ProsperityFX Review


ProsperityFX is one of the leading online stockbrokers. It offers CFDs, leverage of up to 1:100, and even free account registration. The website has a friendly interface that enables beginners to make their first trades. Its main disadvantage is that it does not provide any physical location for customers.

ProsperityFX is a leading online stockbroker.

ProsperityFX is an online stockbroker that lets users make cryptocurrency transactions. The company has no regulatory license, but it has an internal security model incorporating two-factor authentication to protect investors from third-party interference. Withdrawal requests can be made in USD, GBP, or BTC, and the processing time is usually 1-3 hours. However, the company does not provide a location address or refund policy.

The ProsperityFX website is fairly straightforward but lacks important information for beginners. While the broker claims to offer advanced trading tools, it does not offer training or education materials. The company also doesn’t mention which countries it covers. However, it does mention Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in its FAQ section.

It offers CFDs

While ProsperityFX has a low minimum deposit and high leverage of up to 200:1, this broker is not regulated and does not display any regulatory licenses. However, it does offer a strong internal security model that includes two-factor authentication. This ensures that your details are not exposed to third parties. In addition, withdrawals are processed quickly, and you can request your money within one to three hours, depending on your account type.

While ProsperityFX offers a high number of trading options and assets, they do not have the best reputation for its customer support. As a result, traders will find it hard to know if this is a trustworthy broker. Customers post no customer reviews or testimonials, and ProsperityFX does not have a license issued by any regulating body. While it does offer an affiliate program, you should be aware that it is unlikely to be regulated by the FCA and therefore does not offer any guarantee.

It offers leverage of up to 1:100 on crypto trading.

ProsperityFX is a broker that caters to cryptocurrency traders. The broker places great emphasis on crypto trading and cryptocurrency funding options. It offers leverage of up to 1:100 on crypto, which is quite high compared to other platforms, but it still comes with certain conditions. In addition, the broker offers minimum leverage of only 0.1 pips, making it a great option for traders new to the crypto market.

It has a low average spread and a fixed commission. Traders can also join a Traders Union to reduce costs even further. While ProsperityFX positions itself as an ECN/STP broker, it also offers traditional trading services. The broker does not engage in active marketing but aims to attract professional traders. The broker offers zero USD for a deposit and boasts more than fifty thousand active traders.

It has a free account registration.

ProsperityFX is a forex broker that allows customers worldwide to open an account for free. However, this broker does have a few limitations. First, this broker is not regulated, so its legitimacy is in question. They accept deposits in bitcoins, credit cards, and wire transfers. Secondly, they do not operate in countries where the forex industry is prohibited.

The minimum deposit amount at ProsperityFX is $10. Furthermore, the company offers micro lots trading. In case of issues, the company offers customer support and assistance. Its licensing agreement was published in May 2019 and hasn’t changed since then. In addition, ProsperityFX offers several types of accounts. You can choose from five different account types and leverage up to one-to-five times. However, the maximum leverage will depend on the type of asset and the state of the market. If you are new to trading, this broker may reduce the maximum leverage during periods of increased volatility.

It is unregulated

If you’re considering trading with ProsperityFX, you’ll want to know its high fees. Unfortunately, many unregulated firms do not disclose their fees and commissions, so you can never be sure you’re not being scammed. Some brokers even talk the wrong way. Some will try to woo you but don’t answer emails after you sign up. Others may try to discourage you from withdrawing your money.

As a result, you’ll want to avoid dealing with this unregulated broker. In addition, although ProsperityFX allows you to communicate with their customer support through their website, their response time is uncertain. And while their website promises a friendly and straightforward interface, they don’t give you a physical location address, which makes it difficult to check if they’re actually in business.