Salomon Bonatti Waterproof Running Jacket Review


This lightweight, breathable running jacket offers excellent wind protection and ample padding.

Pack it into its zippered chest pocket for convenient transport, or incorporate it into a running hydration pack for added support. Its adjustable hood, cuffs, and waistband make this piece wearable and suitable!


Your waterproof running jacket should provide adequate protection from wind and rain while still allowing for airflow, which is especially crucial if running in colder climates.

Waterproof jackets are expensive, but the Bonatti is an exception. Offering comfort next to skin with its next-to-skin feel and great fit. Plus, it has a waterproof membrane free of PTFE for added peace of mind.

This 2.5-layer jacket’s membrane and outer layers are fused directly, eliminating the liner found on heavier jackets to reduce weight and increase flexibility so you can move freely without feeling restricted.

Breathability is crucial when running since sweat helps alleviate soreness, clear skin pores, and regulate body temperature. Breathability also assists runners who experience muscle soreness to work away – an integral component in helping relieve soreness, ease pain and soreness, clear pores off their skin, and maintain body temperature regulation.


The Bonatti jacket is designed to allow hot air and sweat vapor out quickly and efficiently, helping maintain optimal body temperatures on long runs. Its zipper has a snap closure on its front face for additional windproofing when partially unzipped; diagonal vents in its shoulders also offer extra ventilation when your temperature rises.

It’s made from AdvancedSkin Warm fabric which offers warmth without becoming heavy. Featuring two zipped hand pockets with Pro performance reflective detailing and an adjustable hood. Plus, there’s even an easily packable stuff pocket!

This jacket is ideal for running in light rain and wind conditions, providing excellent protection from raindrops while blocking stiff breezes; however, heavy rainfall may require additional protection measures. Furthermore, its comfortable hood fits your head perfectly for running sessions in light conditions.


The Bonatti is a lightweight running jacket by today’s standards, weighing roughly half as much as our lightest tested waterproof model and featuring ample stretch in arms, waistband, and hood for optimal comfort and fit without restriction. Its elastic band around the forehead also helps secure it even against strong winds.

Waterproof fabric technology and jacket design have significantly advanced, producing ultralight waterproof jackets that offer adequate protection while running in the wind or rain, much lighter and more breathable than ever. The Bonatti is no exception, with its sleek appearance and minimalist feature set, which runners will appreciate – its sternum snap prevents unwanted movement, thumb loops keep hands warm, MotionFit technology ensures fabric remains in place during movement, diagonal vents in the back that vent hot air or sweat vapor and slanted vents which release hot air or sweat moisture from body heat storage areas within.


This lightweight jacket offers excellent ventilation and wind protection for runners and packs into its pocket for convenient storage in your bag. It features taped seams for an active/movement fit and elastic lines to adjust hood fit with flexible cables, stow pockets, reflective features, and a waterproof front zip; this piece can keep runners comfortable during their workout.

Breathability is essential to running gear, but waterproof jackets present particular difficulties when breathing freely inside them. While many waterproof jackets keep water out, many also trap warm air inside, causing your breathing to become brutal and oppressive.

The Bonatti is an exceptional exception; its breathable AdvancedSkin fabric kept us dry to the extent other less substantial jackets would have failed. At the same time, however, its design made us happy – its red hue with yellow zipper stands out against our typical running apparel of black or grey shades. We liked its look, too – its vibrant red color stands out against black and grey runners!