New York City’s Best Taco Food Trucks


New York City is known as a foodie capital, and food trucks offer some of the city’s finest meals on wheels. From classic carne asada to imaginative vegetarian fare, these cuisines provide plenty of flavor and variety.

But their origins remain somewhat enigmatic. JSTOR Daily examines this month the ethnic, class, and cultural threads connecting taco trucks to public spaces across America.

1. El Idolo

El Idolo in Brooklyn is an increasingly popular destination for quality Mexican cuisine. Customers laud its delicious fillings and reasonable prices; specialties of El Idolo include homemade tamales and tacos as well as burritos and quesadillas made with top-quality ingredients.

This restaurant is open weekdays from 10 AM to 9 PM, while closed on Sundays. Guests can enjoy lunch and dinner here with an overall customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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2. Mexico Lindo

Vincent Quintana regularly brought Mexican lunch to General Motors and noticed his co-workers were very drawn to it. So he and Isabel opened Mexico Lindo in what had once been Rael’s drive-in restaurant.

Since 1970, this restaurant has transformed but retains a comfortable familiarity in a roomy brick space decorated with murals of Frida Kahlo and other Mexican culture icons. There is plenty of variety on their menu, but starting right can be challenging; we suggest the “Regular” burrito as it packs in your protein of choice along with Spanish rice, refried pinto beans, fresh onions & cilantro, as melted cheese topped with salsa roja!

Make sure to try the shrimp enchiladas or the grilled steak tacos; for soup lovers, there is always the black bean soup, while dessert lovers will delight at cajeta cake made from soft goat cheese or leche flan with its irresistibly caramelized custard filling!

Claudia Bonilla has guided this family-owned restaurant since it first opened, creating authentic dishes inspired by her upbringing outside Mexico City. While remaining true to her parents’ vision, Claudia continues introducing new complex entrees while staying true to tradition.

3. Ricos Tacos

Ricos Tacos stands out from its grungy appearance as one of the finest Mexican restaurants in NYC, serving soft tacos, chicken, and steak dishes. El pastor is marinated for several days with dried chiles before being cooked on vertical rotisseries (similar to shawarma) and wrapped around with pineapple slices for ultimate flavor! Gorditas pair perfectly with their delicious salsa verde made of garlic chilis and green tomatoes, while their staff is friendly enough to offer complimentary horchata as drinks!

Ricos was formed from the coming together of two East Bay taco truck families – Ricardo and Marisol Montero are former private investigators but find more fulfillment in serving up carne asada than tracking criminals.

Ricos offers various services such as outdoor seating, curbside pickup, delivery, and takeout; their menu offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner items; catering services are also provided for events. Their food is fresh and next-generation, with references to trendy spots throughout Mexico City and youthful beach towns like Sayulita and Tulum, instead of disposable plates being used to serve the food on circular metal pizza trays lined with light brown parchment paper – reducing waste while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

4. Mexico Lindo Sopes

Sopes (also known as pellizcadas or species) are an authentic Mexican delicacy and serve as an ideal vehicle to incorporate all sorts of delicious fillings, from crispy outside edges and soft interiors, such as ground beef or chicken, lettuce, bright tomatoes, and creamy avocados into the classic Mexican recipe! Refried beans, ground beef, or shredded chicken are some of the many popular filling options – other popular fillings include queso fresco cheese.

Contrary to its counterpart, scopes are designed for finger food consumption – unlike tacos, which must be eaten using a fork and knife. Sopes can be enjoyed like mini pizza or open-faced sandwiches filled with scrambled eggs and salsa as a breakfast dish or beans and avocado as a satisfying afternoon snack.

Mexico Lindo stands out from other Mexican food trucks by providing freshly made-to-order slopes and an upscale Mexican menu. Their stunning semi-open kitchen is filled with nixtamal tanks and complex used in creating traditional corn-centric dishes such as velvety escamol slopes, ejido tacos, and shrimp agua chile – offering something deliciously different than typical fast-food chains!

Sopes can be enjoyed best when ordered directly from a restaurant and filled with all your desired toppings, with refried beans acting as the glue that holds all ingredients together. Any extra scopes can also be reused as crunchy “corn croutons” in salads or ground up into Mexican soups for another delicious treat!