus some meditation work, one can accessibility have accessed this information and make utilization of it.

Remote Viewing

Remote control viewing is loosely understood to be, “The attempt to gather info on a distant or silent and invisible target using paranormal signifies or extrasensory perception. very well

Remote viewing is a statistically reliable phenomenon that discounts psi function and possesses been rigorously tested simply by respected scientists and checked by respected statisticians for more than thirty years. Ironically, the well-known community is still unwilling to take the phenomenon as reputable.

In some respects, the distant viewing phenomenon is similar to anything you are attempting to do with the lotto dowsing process. Understanding the basic principles and mechanics of a tested system helps make the dowsing practice more conceivable. Both programs, as it is with all psi, operate the same mechanics but in different methods to receive information.

Remote looking gained popularity in the nineties following the declassification of the Ough. S. government’s Stargate plan. The U. S. authorities, through cooperation with Stanford Research Institute, studied psi functioning in humans for more than twenty years.

There is some equipment as to why the program was closed. Some say the program seemed to be shut down and declassified to be able to become apparent that better technology had progressed to the point regarding exceeding remote viewings constraints and proved to be a more trustworthy intelligence gathering resource. Other individuals say that the program was a community hot potato and the govt had no business making an investment money in a program that addressed psychics.

Upon the program’s declassification, highly trained remote audiences branched out and began teaching the skill to the interested public. As a result, numerous techniques and remote watching disciplines have been refined as well as coexist today.

Remote Watching Basics

As it is with the dowsing method, there is quite a lot of preparation involved in remote viewing, which I will not discuss in great detail. To briefly contact on this preparation, just know that this remote viewer typically undergoes a mind-calming or maybe meditation practice before doing a session, and small specifics such as the placement of pen along with paper are all considered.

To complete is to follow a strict list of protocols, which allow the universal remote viewer to increase the skill level by guidelines of a successful method. Usually, the remote audience is tasked with a group of coordinates, which represent the target of some sort. The perspective can be predetermined by a tasker or determined after the program is complete.

The remote control viewer, knowing nothing concerning the target, will begin a session by writing the designated harmonizes on a piece of paper followed by automated scribble. This scribble is nearly like a reflex when driven and is called an ideogram. This ideogram is the heart and soul of remote viewing.

The fundamental skill in remote seeing is being able to decode this kind of scribble. This scribble or maybe ideogram is a message in the non-physical component of the universal remote viewer and it relays data regarding the target. It is transferred along via a reflex throughout the remote viewer’s central nervous system. To complete is to successfully pass along details about a target before the mindful mind can intercept as well as manipulate it.

The initial ideogram can tell an experienced remote audience a lot about a target. It is going to identify the target as a target on land or about water if it is manmade or maybe something of nature. This kind of lower-level information allows typically the remote viewer to pick some sort of direction and move into greater detail with more ideograms.

The remote control viewer will do this process several times, piecing together, a kind of, clairvoyant puzzle until a focus can be achieved. How does one decide on a scribble? The idea would be to develop a kind of scribble vocab; that is, with time and training, the remote viewer works out a mental database connected with scribbles that helps decode facts transmitted by the non-physical ingredient. For example, with time, the distant viewer will develop a familiar chicken scratch that represents land, and also another that represents h2o. With more time and practice, an extremely extensive ideogram vocabulary may be developed, making the remote viewers that much more effective.

The essence of getting this vocabulary is derived from exactly what is called probing the ideogram. Probing the ideogram develops when a remote viewer thinks out the contours of the ideogram, retracing it over and over together with or her pen. Often the remote viewer will take sizeable note of emotional inner thoughts and will connect with the target using his or her non-physical component. Is actually as if a strong connection will be finally affirmed and trustworthy logging of data can then commence.

Time and Space

An interesting sensation, first discovered in the 1974s, was that coordinates do not have to have an associated target for the duration of a remote viewing time.

In other words, you could blindly provide the remote viewer a set of points; tell the remote customer to remotely view people’s coordinates, and once complete, move over to a computer and insight those very same coordinates and see the computer generate a concentrate on that matched what the distant viewer viewed.

Think about this second. What does this mean for us dowsers? Here we have an established sensation with years of research throughout laboratory settings and the normal protocol is assigning objectives after a session. If remote control viewers can remotely see targets that have yet to become picked, then why cannot lottery dowsers dowse the lottery that has yet to happen?

Somehow, the non-physical element of the remote viewer understands the correct target, regardless of some space. The remote audience’s non-physical component is in some way accessing one of many dimensions or maybe parallel universes occurring together with ours. This non-physical component is passing data back to the remote person through the remote viewer’s central nervous system (CNS) in the form of a reflex. This kind of reflex is recorded available as an ideogram.

