Social Networks Are The Main Target of The Cyber Attack Team—But Why? 

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Social Networks


As tensions between the two countries have risen, cyber-security firms say Iran has increased its aggressive cyber-attacks against the government and critical infrastructure. According to representatives of cyber-security companies’ crowd strike and Fire Eye, which routinely monitor such activity, hackers suspected of working for the Iranian government have sent waves of spear-phishing emails to government agencies and sectors of the economy, including oil and gas. The cause of the “incident” at the nuclear site had been identified, Iran’s top security body said on Friday, but it would be revealed at a later date due to security considerations on حمله سایبری


Social Networks Are The Main Target

It later released a picture of a one-story brick building with a partially charred roof and walls. There was an explosion inside the house, as evidenced by a door hanging off its hinges. Three Iranian officials who spoke to Reuters on the condition of anonymity said the fire was the result of a cyber-attack, but offered no evidence. One of the officials said the attack was on a centrifuge assembly building, referring to the delicate cylindrical machines that enrich uranium, and that Iran’s adversaries had previously carried out similar acts.


To know a bit more about سایبربان, feel free to read the whole text. After being used to target the Natanz facility in 2010, the Stuxnet computer virus was discovered, which is widely believed to have been created by the US and Israel. The incident, according to Lukasz, a Brussels-based independent cybersecurity researcher, and consultant, did not actually reveal anything about what happened on Thursday.


More About Cyber Attack

The rapid growth of Internet interconnections has resulted in an increase in cyber-attack events, many of which have tragic and grievous consequences. Malware is the most common tool used in cyberspace to carry out malicious intentions, either by exploiting existing vulnerabilities or by using specific characteristics of emerging technologies. The hard the فناوری اطلاعات and the hard the security system of a country.


The cybersecurity community has identified the creation of more innovative and reliable malware protection mechanisms as a pressing need. To help with this, we’ll go over some of the most commonly exploited vulnerabilities in current hardware, software, and network layers.



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