Roomer Travel Reviews – Pros and Cons of Using Roomer As a Travel Marketplace


Roomer is a website that allows travelers to buy and sell nonrefundable hotel reservations. This company claims that its customers can earn up to $120 in credit when they purchase a nonrefundable hotel reservation through its website. Unfortunately, customers reported poor customer service, a lack of cancellation protection, and a lack of transparency. This article discusses the pros and cons of using Roomer as a travel marketplace.

Roomer is a marketplace for travelers to sell non-refundable hotel reservations

Roomer is a new online travel service that enables travelers to sell non-refundable hotel reservations. Users post their cancellations on Roomer and the service contacts the hotel on their behalf to transfer the reservation. Upon successful completion, the seller is paid through PayPal, wire transfer, or Western Union. The platform takes a 15 percent cut from each transaction. At this time, Roomer is targeting the US market. However, it may expand to other countries soon as more travelers learn about the service.

The platform is safe to use, as it uses a sophisticated automated validation process to verify that all reservation listings are genuine. Additionally, payment is processed in a secured payment vault. Using Roomer, travelers can list their hotel reservations for sale and can decide the price they want to charge. Then, when a buyer requests to buy the reservation, the seller receives half of the payment.

While Roomer is convenient and easy to use, it has some significant drawbacks. Buyers should be aware of its poor reputation for refund processing. Many Roomer sellers have had to wait months to receive payment, despite sending numerous emails. Buyers are not always treated smoothly on Roomer, as the reservation booking process requires several steps. For example, some users have been rejected by Roomer due to a nonexistent payment method. This is frustrating and may prompt users to try a different marketplace.

It offers $120 in Roomer credits

Roomer is an online marketplace that enables travelers to buy or sell non-refundable hotel rooms. The company offers a mobile app and website to help both buyers and sellers find accommodation that matches their needs. Roomer claims that it manages the transfer of reservation details and charges 15 percent as a service fee.

It has become popular among travelers to book non-refundable hotel reservations. These rooms can only be canceled up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date. If the customer cancels the reservation, the company will put the room up for sale to interested buyers. The company also offers a variety of buyer protections. Roomer also takes care of all of the work behind the scenes, such as validating reservations. As a result, travelers are able to easily post their hotel rooms for sale through a secure and private marketplace.

It has poor customer service

When it comes to customer service, Roomer travel falls short in many ways. The company has a reputation for the slow processing of refunds. The process takes months and requires numerous emails. The customer service is also inconsistent, causing a buyer to have a less-than-satisfying experience. Buyers have also complained of lengthy booking processes, days spent waiting for the money to transfer, and rejections based on non-existent payment methods. This can be frustrating and lead people to switch to another website.

Roomer does not provide any sort of live chat service. If there is a question regarding a reservation, the representative usually has to contact you. But this can be frustrating for consumers, who are already anxious and stressed out. Customer service is a vital aspect of a booking, and this is an area where Roomer can improve.