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Ktlo Trading Post is a European online marketplace that enables users to sell second-hand items and vehicles. There is also a classifieds section where users can place advertisements. Ktlo is free and easy to navigate, making it an ideal solution for people searching for second-hand goods to buy or sell.

About Us

Since 1993, we have proudly served Mountain Home with quality radio, advertising, and web design products and services. As a family-owned and operated business to give back to the community through radio programming and advertising campaigns aimed at local businesses and events while helping educate citizens of our area, KTLO has earned a stellar reputation for news coverage while leading regional advertising initiatives with Big T’s Trading Post pick of the day airing weekly on Bargain Line! No real estate, cars, ammunition guns, alcohol, or electronic cigarettes are allowed here – only members visible here can join.

About Mountain Home

Mountain Home, Arizona, lies at the base of two mountains on a high desert plateau, its early history closely tied to military activities at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

Ben Holladay established the initial post office in Mountain Home eight miles east, at Rattlesnake Station on the Overland Stage Line eight miles out from present-day Mountain Home in 1864 as one of his stops on his Overland Trail that connected Salt Lake City and Walla Walla in Washington state.

Mining, lumbering, and livestock farming were key industries in Mountain Home during its formative years in the early 1900s. Orrin Dodd (“Father of Mountain Home”) settled there and built his opulent mansion known as Dodd Hill, which overlooked the valley below; it was considered the largest and most luxurious house in town.

World War II increased the population of Mountain Home and other towns throughout Elmore County. Many of the old buildings that comprise downtown Mountain Home today date from this era – such as Lane’s Appliance (Montgomery and Blunk Building; built around 1920); Top Hat Restaurant (possibly a boarding house, built 1905); Elmore County Court House; built 1916; Towne Square Building (Bengoechea Block building; built 1910).

Mountain Home Air Force Base was first established by the USAF in 1951, serving as an intercontinental ballistic missile site (Titan Is) and being assigned as part of Strategic Air Command with the 5th Strategic Reconnaissance Group stationed there.

After World War II had ended, the base briefly transitioned to training the new B-29 Superfortress bomber aircraft through the 301st Bombardment Group; however, training quickly declined after the war had concluded, and training activities ceased altogether and were inactivated in October 1945.

On Monday morning of this week’s school election, KTLO hosted a forum on Mountain Home Public School’s millage increase proposal. Baxter County Circuit Clerk Canda Reese joined Classic Hits and The Boot News hosts to discuss this critical matter.

About Fawn Creek Township

Fawn Creek Township is situated in central Montgomery County at an equal distance from both ends of the United States (if you place your finger at the center of Google Earth’s map, Fawn Creek Township can be seen there). With most residents owning their homes and its rich history serving its community spanning decades, this township remains at the core of Montgomery County today.

The mission of the Township is to provide quality services that enhance the lives of all its citizens and visitors via its Supervisors, Board of Trustees, and various employees. We strive for excellence and will always remain dedicated to achieving it.

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About KTLO

KTLO proudly serves the Twin Lakes area with news, sports, weather updates, and locally focused programs and events. We take great pride in doing this vibrant community!

KTLO offers a weekly classified section called The Bargain Line, where items for sale can be submitted for inclusion by calling our studios during business hours and leaving a message with one of our representatives.

At Mountain Home Business News, we aim to create a forum where local businesses and individuals can showcase their goods, services, or events to a broad audience. Please join us in spreading the word! We want your help achieving that goal in Mountain Home and beyond.

Maintaining operations requires time and resources wisely allocated to stay running and functioning as intended. However, keeping the lights on (KTLO) can consume too much of both if left unmanaged properly. When this occurs, time and resources devoted to keeping lights on (KTLO) can displace valuable activities that could help put your company ahead of its competition. While optimal resource amounts for KTLO vary among businesses, prioritizing value-furthering activities over KTLO may prove challenging when its impact encroaches upon both schedule and budget – this is where we come in – we’re here to help keep KTLO work under control!