New Drinks on the LiHO Menu


In this article, we will look at the new drinks on the LiHO menu. These include the Golden Avocado Milk and the Classic Milk Tea with Golden Pearl. The new beverages will be available at all LiHO TEA outlets on 6 May 2021. Don’t wait any longer if you’d like to try one of these new drinks. Contact your nearest LiHO outlet to check out their new offerings. There are many new menu options to choose from!


Local bubble tea company LiHO has updated its menu. New drinks include CheezHO and Milk Fruit drinks. The CheezHO drink was renamed to reflect the name of CheezHO, an ice cream treat. It will now be available in six different varieties. The menu is updated every six months to keep consumers updated. Check out the video food blog to learn more about its new menu. You can also follow them on Instagram to see their latest dishes and new drinks.

The CheezHO Blueberry Jing Syuan Slush is made from real blueberries and has a slushie consistency. It contains a concentrated blueberry flavor and more fiber than the average slushie. The fruity ice drink can lower your risk of heart disease and can protect the retina from UV damage. Liho is available at many locations across Singapore. There are also some outlets in Hong Kong and Beijing.

The Da Hong Pao Wonderland is part of the LiHO Cheese Ice Cream series and is priced at S$6.50 for Medium and S$7.50 for Large. It is layered with four exciting toppings, starting with chewy LiHO TEA pearls. It is then topped with fluffy whipped cream. It has the texture and taste of soft ice cream and is perfect for hot or cold summer days.

Golden Avocado Milk

The LiHo Golden Avocado Milk is a milkier version of the Avocado Smoothie and features hints of Gula Melaka. It is ideal for milk-lovers who want a healthy treat without cheese. The drink is also available in the Pink Panda variant, which is available via This is a new drink that is available only in Singapore. It costs SGD$5.95.

In addition to the new drink, LiHO is introducing two new drinks. The first is an Avocado Smoothie, a creamy and tasty drink made with fresh milk and gula Melaka. It has a thick texture and goes well with the cheese foam topping. You can enjoy a large cup for $6.90, while the smaller size costs $3.90. This drink is great for people who love the flavor of avocado.

Kaya Toast Milk Green Tea

If you’re craving oolong tea, head to LiHO Singapore. They’ve just introduced a new menu, and you’ll find the new flavors on the menu: Pandan Avocado, Fresh Milk/At Milk Tea, and Kaya Toast. It’s no secret that LiHO is no stranger to the idea of Oat Milk Bubble Tea, but adding new flavors is a great way to spice up the tea experience.

The menu at LiHO Singapore is updated with new drinks, including the Pandan Avocado, Kaya Toast Milk Green Tea, and Singa-Pandan Shake. You’ll find two pieces of toast and a scoop of ice cream in the Kaya Toast Milk Green Tea. You can even order the new Singa-Pandan Shake, a pandan milkshake with salted caramel and crunchy biscuit crumbs.

Classic Milk Tea with Golden Pearl

The classic milk tea with golden pearls is a favorite drink of many people, but the drink is also available as a powder. The powder is used to make milk tea and is available in two variations: regular and caramel. Golden pearls are made by soaking tapioca pearls in caramel and then adding cold, fresh milk. The result is a creamy, delicious milk tea that will keep you going back for more.

The new promotion is available for all Malhotra members and offers a limited-time offer of $1.90 per cup for a limited time. The promotion is free, and everyone can join, but members are only allowed to drink one cup daily, and vouchers are automatically added to their accounts. You must order your tea within three days, but the good news is that you can start drinking today.

Members can enjoy their first cup of the new classic milk tea for only $1.90, but the limited-time offer lasts only one day. Members can sign up for Malhotra to avail themselves of the daily special. The classic milk tea with golden pearl is available at 60 LiHO outlets. To join, simply sign up and choose one of the three teas you want to try. They are available in black, green, and white varieties.

A popular bubble milk tea, tapioca pearls are a traditional topping that was first added more than 30 years ago. It is now getting popular in other countries. Its delicious taste is spreading to the world. The bubble milk tea with starch balls is becoming a favorite for many. The tapioca pearls are made of tapioca starch from the cassava root.

Chestnut Jing Syuan Latte

The Chestnut Jing Syuan Liqueur is not missed when you visit the new Liho in Singapore. Made with premium oolong tea leaves and oat milk, this drink is naturally sweet and low in fat and sugar. The drink is topped with a soft, chewy golden pearl. The menu also offers a variation of the traditional taro milk tea. The D24 mochi and chestnut paste add a nutty flavor to this drink.

The Chestnut Jing Syuan Liqueur is an exclusive promotion available to the Liho Club. Members of the LiHo Rewards Program will receive a voucher for a free drink. Once you sign up, you can access exclusive member benefits like complimentary drinks. If fully vaccinated, you will be given a second drink at 50% off the price.

The Chestnut Jing Syuan Liqueur is also a good addition to the Liho Tea menu. LiHO has lowered prices and introduced new beverages to its menu. The popular Classic Milk Tea with Golden Pearl is back at $1.90 and is available to members of the Mylo TEA program in Singapore only. The drink is only available between 11 am and 10 pm and can be redeemed once daily. All the LiHO Tea outlets in Singapore are now open, and the new drinks have been rolled out.

Another new addition to the LiHO tea menu is the Peach Gum Rose. This tea combines the tangy jujube with a sweet, creamy goji berry flavor. The tea is made with white fungus and goji berries and contains Jing Sycuan. Another addition to the menu is the Build Your section. You can customize your drink by adding any toppings of your choice.