How Covid-19 effect on Digital Marketing channels & How to get Digital Marketing Services:-


The out-spread of all coronavirus disorders (COVID-19) has influenced everyone on Earth. This is really for the first time in the annals of humanity when over 70 percent of countries — that comprise improved, developing, and underdeveloped nations — are still under lockdown. It’s already caused tremendous unrest inside the worldwide market.

People have lost their jobs and so, therefore, are left with limited or no sources of income, organizations notably small and medium cap organizations are shutting. Many are putting a lot of their procedures on hold. Lots of government authorities, too, are shut down as a preventative step for coronavirus dispersing. Everyone is living in challenging and uncertain times. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced families to try to maintain work-family balance with few supports. But everyone tries to be positive,

motivated in these challenging times & plans to manage the survival phase, the restart, and now the fast-track recovery.

If we are talking about digital marketing, Despite reduced marketing budgets due to the spread of COVID-19, digital marketing channels will still dominate. But Digital Marketing is still booming. As more businesses are going online these days, the digital marketing

industry has grown massively. They need to continue to build their brands and generate the required leads and sales. Digital marketing adds two extremely essential elements to traditional marketing. If anyone wants to start their digital marketing, then few things you have to consider.

Moving back to the ongoing corona situation, you will need to develop a different, short-run strategy to implement during the lockdown. You can start by:

  • Understand the audience
  • Assess whether your product is in demand
  • Evaluate the amount of website traffic and its source
  • Notice how the user behavior on your website

If you have not ventured into digital marketing yet, here is a summary of the digital channels available as categorized by Google.

    1. Organic Search: When someone enters any work/keyword on google search or any search engine and consequently gets directed to online

content, then it is called online search. The website owner does not have to pay a fee to the search engine company for this traffic.

    1. Direct: Direct is when a user directly searches your website name rather than any phrase or word. This happens when people already know about your brands.
    2. Social: Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. When users use their social media channels and connect with your company through your post.
    3. Email: Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. Someone for instance sees a link embedded in the email, clicks on it, and it takes them to your website. That is considered email traffic.
    4. Referral: This is referred traffic from one website to another. It occurs when backlinks and citations are present on other websites, and it redirects users back to your site.
    1. Paid Search: It Includes facebook marketing, pay-per-click, banner ad, youtube ad, they require you to pay for each ad, every visit, every conversion. It is the fastest and easiest, yet costly, way to direct traffic to your website and products.
    2. Other channels include affiliate programs and third-party retailers like Amazon, eBay & much more.

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