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All about SEO Company:

Essentially, an SEO company is one organization that can help you tremendously when it comes to fully optimize your online company, raise your rankings, and implement Search Engine Optimization solutions to ensure that your prospects will find you in their search for your products and services.

The SEO company’s efforts are varied, but their main focus is on optimizing your web page. The following is a rundown of their optimization work. 

SEO parts

Search optimization is broken down into five parts for the company, all-important, and all contribute to the total SEO effort. They are as follows: 1) standard desktop and mobile SEO, Local SEO, Voice SEO (YouTube) and Reputation management.

The standard desktop and mobile SEO is keyword research on top. This is to look for the most relevant searches of people looking for your business.

Product info/target market

The company will then learn all about your products, your services and your target market for each. The focus is on your best customers. They will then reverse engineer how these people look for you. 

There will also be thorough research on your top competitors in your industry to look into their spending on PPC (pay per click) and the keywords they are naturally ranking for. 

SEO Company – If you have many products and services, the focus shall be on certain areas of your offers. These would include profitability, less competition, unique offering, and the highest conversion rates. 

SEO On-page optimization

After the analysis is complete, each page will be fine-tuning and optimized for the targeted keywords. 

SEO Company – After the pages had been initially tuned, the work is focused on improving the page’s click-through rates. There will be experiments to find this out, plus making the page more appealing. The purpose is to keep the customers stay longer on the page. (This valued by Google and considered to be ranking factors.)

SEO off-page optimization (link building)

Parallel to the on-page optimization and keyword research is the building up the authority of your whole site in Google’s perception. Links from other relevant high-authority sites are considered the top ranking factor for Google to decide whether to put your site on page 1 for your target terms.

This does not mean you are manually placing links on websites and pages that allow it. Google does not value these links. The best links are those that are earned by content that is designed to build content that earns links.

The brand’s content works best with data visualization, infographics, resources, industry statistics and case studies and how-to’s.


Your partner company is experienced in looking for (and finding) other creative ways of encouraging other site owners, bloggers, and journalists to link to your site.

HARO is a site for you to be included as an expert reference when a journalist needs this for a future piece. These need to be researched daily because they can come and go fast.

Guest posting is for sites that are looking for experts to post topics needed by their audiences. The company will hunt these and pitch them and win guest posting spots. Your brand and your expert are then featured in front of their audience.

SEO Company – The Mentions means your company and brand are mentioned online. If the mention is positive, the authors are reached out and properly thanked for the coverage. They are also politely asked to link back to your site for audiences to click through and visit.

Broken link building

Sometimes, your competitors err in deleting contents on their site that has already earned some links form other sites. If you have the same content, it shall be an opportunity to reach out to the linking sites, let them know about the missing content, and redirect it to your site. 

In many cases, the site owners are happy to fix this because it provides a better user experience for their readers.

Stolen images and content

SEO Company – When your custom images and content are re-used on the Internet without acknowledging you, your company has tools and processes to detect this. You reach out to the person who did and ask for an acknowledgement; Often, they will oblige.

If your blog is the first to cover breaking industry news, journalists are quick to refer you.

Link building

Your SEO company looks at link building as similar to Pay Per Click (PPC). There are many ways to achieve our goal. 

SEO Company – We look at link building very similar to how we look at Pay Per Click (PPC): There are thousands of possible methods to achieve success. If tactics perform better than others, they can adjust accordingly.

Technical audits

SEO Company – Your company will do the initial audit on the launch, but there will be monthly maintenance checks to ensure that nothing is broken while adding new content to the site.

Page speed is critical to Google and your visitors. Slow loading increases the bounce rate and decreases conversions.

Robots.txt and Sitemap tools ensure that Google’s crawlers visit your priority pages as frequently as possible while ignoring non-critical pages.

If you deleted content on your site and other pages are linked to it, you must update the links. Visitors get turned off with a “404 page” (not found).

Duplicates are sometimes created unknowingly by the content management system across your site. Your company will scan for this and correct it as it happens. Google will reduce the visibility of your site if there are too many of these.

Your company will identify the weak spots in your site, prevent conversions, and look into three aspects of your site to look for common problems. 

SEO Company – The first is HotJar, a heat map tool showing where visitors click and hover on each page and show scroll dept and records visitor sessions. The second one is the Analytic. Google Analytics can show you the pages with unreasonable bounce rates, lack of conversion and exit rates.

The third is the heuristic best practices taken from 50 common problems that the company can audit for you to identify improvement areas.


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