The universal remote viewing process is not the best and not easy. If it were being, everyone would be doing it. There are several complex obstacles to conquer and still much to learn.

The actual non-physical component that pertains directly to the central nervous system seems to be somewhat primitive in a sense or maybe underdeveloped or in a state involving atrophy. Perhaps we never utilize a special attribute inclined to us in our physiology at the beginning of human history. Then again, typically the functioning could be rather brand-new.

I suspect that psi functioning in humans is pretty new and right on the timetable. As we work to understand their operation, an influx of the latest generations with psi-related talents is taking the world by tornado. Take, for example, the indigo and crystal children. Because time will allow, a more religious human being with greater psi-related ability will begin to walk our planet, perhaps in time to save this.

Computer Analogy

To put 4th another analogy, consider this extrasensory mechanism or 6th sense of ours is an old computer with a slower modem from 1996. Right now try to imagine streaming a show over the Internet with this setup. You can probably imagine how distressing it would be to watch a movie that way.

I kind of like to think of us all humans as that old computer system from 1996 with the gradual modem, and this universal non-physical dimension I speak of, because of the Internet. Unfortunately, our modems are so slow and difficult to utilize, that we have learned to shut these off and live life without them.

The good news is that we have a device; it’s not perfect and it’s definitely not completely understood, but we can easily make it work. Remote viewers have already been making it work for years having practiced and refined all their techniques. Psychics can make it perform rather naturally, and I believe you have made it work on several occasions without even thinking about it.

The advantages of Silence

As if the first circumstance wasn’t frustrating enough by now, let’s throw one more obstruction into the mix. Imagine that you are still trying to stream this movie from the Internet. This time, picture an annoying person who is just not stopping talking and have these stand next to you when you sit and try to grasp exactly what is on the computer screen. You can imagine how difficult it will be trying to watch that DVD, right?

Our thoughts, all of our conscious minds, are similar to that annoying person ranting at us. When we conduct a new dowsing session or each time a remote viewer goes to distant view a target, any meditation should first happen. The idea is to quiet the prospecting process and sidetrack often the conscious mind, thereby allowing for the non-physical component to believe information with limited thoughts. The conscious mind will work whatever it can to intercept and manipulate information gotten from the non-physical component.

Considered Entanglement

To complicate concerns further, one more scenario has to be added to our computer if you happen to. Say instead of streaming your current movie, that is you’re enjoying it as it downloads, you merely download it all at once and after that go to watch it. The film production company finally downloads, you strike the play button and also the movie starts playing. All of a sudden, you realize you downloaded the incorrect movie. Sure, it was within the movie list you were taking a look at before downloading but you did not pick this one. What presents? What happened? You know for the fact that you picked the correct movie before downloading it and this also clearly isn’t it; something’s not right.

There is an identical phenomenon in the remote watching world where the remote audience will be tasked with 1 of 2 unknown targets. One focus is an intended target and the other is a decoy focus. The remote viewer will certainly conduct a session and finish with what he or she thinks may be the correct target. A lot of times, the actual remote viewer will universally remote view the decoy target properly, while neglecting the designed target.

Researchers have speculated that a target has pain. That is, a target has many non-physical component or attractor, which interfaces with the non-physical component of the remote person. If two separate objectives are involved, one being a designed target and one being a decoy target, a competition ensues. For reasons unknown, the decoy will contend with the intended target about attention. The remote audience’s non-physical component will go backward and forwards, early in the session, trying to lock on to one of the focuses. The result is the occasional remote watching of the decoy target.

Something similar happens to the lotto dowser but on a bigger scale. Instead of two objectives, the dowser is dowsing forty-seven targets (SuperLOTTO). Any time dowsing the lottery, it’s most common to dowse quantities in relative proximity on the actual pick. It’s as the non-physical component receives entangled or crosses traces with nearby numbers and the attractors. As a result, entangled info is often received by the dowser, thereby making it difficult to secure specific digits. Till the cross talk can be conquered, and specific targets could be dowsed without interference associated with nearby numbers, we will need to live with this proximity impact.

Closing the Session

Views are like energy. It is harmless to say that thoughts could traverse these non-physical proportions and influence the non-physical component of our being. It’s potentially possible to cross-contaminate or entangle future views with current dowsing period thoughts. This phenomenon can impact the outcome. It is important to keep good and properly close out the dowsing session. This will assist to eliminate the feedback loop created during the start of a program.

In remote viewing, the remote viewer will “close” a session after having distantly viewed a target’s points. The intended target is finally revealed and the far-off viewer can compare and contrast their work with the actual target. Ending the session is a very critical step in completing a far-off viewing session. It produces closure to the event in addition to severs the mental very poor the associated target. It can be equally important to bring closure with a dowsing session after the lotto draw.

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