Polythene Products


Polyethylene, commonly abbreviated to PE, is one of the world’s most-utilized polymers, often seen in shopping bags, plastic crates, and food packaging products. Have the Best information about polythene products.

Producing polyethylene begins by chemically modifying ethene (a gas) with catalysts into long chains of ethylene molecules, thus opening up its double bond and linking with carbon atoms on other chains of ethylene molecules.

Heavy duty sheeting

Heavy-duty polythene sheeting is ideal for protecting surfaces during construction projects, helping keep dust, moisture, and gases at bay, which may be prevalent at building sites.

Carpet protection also safeguards furniture during house removals and can help make redecorating projects much more straightforward. This material can also cover floors vulnerable to spills or dirt accumulation in decorating projects.

As a temporary roof covering or window repair solution, plastic sheeting can also be used in various home and garden applications – from lining ponds or hanging baskets to quick window repair solutions.

Heavy-duty sheeting products from us come in both clear and colored plastic varieties to meet all kinds of applications.

Light duty sheeting

Polythene products come in various thicknesses, measured in gauge (traditional imperial units) or microns (European metric). Naturally, the thicker and heavier the film, the greater its protection.

Light-duty polythene sheeting from 60 gauge to 200 gauge is often used as a one-off protective measure during storing or transporting goods and as packaging solutions around clothing items.

Heavy-duty sheeting measures about 250 microns thick. They are often used as a temporary damp-proof membrane or covering during the construction of buildings, as a protective wrap for large items during transport or shipping, or used in gardening as a cloche or ground warming. However, it offers several applications beyond just temporary damp-proof membrane use.

While various kinds of plastic sheeting are available, one with UV inhibitors or blockers to protect against fading and wear is particularly valuable when leaving outdoor gear or equipment out for extended periods.

Colored sheeting

Colored polythene sheeting is a highly versatile polythene product that offers many applications. From damp-proofing membranes to temporary roof coverage, colored sheeting offers multiple uses in any environment.

Building materials require protection at every stage of their lifespan; this is especially crucial during construction, where materials will be exposed to rain and dirt for extended periods. Roofing sheets offer ideal protection from these elements.

Polythene sheeting of 250 microns thickness provides heavy-duty protection, creating an effective damp-proof membrane. This lightweight sheet can also serve as temporary roof covers or window repairs while shielding countertops and floors from weather elements when painting and decorating.

Polythene sheeting offers waterproof protection and an exceptional thermal insulator, helping reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent during summer months and 40 percent in winter. This makes it a fantastic option for offices, hotels, warehouses, and any building where heat management is an issue.

Compostable sheeting

Compostable polythene products offer an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastics and can help recycle waste more effectively. In addition, their biodegradability means that over time they decompose in the presence of air or sunlight, offering another effective means of waste recycling.

You must select an ideal sheeting to maximize its efficiency as a compostable material. One that can be recycled multiple times will reduce your environmental footprint while helping protect our planet for future generations.

It is wise to opt for sheets designed explicitly for composting to achieve optimal results. These will break down more efficiently than ordinary ones and come in many materials, including paper. They’re an excellent choice for anyone wanting a greener garden and businesses enjoying a competitive advantage regarding eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

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