How to Download YouTube Videos Free


Downloading videos from YouTube can be extremely useful in many situations, such as when your internet connection is slow, and you need HD videos without buffering issues.

This software features an in-built converter to convert YouTube videos to other video formats for free use on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

How to download a video from YouTube

YouTube provides a built-in feature to download videos, making this an excellent option if you want to save videos offline so you can watch them at any time. Go to the video you wish to save and click its three-dot icon, selecting “Download Video” and “Save video as MP4”; your MP4 file will then be available for viewing or sharing at any time and can even be uploaded directly onto social networks for easier sharing and viewing purposes. It should be noted, however, that many YouTube videos are copyrighted, so you should avoid downloading them without first seeking permission or risk facing legal ramifications from content creators/companies or their owners/companies/owners before doing so, as this could result in legal issues from content creators/companies/creators/company legal proceedings against yourself/self without permission or risk legal implications by content creators/companies or companies/creators/company being sent.

A web browser is the easiest and cheapest way to download videos from YouTube. Any computer can do it, and it’s free. Ensure that any additional extensions required by add-ons, such as those supporting different file formats and resolutions, are installed correctly for optimal functionality.

An alternative option is using a third-party tool, like Y2Mate, which offers various video formats and quality levels – including 4K – along with supporting subtitles. There are numerous such tools online, and they’re straightforward to use.

Screen recording apps offer another effective method for downloading YouTube videos. Available for both PCs and Macs, these applications let you capture your screen to record anything that comes onto the screen. Their use is straightforward with any web browser; however, they may not work well when downloading videos with ads or restrictions.

Use YouTube’s official mobile app on your smartphone to download videos directly. In addition to a standard player, there’s a tab dedicated to your favorite channels and a search tool allowing for easier finding of videos you like and playlists and entire channels for downloads. To further maximize this service, consider investing in YouTube Premium, which has additional features, including downloading videos for offline viewing.

Using a web browser

YouTube is an online video-sharing website that enables users to upload and watch videos across various devices. YouTube download tools may require third-party programs for downloads; although these should generally be safe to install on computers, one should take care when choosing an option as these may contain malware that could compromise device security.

There are multiple methods to download YouTube videos, but the most accessible and straightforward option is using a web browser. Many programs feature search boxes where you can paste in the URL for the video you wish to download; others allow you to select its resolution – higher resolution will produce larger files with better quality results.

A free online YouTube downloader is an effective alternative if your browser doesn’t offer built-in downloading functions. These programs allow users to save videos directly from YouTube onto their computers or mobile phones and most major operating systems for viewing later offline. Some services are entirely free,, while others may only work with some browsers and contain advertisements; make sure you compare options before making your decision!

Ddownr is one of the most widely used YouTube downloaders, supporting various formats and resolutions, including 4K. Subtitles are supported, along with whole playlist downloads; 3D/360-degree videos may even be possible depending on their form or solution; it supports subtitles, too! You can even access complete playlists. Furthermore, high-quality audio files can also be downloaded, but unfortunately, this app does not permit copyrighted content downloads.

Y2Mate, which can be used on any browser, provides similar functionality. This software enables the download of videos with customizable qualities and locations in full quality and entirely for free – it also works well with most major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and Safari and supports subtitles, which come in handy especially when streaming foreign-language videos.

Using a text editor

YouTube provides users with a convenient feature to download videos directly from its platform, making them accessible offline or on different devices. However, downloading copyrighted material without authorization violates YouTube’s terms of service and can lead to account cancellation.

First, find the video you wish to download and then use the three-dot menu beneath it to click “Download.” Choose where you would like your file saved once downloaded; when completed, you can view it with your default video player without needing Wi-Fi connectivity. This method is incredibly convenient when traveling without Wi-Fi connectivity.

Alternative downloaders exist; however, this approach may require more technical expertise and effort. There are safe and reputable YouTube downloader apps such as VLC, ClipGrab, and YouTube available – the latter offers fast download speeds but is best for more advanced users as it requires you to learn Python programming.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to download videos is Converto, a free online service that converts YouTube links to MP4 files. Paste your URL in and choose format, quality, and destination folder from drop-down lists; Converto also supports 3D and 360-degree videos!

Filmora, a PC Mag Editor’s Choice winner video editing tool, provides another way. This user-friendly program makes video creation and editing a breeze and comes equipped with an extensive collection of audio and video effects for YouTube video creation and downloaded video editing.

Under certain jurisdictions’ fair-use laws, it may be legal to incorporate short clips of copyrighted media into your productions, provided they comply with fair-use regulations. This typically includes news reporting, criticism, or commentary. YouTube does have algorithms that look for people reusing its videos and can shut down your channel if this occurs, though this likely won’t affect regular viewers. To prevent an account strike, follow these simple tips on responsibly using other people’s videos.

Using a third-party app

YouTube is one of the world’s most-used video streaming services, boasting over two billion monthly active users. YouTube features various content – such as vlogs, music videos, and educational videos – making it popular with viewers looking for entertainment, learning new skills, or simply relaxing.

YouTube allows its users to download videos for offline viewing, but it can sometimes be tricky. Thankfully, some third-party apps and websites can simplify the process; many are free, while others may require purchases or subscriptions to unlock all functionality fully.

Simply navigate the YouTube app and find the video you wish to download, tap its three-dot menu under it, and choose Download to obtain an MP4 file that can be played using any compatible app or browser. Adding captions or descriptions makes your videos even easier to find later on!

Alternatively, the YouTube app on your smartphone or tablet can also be used to download videos if you subscribe to YouTube Premium; otherwise, a third-party app like TubeMate or Y25s will need to be used instead.

These apps can be found in the Google Play Store, though installing them requires you to enable sideloading applications first. Once installed, both applications allow you to download YouTube videos as MP4 files – however, this method only works well on mobile devices with fast Internet connectivity.

An advanced option is to utilize a third-party program such as YouTube, which is available for Windows and Mac computers. This application makes downloading videos from YouTube easier with WebM, MP4, and MP3 formats. Furthermore, it supports numerous operating systems and multiple resolutions – even up to 4K!

No matter which software you select, it would be best to recognize that downloading copyrighted videos without authorization is illegal and could lead to a DMCA notice from YouTube. Therefore, it is imperative that when downloading videos from YouTube, it follows this guide’s guidelines for safe use.