Know Fashion Style Review


When buying clothes online, you want to be sure you’re shopping from a reputable vendor. Therefore, reading customer reviews online is vitally essential for a successful shopping experience.

Knowfashionstyle has earned rave reviews for its competitive prices and convenient sizing options, yet some consumers have reported unfavorable quality and incorrect sizing issues.

Customer service

Knowfashionstyle offers an expansive selection of clothing for women, such as dresses, tops, jumpsuits, coats, bottoms, and two-piece sets for plus-size customers. Additionally, Knowfashionstyle also offers face masks and hair wigs as accessories – customers can purchase products online or over the phone; Knowfashionstyle accepts both credit cards and PayPal and has mobile apps to make shopping even more convenient!

The website is easy to navigate and has fair prices; however, some concerns exist about product quality. US-Reviews offers mixed reviews that don’t inspire confidence in this company – some users complained of slow shipping times while others noted they received their items much later than expected.

Another issue may be that the company does not offer a return policy, which can be problematic for shoppers searching for specific styles or fabrics. Before making your purchase, it’s wise to read their return policy; should something not meet your expectations, you could always sell it on Poshmark or donate it.

Customer service representatives may take hours or days to answer, causing frustration for some reviewers who require assistance; on the other hand, other reviewers have noted that customer service representatives were helpful and responsive.

Knowfashionstyle is an online manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing company specializing in fashion products such as dresses, tops, jumpsuits, skirts, coats, shoes, jewelry, hats, bags, and other accessories for women of all sizes – plus size clothing and lingerie are also offered here!

The company offers over 6,500 products and serves markets throughout North America, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, and South America. As a high-tech professional manufacturer that integrates R&D, production, and trade, they produce chemise, babydoll corsets, teddies, liquid metal underwear, and leather lingerie gown dresses annually, with an output exceeding 1.8 Million pieces! Their facility can be found in Bao’an District Shenzhen, China, at Mengbasha Garment Factory.

Products Offered

Knowfashionstyle is a fashion company offering women a diverse selection of clothes. Their inventory includes dresses, tops, jumpsuits, swimwear blazers, bottoms, and an abundance of accessories. However, mixed reviews exist online about this site, making it hard to ascertain whether or not it is legitimate.

Knowfashionstyle stands out with its affordable pricing and regular sales, fast shipping and delivery processes, user-friendly website, and return policy as just some of its many positive aspects. Unfortunately, its negative reviews frequently highlight its inability to provide accurate sizing or poor customer service – all factors to remember.

This company’s products are available primarily in the US. Their website sells an assortment of clothing, including plus-size and petite clothing; accessories include jewelry, shoes, and hair extensions; they even provide sizes from XS to 5XL!

One shopper at Knowfashionstyle was delighted with both the quality and price of clothing she purchased but found their return policy dissatisfying and felt she might have done better selling on Poshmark instead of trying to exchange them.

Another customer shopped at Knowfashionstyle and was disappointed with the quality of her items. She found them too cheaply constructed and their size incorrect; she would like the company to provide a sizing guide to see the fit for herself.

Though the company has done its best to improve its reputation, some issues still need addressing. Some customers report never receiving tracking numbers or order confirmations; several have reported receiving orders much later than expected.

Knowfashionstyle is an online fashion shop specializing in manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing fashion clothing for women. Based out of Shenzhen in China and offering payment through PayPal, Western Union, and MoneyGram, amongst others, and accepting various credit card payments, Knowfashionstyle provides free international shipping with every order made through them.

Shipping time

Knowfashionstyle is an online manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing company specializing in women’s fashion clothing. Their product selection features tops, dresses, jumpsuits, coats, bottoms, swimwear, size two pieces, and accessories like face masks and hair wigs. Since 2005 they have served customers from the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, etc.

However, some users have raised doubts over this site’s legitimacy. Some customers have reported poor customer service, slow shipping times, and incorrect sizing for orders they never received – prompting some people to question whether Knowfashionstyle is worth their time and money. You can verify its legitimacy in various ways, including checking its company website address and reading independent customer reviews from previous customers.

One woman who purchased from this company reported on US-Reviews that she was pleased with her order and its arrival in perfect condition, yet dissatisfied with its return policy; specifically, she wasn’t able to return an item that wasn’t the correct size, leading her to suggest other shoppers sell or donate unwanted clothes instead of trying to replace them.

Knowfashionstyle does not offer refunds unless the customer contacts customer service directly and requests one, which could prove troublesome if you’re dissatisfied with either quality or fit of their clothes. To avoid these problems, shopping with a reliable retailer that allows refunds or exchanges, such as Free People or Maurices, would be prudent.

Return policy

Knowfashionstyle stands apart from other online fashion retailers by not offering free returns and exchanges; therefore, customers must cover any shipping costs to return or exchange a product. Furthermore, their website doesn’t display their full name, and thus, it cannot be easy to verify if it is legitimate.

One woman who purchased a sweater from Knowfashionstyle reported that its quality wasn’t satisfactory and refused her any form of refund. Ultimately, she vowed never to shop from this website again and encouraged other shoppers to do so.

Though KnowFashionStyle has earned many rave reviews, it is wise to conduct some due diligence before buying from this site. First, use Google Maps to locate its business address – as this address has also been used by several other areas like Lovelypetty, BoohoDress, FipilockNet, and Shelikestyle – an indication of legitimacy – any fake company would not provide such details and would serve as a red flag.

Knowfashionstyle’s customer service department is responsive and helpful when answering inquiries about its products or website, while their prices are highly competitive and easy to navigate. Additionally, Knowfashionstyle provides regular sales discounts, making purchasing clothing items even easier!

Customers who purchase from Knowfashionstyle report that its shipping times are acceptable for US residents. Local deliveries take 4-10 days, while international shipments take 7-25 business days, depending on which country it’s shipped to – some may incur additional taxes and border fees that impact delivery costs.

Knowfashionstyle offers an impressive variety of fashion items and lingerie. Their website boasts various styles and colors with materials designed for comfort against your skin and a size chart to find your ideal match. However, be aware that certain companies don’t adhere to standard sizing practices; to find your perfect match, you should compare sizes before purchasing anything clothing-related.