Hansgrohe All in One Shower Valve


Why don’t start with the first thing you will still notice, other than the valves Hulk green valve scenario (we’ll get to that in a very second) the four whole 3/4″ ports? Two (2) inlet ports on the left in addition to the right, one (1) wall socket port for the shower and the other (1) for the tub spout. This is significant because nearly all valve companies offer their particular valves in both 1/2″ and also 3/4″ versions depending on the steaming size of the home or the level of water needed for the bathtub. Select the Best Chinese valve.

What if the water piping will be 1/2″? Do I have to acquire extra fittings to accommodate the particular valve? Nope, the 3/4″ x 1/2″ bushings are usually included in the box.

You’ll realize that at every port there is a dark-colored rubber seal. This control device itself is protected in opposition to leaking at all its relationship points the entire control device is sealed by an environmentally friendly enclosure. If there is a drip within the valve or the relationship points the valve may leak into the box and also exit through a weep ditch on the front of the reduce kit.

The next point interesting is the valve’s integral halts. Having integral stops over a tub/shower valve allows you to replace the valve cartridge or alter trim without shutting this particular down in the entire residence, or closing a remoteness valve in your home or residence if you’re lucky enough to have these individuals. Having integral stops will sound like a logical feature to have in each tub/shower valve right? Valves are cheaper to build and not have integral stops. Hansgrohe isn’t going to give you a choice anymore as well is a good reason, they’ve made often the rough-in valve affordable ample to remove the option. You get these individuals’ standards whether you like the item or not.

There are other benefits we will list but by far the foremost feature is the mobility of the valve. It is a pressure balanced bathe only valve (the connector for the tub is included inside the box), it is a pressure nicely balanced tub/shower valve, it is a thermostatic valve with volume management for a shower, a thermostatic valve for a tub/shower in addition to the thermostatic valve with amount control with a diverter to overpower two shower functions.

Way and the heck can one sphincter muscle handle all these features? Together with the trim and cartridge. It can be a “plug in addition to play” valve. You can get a decrease that is simple and affordable as well as opts for a fairly complex decrease set with a full distinctive line of styles and finishes. In the event, you wanted to install an affordable decrease set but wanted to improve at a later date the installation is quick and easy.

The significance this sphincter muscle has on the home/condominium industry is profound. Picture a specialization housing subdivision or a substantial-rise condominium complex. There needs to be a building rough typical. Now the builder or perhaps GC can install this specific rough-in valve with a particular measure of confidence, that they can give you a trim set with a type, features, and finishes that will accommodate the majority of their potential customers. In the past, the GC and also plumbing contractor would have a regular set of plumbing rough and also trim. In many situations, the buyer of the home or residence would choose something different and the plumbing contractor must tear out what was mounted. This happens more in high-end households but this valve will take those headaches out of the picture.

Here are several other features that will make this valve a truly special product.

The iBox control device can handle water from 6th GPM to 16 GPM. So the need to upsize the particular valve to accommodate a couple of physique sprays is not necessary.

As a result of valve configuration and its pre-installed test and flushing plug, this particular piping can be tested and also flushed without the trim getting installed. (We’ll explain this and insert a picture in the valve without a trim cartridge to make this clear)

The valve housing provides multiple mounting options. The particular valve enclosure has progressing points to make sure the difficulty is level in both guidelines

Depending on the plumbing wall fullness the valve enclosure can certainly be cut to accommodate. The next time experts on the market for a shower sphincter muscle give this one a look.

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