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The Biggest Solution That Nearly Doubles Your personal eBay Sales


You’re currently going to learn a solution you can use to create an item brief description that will blast your gross sales out of the universe, well just about.


A secret that needed me years of thought to great. A secret that as soon as you ‘get’ it, will take your current eBay selling skills significantly beyond every other eBayer.


Even when you’re already a pro. Even when you’re a million miles far from being a pro. EVEN if you aren’t write a listing for toffee.


It won’t take you very long, just a few minutes. But when you have finished reading this article, a mild in your brain will abruptly come on.

It’s not difficult. It’s not going to baffle you. It’s anything obvious. But something I use not seen any eBayers do, in fact, most are doing it the exact opposite.

Before we all learn the secret, we must have the dictionary out and look way up…


The dictionary identifies the word ‘Presumption’ as ‘To take for granted’ as well as ‘To take liberties’. due to exercise, we are going to use the initial definition


To take something as a right means that we always are expecting the same certain behaviour originating from a certain person.


There are two different types of presumption. Rational assumption and irrational presumption. The nonrational presumption is when you cure someone poorly and still be expecting them to behave as they commonly do towards you. (This is just about the biggest killers of relationships).


The rational presumption is after you don’t treat someone inadequately and expect them to work as they normally do closer.


We have to make that big difference before we can continue.

Having rational presumption, you are not staying manipulative in any way. You are not also encouraging the person to respond normally. You are NOT giving them the particular excuse to NOT behave typically.


Here’s a great example to suit your needs.

I am not sure this is a general thing, but consider this. in case you are driving down the street and, let’s imagine, you are in a bit of a hurry. Can you say that you drive any tad closer to cars ahead? Or would you say an individual drives further away when in a rush?


I’ll answer that to suit your needs. You drive closer.

Today, a question for you. What happens once you drive closer to the car ahead? Answer? They become awkward. They will slow down. They suddenly get to be the most careful driver on earth. They adhere to speed restrictions. They become 10 million periods more courteous. They take a look at pelican crossings if they find someone 20 feet at a distance walking towards it.


Commonly, that same driver runs at 10mph over the control (Until they see an acceleration camera) they don’t let everyone out. I mean, they just about run people over for the pelican crossings usually. Except for some strange reason, they could be recycled acting normally today.

All you need to do to ‘make’ that drivers drive normally is to easiness up and not drive crowded right? Just hang backside a bit, act as you typically would, and they will act how they normally would.


Driving session over. Park up and also let’s continue with the content.

Two key phrases to take coming from all that is “Take regarding granted” and “Act when you normally would”. Those 2 things are critical to ‘getting’ this secret. Let me describe each phrase a little bit more.


Once you write an eBay listing, the first thing to do is to take it with no consideration that whoever reads it’s going to buy your product.


This means certainly not writing things like “If that suits you the look of this etc .. micron or “If that looks good then go here to help order right now. ” This would mean writing “I’m sure that suits you the look of this… ” as well as “This sounds great I recognize, so go here and get when you get time.. micron



You should be presumptuous. It is best to take it for granted.


It should be a RATIONAL presumption. So you ought to act as you normally will, which leads me to my very own biggest copywriting secret.


Remember the ‘car’ for those who I told you about? When you drive too close to people, they might become awkward and not become what they normally would?


Nevertheless on the other hand, if you drive much away they might start going slower. They might start ‘checking the scenery’. They might stop at pedestrian crossings to wait for someone who hasn’t quite decided they need to cross the road yet, since there’s no one behind them.

Everyone is weird. But life can be boring if people were not necessarily weird right?

Anyhow, essentially, to ‘get’ people to work as they normally would, you need to be indifferent to the outcome. You ought not to care either way. And if actually write an eBay listing with this ‘attitude’, the reader will take action normally.


If he/she wishes the product (they have visited your listing so they need to do) and you have written your chance as if you’re indifferent to the outcome. they will act typical and buy it.


Push excessive as most eBayers do and so they get awkward.

So, your wages have just gone up.

Can you claim “Lar Udes A Manny! ”


This secret underpins everything you’ll learn from us so if you’re uncertain about it, please contact me and I will clarify.

You will be wondering how you can be unphased by the outcome AND assume they’ll buy it?


Let’s take get back in our car once again for a minute.

If you generate a ‘nice’ distance through the car in front, not crowded that they get awkward and never too far away so they cannot see you, then they get the sensation that you don’t care what they do and you may then expect them to take action normally, to drive normally.


In case you write your eBay real estate with indifference to the end result, the reader gets the feeling you do not care what they do but you can after that expect them to act usually, to go through the buying procedure normally, they want it, however, push too hard and they will obtain awkwardly.


So the secret is usually to write your eBay provides with indifference and also as you presume the reader is going to get. That’s the biggest eBay income secret. And the starting point intended for everything else.

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