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Play Sonic games online in high definition right in your browser! Sonic is the iconic blue anthropomorphic hedgehog who fights for justice alongside his friends and foes – including Dr. Eggman! Select the best Free Online Games.

Sonic games typically involve collecting rings and defeating an evil robot doctor while sometimes also including characters like Tails (a fox with two tails that can glide).

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic was chosen as Sega’s flagship mascot after seeing Alex Kidd from their Master System defeat Mario in a battle for video game supremacy. Still, it quickly became trendy and helped return Sega from obscurity during the 16-bit console wars. He even inspired many games.

Sonic, the blue hedgehog from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, features short wings that can be deployed for flight and two long quills that protrude from his head, dropping down when not in “hedgehog mode.” In addition, he sports jet-black eyes with peach skin on his arms, muzzle, and torso and is wearing a white shirt and red sneakers.

Though seemingly arrogant at times, Silver is endowed with strong senses of justice, compassion, and adventure. Additionally, he’s a highly clever and wise fighter; often deducing things that others overlook or offering advice that drastically changes people such as Elise the Freedom Fighter.


Tails first debuted in 1992 with Sega’s 8-bit and 16-bit versions of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Like Sonic himself, Tails features orange fur. His two seats can also help propel him upward like a helicopter. In addition to appearing in Sonic series games such as 8-Bit Sonic 2, Tails has also appeared in spin-off titles, including Tails & Amp, the Music Maker for Pico, and Tails’ Skypatrol for Game Gear.

Tails are an operating system and anonymizing Live DVD or USB that helps protect users’ privacy against malicious attacks. Preconfigured with various applications, Tails prevents websites from collecting user data without explicit user authorization while circumventing censorship and leaving no traces on its host machine when shut down.


Knuckles is an anthropomorphic echidna who is the guardian of Angel Island’s Master Emerald gemstone, an ancient power. He possesses super strength and special gloves equipped with spikes that enable him to dig and climb walls. Knuckles is part of Chaotix with Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Mighty Armadillo Mighty Bee Charmy Bee Heavy Bomb, and others.

Knuckle is an uncompromising individual with strong convictions who leads by example and excels as an extraordinary fighter. However, his arrogance sometimes causes problems; he may overestimate himself sometimes, and overconfidence may get in his way.

Idris Elba will star as the series’ star, with Adam Pally returning as Sheriff Wade Whipple (Tom Wachowski’s goofy partner in local law enforcement). Set for launch on Paramount+, Sega could ride Nintendo’s record-breaking success with its Super Mario movie series; initial indications look promising indeed!


Like other green gems and crystals, Emerald is said to bring healing energies into the heart chakra and is often associated with springtime and new beginnings. Additionally, Emerald encourages self-realization while opening one up to those who make an impression.

At each level of this game, Sonic and Tails collect rings scattered throughout to gain extra lives, points, and Chaos Emeralds hidden within Special Stages that work similarly to 16-bit Sonic games. When all seven Emeralds have been collected, they unlock Super Sonic mode, which disables Wisp’s powerups.

After collecting six Emeralds, Sonic and Tails returned to South Island, where they discovered that Dr. Eggman had stolen the last Emerald. Dr. Eggman then warped it into another dimension where Rouge collected them and granted its holders unlimited energy, teleportation abilities, and temporary invincibility.

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