Run Around by Blues Traveler


Run-Around is a song that expresses the frustration associated with a failing relationship, with both partners playing games that give no end of distress to both.

John Popper of Blues Traveler wrote this song, which became their breakthrough hit single and propelled them towards stardom.


This song’s theme is that in pursuit of your dreams, there may be numerous ups and downs; therefore, it is essential to keep the faith and never abandon it if you wish to reach your true potential.

John Popper wrote the song to convey a depressed mood, yet when recording it, the band quickly upped the tempo. They sometimes perform an alternative slower version as an opening act before switching to another song.

This song can be found on Blues Traveler album Four, released in 1994.

Verse 1

Blues Traveler’s Run-Around tells of John Popper’s unrequited affection for Felicia, his classmate at school whom he never had the nerve to ask out. Felicia later became a doctor herself but still harbored feelings for John, first performed by Popper solo during a 1993 solo show before going to full band version two years later in 1994.

This song contains nine stanzas, four of which comprise its chorus. Songlines vary greatly depending on their theme and purpose; hooks typically have fewer lines than verses but may go as high as 10. Blues songs don’t always adhere to one set rhyme scheme – each piece should contain lyrics that meet its goals while simultaneously filling up space within an allotted amount of time.

Verse 2

Verse is a term that refers to one or more lines repeated repeatedly in a blues song, with or without rhyme, until its entirety has been completed. Some hymns only feature one verse, while others contain many more depending on its theme and the length of time it needs to fill. When choosing hymns for church services, pastors typically consider both these factors when selecting hymns for use during services.

Blues Traveler’s Run Around features the first verse as an expression of unrequited love, written and first performed live in 1994 by band member John Popper in response to an encounter he had with Felicia (now deceased), who inspired it. While sad and melancholy, its lyrics also express his longing for her.

Run-Around by Blues Traveler is a timeless classic with an infectious chorus, offering beginner guitarists an easy route to playing this song on guitar. Open chords make this an accessible pick. Key of Run-Around: A minor

If you want to play this song on a ukulele, use a tuning app such as Capo Hints or Chordify to quickly locate the correct chords and set your tempo for optimal results. Doing this will provide the most precise results.

Verse 3

Blues Traveler member John Popper wrote the song in their 1994 album Four. Since then, it has become one of their most renowned ballads, being covered by many artists worldwide.

The song contains nine stanzas, four of which comprise its chorus. There is no rhyme scheme or repeating lines within these nine verses. Written in G minor key, beginners can quickly learn its chord progression – making this an ideal way to practice chord changes or learn an acoustic guitar!

Blues Traveler was formed in Princeton, New Jersey, in 1984. Their current lineup consists of singer/harmonica player John Popper, guitarist Chandler Kinchla, drummer Brendan Hill, and bassist Tad Kinchla. Over time, they have released multiple albums and received various awards while becoming well-known for their eclectic musical stylings and energetic live shows.

Verse 4

Blues Traveler was a refreshing surprise in 1994, when the top 40 was overrun with grunge and hip-hop music, offering pure pop music without pretensions of seriousness. “Run-Around,” their first hit single from their album Four, proved this point perfectly – becoming their biggest hit to date, earning them a Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Group or Duo!

This song’s title refers to giving someone “the run-around,” meaning to evade or avoid confronting an issue or situation. The lyrics tell a tale of unrequited love between the vocalist and addressee, where she gives him “the run-around” by not divulging her true feelings for him, thus setting the theme for this entire track.

This song is an upbeat folk-rock harmonica tune that pays homage to harmonica players’ talents and skills. The music video plays on The Wizard of Oz by showing Dorthy trying to enter a club to watch behind-the-curtain band performances, produced and directed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero respectively, with Ken Fox acting as director. They performed it on numerous TV shows; in particular, David Letterman often invited them on his show as guests due to this song!

Verse 5

Run Around was written and released as one of Blues Traveler’s signature songs in 1994 by frontman John Popper, becoming one of their most well-loved tunes with its catchy melody and timeless message connecting with music lovers of all generations – making it a timeless classic!

Run Around is open to interpretation; however, its meaning has long been understood to symbolize the complexity of relationships and feelings of betrayal. Popper may have drawn inspiration for its lyrics from personal experiences dealing with deceit and manipulation that helped him produce such a dynamic track that resonated with many listeners.

Blues Traveler members collaborated in creating Run Around’s musical arrangement. Improvisation allowed each band member to incorporate their musical styles into the final product, creating an energetic and memorable track that has helped broaden the appeal of the rock music genre. Lively performances have proven popular among audiences attending Blues Traveler concerts; Run Around has often been included in their concert setlists.