How to Reach Jibhi From Delhi


Jibhi Waterfall is an idyllic destination tucked into a lush forest. Featuring charming wooden bridges across its waters, this peaceful location might even let you witness an early morning rainbow!

Jibhi is best visited from March to May when its temperatures are pleasant but can become more relaxed at night.


Jibhi, in Himachal Pradesh, offers breathtaking mountain views, cascading waterfalls, and unique villages that provide the ideal respite from urban living. The perfect time for visitors to visit Jibhi is between June and September during monsoon season when rain brings fresh green mountains with crisp, chilly air; ideal conditions for sipping tea by a cascading waterfall or embarking on day treks!

From Delhi, Jibhi can be reached easily via bus. Take a Manali-bound bus and disembark at Aut, about one hour before Bhuntar. At that point, arrange for taxi pickup through your accommodation (Rs1,000 one-way fee applies) or catch another bus to Banjar (one hour away) where you’ll then find taxi service to take you directly into Jibhi.

Jibhi offers many homestays, treehouses, and dormitories for travelers looking for an authentic experience. These typically cost less than hotels while providing more personal service; some offer trekking, rafting, and yoga classes! There are also luxurious tents like Hidden Burrow, Abdhut Treehouse, and Mudhouse Experiential Hostel, which cater specifically to this market segment.

Jibhi offers visitors looking for something a bit more adventurous a unique opportunity during the Fagli season in February. This festival typically lasts three to four days during the second or third week and features mask-men dancing and performing various godly rituals.

Jibhi can be reached from Delhi by bus, but before setting out on any expedition, be sure to research weather and terrain conditions in advance. If hiking, ensure you bring along sufficient food, equipment, and clothing – sleeping bags are especially essential as temperatures can dip considerably overnight; local guides also rent gear out for hikers’ safety and comfort on trails, while short trekkers might consider renting walking sticks as well.


Taxis provide the ideal means of transport between Delhi and Jibhi, offering one-way and round-trip packages at affordable rates that include accommodation, food, and chauffeur-driven car service. Tourists will appreciate these packages, which provide them with ample opportunity to spend some time exploring Jibhi’s picturesque landscapes while on vacation. Cost depends upon the number of travelers as well as the type of vehicle chosen.

Bhuntar Airport in Kullu is the closest to Jibhi, and it takes approximately 2 hours by road to reach it. November to March are ideal months to visit this charming hill station as the climate allows visitors to explore this breathtaking location freely.

By road is another option to travel between Delhi and Jibhi; it takes roughly 11 hours. While this might seem long, the route offers scenic vistas along with plenty of places for stops along the way.

Weather in Florida is generally pleasant all year, making hotel selection easier, with online reservation sites making the process quick and straightforward for booking hotels that will welcome you as you arrive for an enjoyable vacation experience.

Jibhi is an idyllic retreat for nature enthusiasts and boasts stunning mountain views in every direction. Home to the Great Himalayan National Park – an attractive tourist destination featuring over 375 species of flora and fauna such as 31 mammals, 181 birds, three reptiles, nine amphibians, and 17 mollusks – Jibhi offers unparalleled natural beauty for nature enthusiasts to experience first hand. The park also stands out for its abundance of biodiversity as it engulfs some spectacular mountains for spectacular mountainous views amidst stunning mountain backdrops – known for both.

If you are planning a visit to Jibhi, make sure you visit this stunning destination and experience its unspoiled charm. Encompassed by lush forests and boasting some of India’s most spectacular lakes, Jibhi offers visitors a peaceful spot where they can relax or participate in adventurous activities such as birding.

Public Transport

Bus travel to Jibhi can be an economical and practical option, with multiple buses running between Delhi and Jibhi, including overnight buses, and taking roughly 18 hours for the journey (costing anywhere between Rs 700 to 1100 depending on which bus option is chosen). There are also plenty of alternative forms of transport like taxis and trains available.

Jibhi offers many hotels for visitors, but most visitors opt for treehouse or experiential hostel stays instead. These accommodation options often provide spectacular mountain views while being tucked into trees, such as The Hidden Burrow, Abdhut Treehouse, and Mudhouse Experiential Hostel, to name just three examples surrounded by nature and offering truly memorable stays – making these exceptional spots great places for family getaways and providing unique experiences!

Jibhi’s ideal time of visitation is between March and May when temperatures range from cool evening temperatures to warm daytime temperatures – a perfect climate for anyone wanting a relaxing escape from urban life and seeking to recharge.

To reach Jibhi by train, head for Chandigarh, which is the nearest railway station. Alternatively, catch a train from Delhi or Manali and see another one directly to Jibhi.

Travel by car to Jibhi is in good condition, making your drive from Delhi within several hours. Or rent one from Chandigarh and travel directly through to Jibhi by road – approximately 250 kilometers is the distance between them.

Jibhi can also be reached via flight from Delhi; Bhuntar Airport in Kullu is approximately an hour and a half away, making this the quickest and simplest method. Flying during daylight hours ensures safety as well as saving valuable time!


Jibhi offers short trails, meandering river streams, and cascading waterfalls that will leave you refreshed and relaxed. Plus, there are charming villages and temples to discover along the way! Furthermore, its locals are amiable; they will treat you like their guests while offering delicious and fresh cuisine!

At this site, the main attraction is its picturesque beauty, set against lush green forests and offering great views of nearby hills and mountains. Furthermore, this spot has become a beloved local landmark due to its picturesque scenery as well as excellent sightseeing spots nearby, such as this national park, where one can spot various types of birds and animals that provide respite from urban living. It’s a perfect getaway spot.

Jibhi can be reached from Delhi by road and flight, as well as various bus services that run between these locations. MakeMyTrip packages come with guaranteed benefits and top-rated hotels, making them the ideal way to reach Jibhi from either direction – perfect for budget or luxury travelers alike!

Another fast and comfortable route from Delhi to Jibhi is taking a flight to either Ludhiana or Manali and then hiring a taxi directly. This route should reach Jibhi within six hours – however, you must leave the airport at least an hour in advance to catch your flight.

Tirthan and Banjar Valleys are best visited during September and October when temperatures are pleasant and not too many tourists are around, giving visitors time for apple picking in orchards. January and February can also provide opportunities to visit Jibhi; you might even get lucky enough to catch sight of snow here!

Jibhi is home to numerous temples, with Chehni Kothi Temple serving as an integral religious center in its community. Situated amidst nature, this peaceful retreat provides an idyllic space in which to spend quiet time or take photographs. It also makes an excellent photographic subject.