Terrifier 2 Art the Clown Shirt


Horror movie enthusiasts, this shirt is the ideal way to show your enthusiasm for horror cinema. Featuring Art the Clown as its centerpiece, this piece will definitely make an impressionful statement about who you are!

Art first made his debut appearance in All Hallows’ Eve (2013), an anthology horror movie. Since then, he has quickly become one of the most dreadful villains seen in horror flicks.


Terrifier stands out among modern slashers for its powerful impact. Within just ten years, it has challenged Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger to become one of the most beloved horror franchises ever. Terror Threads even produced T-shirts to commemorate this film series; fans will likely want one before November’s release of Terrifier 2.

Art the Clown first made his debut appearance in Leone’s 2008 short film, The 9th Circle, and later All Hallows’ Eve (2013) as played by Mike Giannelli; for its sequel, Terrifier, however, he’s being played by David Howard Thornton – his second feature-length appearance but first one to focus on him specifically.

Tara and Victoria Heyes become victims of Art the Clown, an unsettling serial killer created by writer-director Damien Leone, who also made this iconic character. Jenna Kanell and Samantha Scaffidi co-star in this flick written and directed by Leone.

Leone has long been revered for his uncompromising approach to horror cinema, known for incorporating graphic kills with a thick atmosphere and grand storytelling scope that have mesmerized horror fans. The first installment in Leone’s Terrifier franchise starring Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw doesn’t disappoint either!

One scene from the film depicts a man watching a talk show host interview a disfigured woman who claims she survived an atrocity committed by Art the Clown. Angrily kicking his television set and shattering glassware while filling a garbage bag with bladed objects, his motives remain unclear, although he appears to have some connection to medicine.

Art the Clown is a vicious serial killer who hunts his victims before murdering them in various ways. Demented and obsessed with mutilation, Art is also adept at slow, torturous deaths as part of his systematic killing sprees. Art has an intense dislike for those he holds tormenting him; he is never content until they’ve been eliminated from existence; Art is ever relentless in his mission of destruction and cannot rest until all those he opposes have met their maker.

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve features an evil clown with demonic characteristics who kills without mercy. As played by Mike Giannelli in this horror film, this psychopath known as Mime is known for its mime-like qualities with dark undertones; additionally, he wields supernatural powers that enable him to abduct and torture victims.

Timmy and Tia discover in their Halloween candy from Art the Clown a videotape showing him threatening them with physical harm or death. Terrified, Sarah destroys it before finding their mutilated bodies inside their bedrooms.

Recreate the look of this menacing clown with ease by wearing a black-and-white jumpsuit, bloody mask, fingerless gloves, small top hat, fake weapon such as an axe (for added effect), as well as large black clown shoes with no toe. Add an eyepatch or bandana for added flair. Additionally, get a T-shirt to complete your costume; one featuring All Hallow’s Eve’s menacing clown comes in either black or white versions!

Terrifer 2

Art the Clown is an evil entity in Terrifier 2, possessing supernatural abilities. He murders and maims his victims with an appetite for mutilation while laughing when they scream and die – often female victims – laughing along as he does so. Art wears a white and black clown suit with long, curly hair. Sometimes seen wearing rings bearing cross designs on it.

Art the Clown first made an appearance in two short films released in 2008: The 9th Circle and All Hallows’ Eve by creator Damien Leone, but this feature-length movie centered on him was his first feature-length project featuring practical effects filmed on a low budget.

On Halloween night, two friends named Tara and Dawn left a party drunkenly and were met by a mysterious clown-suited individual, who followed them to a pizzeria where he made advances on Tara before eventually being asked to leave after leaving his waste on the restroom walls. Once at Tara’s apartment building, he returned and cut one of Tara’s tires before abducting her.

Vicky emerges from rehabilitation with serious injuries to discover a message on Art’s answering machine that asks her to contact him immediately – but he hangs her by her neck instead!

Art the Clown returns with his annual spree of horror! This time around, he’s terrorizing a small town in Miles County by stalking two teenagers as they head toward a Halloween dance. Though terrifying at times, Art’s character remains humorous with an endearing sense of childish wit that brings brightness into every scene he appears in.

Terrifier 2 stands apart from its horror-comedy predecessor, All Hallows’ Eve, by having more of an emotionally intense tone, offering something different from other slasher films with its disturbing plotline and graphic scenes. Ideal for fans looking for something out-of-the-ordinary within this genre.


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In the first VHS short film, Damien Leone depicted him with a realistic human head with normal eyes and teeth, yet in later movies, his head became more significant with an exaggerated jawline. However, regardless of these changes, he can be easily recognized due to his white face with black mouth/brows/hat combination; some theories even suggested he might be an evil demon due to supernatural abilities; however, these theories have been denied by Damien Leone and actor who portrays him.