Hi-Rez Studios and Its Games


Hi-Rez Studios is an independent video game development company. Its games are primarily focused on strategy and action. The company was founded in 2005 by Erez Goren and Todd Harris. They have since gained recognition for their diverse range of games. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Canada. The studio has published several successful titles, such as Diablo III and Uncharted. There is also a recent IP rumor involving ‘Stranger Things.

‘The Arena’

Hi-Rez Studios recently announced the creation of a new indie development studio in Brighton, the UK, called Red Beard Games. The new studio will develop Hi-Rez’s free-to-play online multiplayer game Rogue Company. This new game will feature a brawling deathmatch mode where both sides start with 500 tickets each. In addition, each player deducts five tickets when they kill an enemy player or minion. They also deduct 15 tickets if they assist a friendly minion in reaching the enemy portal.

Another Hi-Rez Studios game to release soon is SMITE Tactics. In this strategy game, players must choose which gods to lead and minions to deploy. Each unit has unique abilities, and players can collect cards to customize their armies. In the multiplayer mode, players can compete in 1v1 ranked competitive modes against AI and enjoy various adventure modes with other players. Hi-Rez Studios also is a member of the Georgia Game Developers Association. They are committed to the video game industry’s growth in Georgia and strive to make Georgia a playground for game developers.

Hi-Rez Studios was established in 2005 by Todd Harris and Erez Goren. Today, Hi-Rez employs more than 450 people across its four studios in Brighton, Seattle, and Alpharetta. The studio has been awarded for the company’s leadership, diversity, and culture. The Arena is a Hi-Rez studios game.

‘Rogue Company Elite’

The Rogue Company is a top-secret mercenary syndicate, and your role in solving missions is crucial to your survival. The game features various PVP modes and will also let you team up with your friends to play as a team. Hi-Rez has promised more details in the coming months. In the meantime, you can get involved in the Alpha test phase of the game.

The new multiplayer shooter will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC platforms. Rogue Company is a highly anticipated game, and Hi-Rez has poured great energy into the development process. The game will feature a variety of mercenary classes, guns, and abilities and features cross-platform play and progression. As with Paladins and Smite, it will support cross-platform play.

The company has also teamed up with Verizon, the largest wireless network in the US. As a result, Verizon will be the official telecom partner for the Rogue Company. As part of this collaboration, Verizon will reward players who use its mobile data plans to play Rogue Company Elite. If you join the Verizon Up program, you’ll also get exclusive access to the game’s Beta. In addition to that, Rogue Company Elite will also be available on Android and iOS devices.

The Rogue Company game offers many different weapons and character types. The classes are organized into playlists so that players can play as their favorite characters and play their favorite maps. Currently, 15 known maps are available for the Rogue Company, but you will be able to download additional ones later on. Some of these maps are two-v-two-exclusive, and other maps are training grounds. You will also be able to play against AI players in multiplayer and local matches.

‘Stranger Things

As the Netflix original series is about to come to the PlayStation 4, Hi-Rez Studios and Titan Forge Games are teaming up to bring a SMITE battle arena game to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This new crossover game will feature the Upside Down Arena Map. SMITE is available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. To celebrate the partnership, Hi-Rez has announced a preview of the game that will be played at Summer Game Fest.

In addition to SMITE, ‘Stranger Things will also be available in the popular online multiplayer game SMITE. The game’s developers have teamed up with Netflix to develop Stranger Things-themed characters for the game. While there are no details, the crossover event will likely take place during Summer Game Fest 2021. So those who were eagerly awaiting this news should check their mailboxes for updates.

As for Stranger Things itself, the video game will be releasing a new map for the upcoming Stranger Things season. In addition to new map areas, it will also add a Draugr objective to grant a defensive buff to towers and phoenixes. This addition should help turn battles around. Stranger Things is the latest collaboration between Hi-Rez studios and Netflix. The video game has previously teamed up with Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

‘Stranger Things’ IP rumor

A ‘Stranger Things’ IP speculator has surfaced for SMITE and Magic the Gathering, two popular card games. Both games have recently teased a Stranger Things crossover, and Hi-Rez announced that a secret Lair drop featuring artwork from the popular show was on the way. The company said more information on the Stranger Things IP is coming at Summer Game Fest.

The ‘Stranger Things’ IP speculator was first reported by Cult of Lunar X-Movement blog, and it has since become a widely-rumored game IP. Interestingly, Hi-Rez has previously collaborated with an advertising platform, and that partnership could mean in-game commercials. Another ‘Stranger Things’ IP rumor is for a new MOBA from Hi-Rez, which is developing it.

‘Red Beard Games’

While Hi-Rez has been a leading name in esports with titles like Paladins and Smite, the developer has expanded into more traditional video game development. Hi-Rez spun off its esports production company Skillshot Media and created three distinct studio brands. One of them, Red Beard, will focus on developing online IP. It will start with a small team but may grow depending on the project’s needs. In addition to creating its first game, Red Beard will explore a range of creative approaches, including cross-play.

Currently, Red Beard Games is an independent studio, and there are no official listings for the studio on Hi-Rez’s website. However, you can contact the company to learn more about job openings at Red Beard Games. Interested applicants can send their CVs to the company directly. If you’re interested in working for Red Beard Games, you’ll need to be able to work independently while also being backed by a larger company.

The new studio will combine the excitement and innovation of a small indie studio with the resources of a large developer. While details are scarce, the studio will focus on community collaboration and innovation to create the best possible game experience for fans. Hi-Rez Studios executives will attend Develop: Brighton to talk with potential applicants. You can meet with them at their student open house and conference Expo. In addition, you can find out more about their plans for this new studio.