Super-Sprouts and why it’s worth putting them in your diet

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Imagine if the following ad appeared in a newspaper:

A reward of $1 million is given for information that will lead to the creation of plant food that grows in any climate, competes with the nutritional value of beef and agricultural products marketed. It is possible to develop all seasons of the year, matures in 3-5 days, does not need sun or sunlight, contains an equal amount of vitamin C to that contained in oranges and tomatoes, does not produce vegetable waste, its consumption does not require treatment or preparation, is highly digestible, has a lower price than any other food proportionally, is kept several days out of the refrigerator, has a low caloric value, is a complete protein and is tested since it has been ingested as food and medicine for thousands of years.

Indeed, sprouts are worth millions of dollars since their consumption involves saving vast amounts of money, improving health, nutritional diversity, and unbeatable taste. With a jar, a little water, and minimal effort, you can quickly transform seeds, legumes, and cereals into exquisite, vibrant vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, enzymes, and fiber.

Enzymatic activity reaches its peak in the space between the 2nd and 7th day after germination. These young sprouts have the highest nutritional value.

Also, if you are in a survival situation, sprouts can keep you nutritious and help you survive by eating them – without consuming the actual legume (source: The Lost Ways 2 Review).

Sprouts of seeds, legumes, cereals, and nuts are the only truly “live” foods. They are biogenetic – that is, they produce life. The vital energy of living foods is released from plant cells during chewing and digestion and rejuvenates the body.

Seed is the predominant source of life. It’s a repository of concentrated energy and nutrients. Its nutrients remain inside until the conditions that trigger the growth of the plant appear. When the right conditions appear – correct temperature, oxygen, and humidity – the miracle begins. When a seed germinates, an incredible flow of energy is released, and physiological chemical changes occur.

Seed starches are converted into simple sugars, proteins into amino acids, and fats into soluble fatty acids. Vitamins are synthesized. In the case of growing sprouts, all the high-quality nutrients and enzymes of the seed used to preserve the young node until it can be fed from the soil become available to us in a digestible form.

— Dr. J. Bland, professor of nutritional biochemistry at Puget Sound University, demonstrated that 6 cups (600 grams) of lentil germs could offer an adult man the recommended daily dose of protein (50 g). Dr. Bland concluded that sprouts could meet a significant part of man’s daily protein needs, in a safe and economical form, compared to other plant and animal sources of protein.

In addition, it pointed out that the person who takes sprouts regularly receives large amounts of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Indeed, scientists have studied supernutrient sprouts as a critical factor in nutrition, and nodes passed all the tests successfully. Most importantly, their value to human food has been documented.


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