The Best Vacation Spots For Couples in India


To spend your vacation with your loved one in India, you must go beyond the usual tourist attractions. This country offers many romantic destinations that are not covered by tourist guides. The most beautiful spots for couples are tucked away in the Himalayan states, such as Uttarakhand and Coorg.

Havelock island

For a romantic getaway, you can take your partner to Havelock Island. This island is a popular tourist destination with white sandy beaches and tall palm trees. Although this island has some famous beaches, it also has some offbeat destinations worth exploring. Here are a few of them.

First of all, you will find a great hotel here. It should cater to all your needs. Choose one that fits into your vacation plan and budget. Depending on the type of holiday you are planning, the amenities at the hotel can make the difference between a great vacation and a miserable one. For example, some hotels have pet-friendly facilities, while others have gyms and free breakfasts. Whether you want a relaxing getaway or an exciting adventure, there is sure to be a hotel that will suit your needs.

Havelock Island has many world-class beaches. The most famous one, Radhanagar Beach, has been named the best beach in Asia by Time Magazine. It also has top infrastructure for water sports. So whether you want to explore the underwater world or spend quality time with your partner, Havelock Island has plenty to offer.


If you plan to spend your honeymoon in Chikmagalur, you are at the right place. The place is home to the unique neelakurinji flowers, which only bloom once every twelve years. Tribals use these flowers to determine their age. Chikmagalur is one of the few destinations in India where you can witness this phenomenon. It’s a natural wonder that offers a breathtaking view of the western ghats. Trekkers will love the rocky landscape and lush greenery of this place.

Chikmagalur is a beautiful hill station in Karnataka, with misty peaks, valleys, and coffee plantations. This picturesque region is also home to the highest peak in Karnataka, Mullayanagiri. It’s a wonderful place for hiking or camping, and you’ll be amazed by the view from the top.

A beautiful hill station in India, Chikmagalur, is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. It’s an ideal location for a honeymoon and offers many romantic sights. The area also has ancient temples and adventure trekking trails.


Munnar is known for its heavenly view and adventure activities. The town is just two km from the Tata tea estate, and the scenery is spectacular. The resort offers ayurvedic massages and a lavish stay to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Guests can also take advantage of the spa and outdoor activities in the region.

The hill town of Munnar is a paradise for honeymooners. It is a beautiful and scenic hill station in Kerala, surrounded by lush tea plantations. Couples can spend a romantic honeymoon here and stay in lavish and dreamy accommodations. The town has a wide range of activities and attractions for couples.

Munnar is a popular honeymoon destination in India. The town is filled with romantic places, and Echo Point, a scenic spot 15 km away from the town, is a must-see for couples. The scenic vistas and natural echo phenomenon make this a unique and romantic place to spend time with your partner.


Coorg is a serene destination and is ideal for romantic getaways. Here, you can indulge in nature walks, meditation, bird watching, and Rudraksha tree treks. You can also stay at a Coorg resort that offers luxury rooms and services. The staff is well-versed in catering to the needs of the guests.

There are several hotels and resorts in Coorg that are perfect for couples. The Tamara Coorg is a five-star resort surrounded by lush forests. The accommodations are tastefully styled to resemble Alpine chalets. Some have sun decks, and the most luxurious suites feature an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Abbey Falls is one of the most romantic places in Coorg. The waterfalls are surrounded by emerald greenery. A hanging bridge allows couples to view the waterfall from below.


One of India’s best vacation spots for couples is the charming hill station of Kodaikanal. The picturesque town is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes and is perfect for a honeymoon. In addition, the climate in the town is cool all year round, which is perfect for romantic getaways.

One of the most beautiful attractions in Kodaikanal is Fairy Falls. This waterfall is the epitome of nature’s beauty and is the source of a community reservoir. The water basin is deep enough to swim in yet shallow enough not to be dangerous. Accessible via the Stonebridge, the waterfall is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

During the summer months, the weather in Kodaikanal is pleasant, but a little rain can be expected. The best time to visit is in the early March to early June season. It is recommended to pack rain gear.


Cherrapunjee is a small hill station in the East Khasi Hills. It is surrounded by verdant nature, thundering waterfalls, and beautiful scenery. However, it is undeveloped and lacks the consumer culture in other parts of the country. The village is not home to many luxury hotels, but those available are modern and equipped with modern amenities.

Cherrapunjee is also home to many beautiful tourist attractions. In particular, you should visit the living root bridges. First, you’ll see a bridge made of the roots of an Indian rubber tree. It is over three kilometres long and is suspended at an altitude of two hundred feet above the Umshiang River.

The waterfalls are another reason to visit Cherrapunji. One of the most popular waterfalls in the area is the Kynrem Waterfalls, a three-tiered waterfall. The falls are at their most spectacular during heavy rain.


If you want to make your vacation romantic, head to Lonavala and enjoy the scenic beauty. This town is located on the old Pune-Mumbai highway and is well-connected to other cities by car and train. It offers excellent accommodation for couples and family vacations. The town has a variety of activities and attractions to please any couple.

Lonavala is also home to a lake known as the Shirota Lake. The lake is perfect for picnics and offers cool water. Many campsites are available at the lakeside. The lake is also a popular attraction during the monsoon season. The lake also offers great angling and swimming.

A romantic vacation is made complete by some tasty local fare. Lonavala has several mouth-watering snack options, such as roasted corn on the cob, Maharashtra’s famous vada-pav, and Maharashtrian cuisine. Local stores also sell tasty homemade snacks. The town is a popular vacation spot for families and couples from all walks of life.


You should know a few things before choosing one of the best vacation spots for couples in India. First of all, you should know the weather. The summer months can be hot and humid. The best time to visit Pondicherry is between March and July since the weather is much more comfortable. The monsoon season is unpredictable, and the city experiences light to heavy rainfall. The beaches in Pondicherry are best enjoyed during this time when the city is least crowded.

You can spend a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation in Pondicherry by visiting Auroville, a beautiful temple town in the union territory of Pondicherry. The commune is based on peace, harmony, sustainable living, and divine consciousness principles. Auroville is home to Mirra Alfassa, the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Society. The town also boasts idyllic beaches lined with golden powder sands. The beaches are perfect for long walks, and you can even engage in thrilling water sports. You can even catch the sunrise from the ocean.

Another beach in Pondicherry is Promenade Beach, which is 1.5 km long and bordered by a walkway. It is popular with locals and tourists alike. While you are there, you can also go sightseeing, with guided tours. The town has several hotels and inns along the seaside.