Nokia App Store


The Nokia app store is part of the broader Ovi service. It is a rival to Google Play but not as comprehensive. Fortunately, some carriers have expressed concern that they will lose control of their customer base with a partnership with Nokia. Still, it’s unlikely to stop many operators from implementing it.

Ovi Store is Nokia’s answer to Apple’s App Store.

Nokia’s Ovi Store is a mobile app marketplace that was launched globally today. It is similar to Apple’s App Store but has some key differences. It has a “Relevancy Engine” that pushes relevant content to the surface. The Apple App Store is infamous for its clutter, and Nokia’s version focuses on displaying only content that works with its phones.

The Ovi Store would include a music store, a gaming service, apps, and Mashable Widgets. It would also feature Nokia Maps. This would make it similar to the App Store and iTunes combined with Google Maps. The store would also be the gateway to Nokia’s new music delivery service.

It’s built into the broader Ovi service.

Although the Nokia app store is a standalone service, it is also a vital component of the Ovi service. Unlike many competitors, the Ovi Store is available across 20 different handsets. Although the market for mobile apps is still tiny, Nokia has a clear advantage in volume. It controls 35 percent of the global mobile phone market and has a strong presence in low-cost feature phones. As the demand for apps increases in emerging markets like India and China, the company has the chance to continue building the Ovi Store.

The Ovi store has a global reach, allowing more than 50 million customers worldwide to download apps, games, videos, tools, and location-based services. However, Nokia’s launch of the Ovi store has not been without problems. Some customers have reported issues accessing the app store, while others have trouble finding applications and downloading programs.

It’s a rival to Google Play.

Nokia is about to shake up the mobile app store world with its new online store. The company plans to launch its store later this month. While other companies like Apple, Google, and Research In Motion already offer similar services, Nokia’s store is expected to be the largest. It could significantly alter the mobile applications market.

Nokia has been developing mobile apps for years, but until recently, its apps weren’t optimized for smartphones. The company has now teamed up with Microsoft to build more robust apps that run on Nokia’s Windows Mobile-powered phones.

It’s not comprehensive.

Despite the success of Apple’s App Store, Nokia’s Ovi Store is not nearly as comprehensive. It offers less than half of the number of apps as Apple. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find apps you’re interested in. Over 50 million people worldwide have Nokia phones and can use the store. The app store is available in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and German. It even supports operator billing in certain countries.

However, users must install the 3.5MB Ovi client on their phones to get the most out of the Ovi store. This process is unbearably slow and can take up to 20 seconds to complete. Once the client has been installed, customers have to log in and authorize the download of an app. Once this is complete, users can select the app they want.

It has glitches

The Nokia app store is new and has some glitches that users should be aware of. Nokia hoped that the store would mimic the success of Apple Inc’s App Store, but it’s been plagued by technical issues and negative reviews. To avoid this, developers should ensure their applications are compatible with the Nokia platform.

One such glitch is the inability to find specific applications. Some users have reported crashing and slowing down, while others have reported applications not loading at all. Nokia has apologized for the inconvenience.