How to Remove Bing From Chrome


Bing is a search engine that Microsoft owns. However, many users don’t want to use it because of the various ways it gets into their life.

One of the most common ways is through malware, which changes Chrome’s default search engine and homepage. It’s also possible to install extensions that redirect your searches to Bing.

1. Delete the extension

Bing is one of the most popular search engines, but sometimes you may not want it to be your default. It could be for various reasons, such as an extension you installed on your computer or a browser hijacker that interferes with Chrome’s settings.

However, you can delete it from Chrome if you don’t want to use Bing as your default search engine anymore. There are several ways to do this, which can be done without hassle.

First, open the web browser and head to the settings page. In the left panel, click on Search.

Change the option to Google or any other search engine in the “Search engine used in the address bar” section.

Alternatively, you can go to the ’On startup’ section in the settings and delete Bing there. After that, close the Settings page, and you can permanently remove Bing from Chrome.

2. Reset the settings

Many people have been experiencing annoying Bing redirects when they use Google. This is because browser hijackers change your computer’s settings to direct your search queries to a specific search engine, like Bing.

If you cannot remove the virus that has set Bing as your default search engine, try resetting your browser’s settings. This will reset your default search engine and help prevent any new malware from getting redirected.

You should also run a full system scan to ensure you have no other issues on your PC. Once you’ve removed any malware, you can fix the Bing redirects.

To reset the search engine in Chrome, go to Settings and click Search engine in the navigation pane on the left. Ensure that any search engine other than Bing is selected in the dropdown menu.

3. Disable the extension

If you are trying to remove bing from chrome, the first step is to ensure it is not set as your default search engine. This can be done through your browser’s settings.

The second step is to delete or remove any bing-related browser extensions you may have installed on your computer. These extensions often use adware and browser hijackers to redirect you to suspicious websites.

You can also run a malware scan on your computer to identify any programs responsible for the Bing redirect. Once a malware scan is complete, you can repeat the steps in this method to remove bing from chrome.

Bing has a lot of diversified ways to force itself into users’ lives, which can be very annoying if you don’t like how it is affecting your life. But you can easily disable and remove it from your system without any problems.

4. Remove the extension

Bing is a popular search engine that can often be installed as an extension to your web browser, such as Google Chrome. However, you may want to remove it if it is causing unwanted redirects or other issues.

A malicious application or program may have changed your browser’s settings to redirect you to Bing without your permission. This is caused by adware or a browser hijacker, which can be found and removed with the help of a malware scanner.

A free antivirus can scan your computer for PUPs, other potentially unwanted programs, and more severe malware infections like rootkits, ransomware, and trojans.

Launch Windows Security and click Virus & threat protection in the right pane to check if you have any malicious programs on your system. The widget will run a full scan of your PC to determine which potential threats are on it.