How to Get a Free Final Fantasy 16 Download Code


Final Fantasy 16 is both an iconic hero tale and a playable dissection, carefully exploring how an intense focus on saving the world can shift into egotism and callousness over time.

Even with its long cutscenes, FF16’s gameplay is exceptional. Led by an experienced Devil May Cry veteran, combat feels intelligent and rewarding.

How to get the game for free?

Square Enix has delivered on its promise and made a Final Fantasy 16 demo available for free that allows players to experience its prologue for approximately two hours of gameplay, enabling you to save and carry over progress from this portion to the main game itself. In addition, this demo also contains a second Special Battle Demo showcasing its real-time combat system.

Now available on PlayStation Store for download and playback is the Final Fantasy XI demo, suitable for both PS4 and PS5. To access it, search “Final Fantasy XI,” select Standard Edition or Digital Collector’s Edition versions, and follow on-screen instructions to download your demo copy.

For fans of the Final Fantasy series, this is an absolute must. This latest entry in the saga takes the action to an entirely new level by offering an innovative real-time combat system. As the story unfolds, you will explore Valisthea and witness destruction caused by monster-like creatures known as Dominants. You will eventually choose between six factions who vie for power during an exciting, action-packed video game experience!

On a PAX West 2023 livestream, Final Fantasy 16 producer Naoki Yoshida shocked attendees by unveiling exciting news for his title. Yoshida announced that the free trial is being upgraded so players can experience all three FF16 content — A Realm Reborn, Heavensward, and Stormblood — for 90 days at no extra charge, supporting 4K on Xbox Series X consoles.

Fans eager to experience the latest entry in the Final Fantasy series are in for a treat; the free trial lasts 90 days, so redeem your code before its expiration date, and only one code can be used per account. Remember that activating your code requires a valid email address, so make sure yours is correct when starting it!

How to redeem your pre-order bonus

If you pre-ordered Final Fantasy 16 and want to redeem its in-game rewards, saving them should be straightforward and make your journey through Valisthea much smoother. These gifts make life simpler!

Notably, you can only claim the Pre-Order Bonus after playing the Prologue for roughly two hours of gameplay. After doing so, navigate into System Settings and look under the Redeemable Items tab to locate all the rewards earned during that timeframe.

You can claim various bonuses in Final Fantasy 16 depending on which edition of the game you purchased, including additional items in-game from Digital Deluxe Edition purchases and physical copies providing physical rewards. This guide explains all available in-game rewards that can be claimed and how they should be claimed.

One key thing to remember when claiming the Pre-Order Bonus is that it must first be unlocked by completing the Prologue of your chosen game. Once done, an on-screen message should inform you that it’s time to claim them; navigate back into the options menu and guide towards System Settings before scrolling down until you find the Redeemable Items tab and selecting it to claim them!

To claim in-game bonuses on PlayStation 4, install it onto your console and launch PlayStation Store – Game Library on the left-hand sidebar to view your list of games – until a trophy icon appears, select it to initiate the pre-order bonuses claim process.

Digital pre-order bonuses in Final Fantasy 16 won’t transform how you play, but they will speed up leveling and help earn Gil quicker. Plus, some digital items offer additional abilities useful during combat battles in FF16.

How to get the game for free on PS4

Final Fantasy 16 takes a darker turn with its standalone entry and tells a complex tale of revenge and unavoidable tragedy, featuring iconic summons housed within deadly creatures called Eikons and a familiar cast of characters from previous games such as chocobos and moogles as well as a captivating antagonist. An action-packed RPG experience awaits players looking for justice!

Square Enix developed Final Fantasy 16 as an immersive next-gen experience with robust gameplay mechanics and beautiful graphics. While its massive 100 GB file size could have presented last-generation console owners with challenges in terms of optimization, according to PlayStation Game Size, it currently only stands at about 97GB – similar in size to Modern Warfare 2, for example.

Pre-orderers of the game must redeem the codes received from retailers – either via email or written directly on paper within their physical box – to begin downloading it and transfer their savegame data onto the full version of the game.

Players looking to experience the full game must ensure they have enough storage space and subscribe to PlayStation Plus to access exclusive games and benefits – for which the PlayStation Store currently provides them with a complimentary digital copy of FF16!

Before June 20, 2023, passes, take advantage of this offer before it ends! Even if you don’t belong to PlayStation Plus, discounted versions can still be bought from authorized platforms during limited-time promotions and offers; downloading from unapproved sources may incur penalties and illegal charges.

How to get the game for free on Xbox One

Not unlike previous Final Fantasy titles, which had made their way across consoles seamlessly, Final Fantasy 16’s standalone installment is timed-exclusive on PlayStation, and therefore, any fans looking to access it through Xbox must make extra efforts to do so; there are, options out there for them that may help.

Square Enix recently unveiled that they will release a free demo version of Final Fantasy 16 that includes two hours of the prologue and protagonist, Clive. Furthermore, this demo allows players to experience part of the story before saving data can be moved over into the full version of the game.

Beginning May 22nd, a demo version of Battleborn will be available for digital release via PlayStation 5. Players need enough storage space on their PS5 to download the demo and store it in their Library after its successful download.

Fans can experience the demo and redeem their pre-order bonuses, including Braveheart and Cait Sith charms and Scholar’s Spectacles, before June 22nd, when the game is released.

At both the 2023 Summer Game Fest and 2023 Xbox Game Showcase, Final Fantasy producer Naoki Yoshida stunned attendees by announcing that Final Fantasy 16 will receive a free demo before launch. Yoshida explained during this event that this free demo will include two hours from its main story’s Prologue that introduces the protagonist’s youth and mentorship relationship.

Yoshida stated that the demo will showcase the game’s real-time combat system, featuring a range of skills and abilities available for characters to select, as well as Eikon summoning capabilities that provide invaluable battle assistance. Yoshida confirmed this will be released via the PlayStation Store with links from official FF16 websites.