How to Order Food in Train


Are you traveling by train and looking forward to enjoying its delectable cuisine? Ordering food online makes ordering simple; have it sent directly to your seat! Have the Best information about irctc train food service.

E-catering on Indian Railways has made travel more comfortable for many passengers, but it requires an established infrastructure to support this service.


Whether you are traveling by pantry train or not, it is vitally essential that hygienic food is ordered for your journey. Often prepared under unsanitary conditions, pantry food can lead to vomiting and diarrhea during a train journey.

Today it’s easy to locate top restaurants offering healthy train food services for travelers and their families. These FSSAI-approved establishments adhere to specific standards to produce healthy cuisine from clean kitchens.

RailRecipe (an IRCTC partner) makes ordering food on trains online easy: enter your PNR number, and it will retrieve passenger details and restaurants available near each boarding station. Then, please select where you would like your meal delivered before selecting items from its menu!

Phone Call

On a train journey, hunger may strike, and you might desire fresh, hygienic food. If this occurs to you, but carrying extra bags becomes cumbersome, food on Track is here to help – order it online via this convenient app and enjoy delicious dining on Track.

The food on Track App gives you fresh and delectable meals delivered right to any station of your choice! Prebook and make payments online – perfect!

Order food via phone call using your 10-digit PNR number and seat number.

Once you have submitted these details, a restaurant partner with FSSAI approval will contact you and verify your order before our delivery representative delivers it straight to your seat!


Your mobile phone with SMS capability allows you to place orders for food on board the train via SMS messaging. Text “MEAL” to 139 and include your PNR number as the text body.

Once you receive an OTP, you can choose your meal and pay using any available method – including having it delivered right onto your train!

Order food two hours or less before arrival at a station and cancel as many as three times before delivery time; your item will then be refunded within three days from cancellation.

Railways have partnered with renowned restaurants to offer passengers various catering options onboard trains. Soon, this service will be introduced as a pilot program on certain trains.


RailRestro, an IRCTC e-catering partner, offers delicious meal options from over 2000 FSSAI-approved restaurants in over 450 stations throughout India.

Order easily using its user-friendly platform that makes ordering three simple steps: 1. Choose restaurant and meals 2. Enter the PNR number/train name 3. Receive an email with order details

Thus, you can now enjoy delectable and healthy train food whenever it suits your schedule, regardless of where it may be delivered in India. There is an array of food items to select from, an efficient delivery fleet, and an intuitive tool that lets you easily track order statuses.

The app is free and works offline. Download from Google Play Store or iOS store to order food from reputable restaurants for delivery directly to your train seat.

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